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Paris, France

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Maya Vidon-White

Maya Vidon-White is a print media and photojournalist based in Paris, France.

Maya has been working as a journalist for over two decades. First settled in Jerusalem, she covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during the first intifada. Straying from daily trips to the Gaza strip, she flew to Somalia during the 1992 great famine. After a two-year stretch in Hong Kong for Agence France-Presse (AFP) in the lead up to the handover of the territory to China, she was sent to Jakarta where riots erupted in the aftermath of the 1997 economic crisis. From there she also witnessed the birth of a new country: East Timor. From her Paris-base, Maya continues to cover current news events both as a writer and a photographer and is a frequent contributor to USA Today, The Washington Times, al Jazeera English and UPI.

Maya holds a masters of Neurobiology from the University of Paris, a masters from Columbia Journalism University Graduate School of Journalism and was awarded the John Knight Fellowship for Journalists at Stanford University.


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