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Berlin, Germany
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About Megha
Megha Varier is a freelance journalist based in Berlin, Germany.
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‘Justice Chelameswar shouldn't have met D Raja’: Senior Jurist BV Acharya tells TNM

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Four senior judges of India's Supreme Court, namely Justice Chelameswar, Justice Gogoi, Justice Kurien, and Justice Lokur, took the unprecedented step of holding a press conference to express their concerns about the functioning of the court. They released an undated letter addressed to the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra, in which they criticized the management of the court's roster and the assignment of cases to different benches. This move highlighted issues within the highest judicial body of the country and indicated a rift within its administration.

Book by book, brick by brick: Kerala library burnt allegedly by RSS workers, rebuilt

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The Chief Minister has accused the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of attacking a library, suggesting it is part of a broader pattern of violence against intellectuals and those with differing ideologies. The CM linked this incident to the murders of Govind Pansare, Narendra Dhabolkar, M. M. Kalburgi, and Gauri Lankesh, who were known for their opposition to 'big forces' and were allegedly targeted for their fearless expression of opinions. This statement implies a climate of political intolerance and violence against dissenting voices in the state.

Child brides of Malappuram: Why Kerala's most populous district marries off its girls so young

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the prevalent issue of child marriages in Malappuram, Kerala's most populous district. It explores the various factors contributing to this practice, including deep-rooted patriarchy, poverty, and a lack of education and awareness among the population. Despite the government's efforts to curb such practices, they continue to persist in the region. The article investigates the reasons behind the sustained prevalence of child marriages and the challenges faced in eradicating them.

Against all odds: How anganwadis take care of India’s children

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article describes an incident at a center where Seetha, presumably a caregiver or teacher, notices that one of the children is unusually quiet and appears to have a fever. She calls the child's mother, who lives next door, and administers paracetamol syrup to the child. Despite Seetha's suggestion that the child stay for lunch, the child prefers to go home. Seetha ensures the child receives his share of lunch by sending it with him on a plate provided by his mother.

Kerala Orthodox church suspends 5 priests after 'sex for silence' tape

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a serious case of sexual abuse and blackmail involving multiple orthodox priests and the author's wife. The issue came to light when the author noticed a hotel bill and confronted his wife, who revealed that she had been sexually abused by a priest before their marriage and was being blackmailed into a sexual relationship with him. During their daughter's baptism, she confided in another priest, who then also threatened and abused her, taking pictures and sharing them with other priests. This led to a chain of abuse involving 5-8 priests who circulated videos and continued the blackmail and abuse.

Kasargod's Ghost weddings: Why dead children are married off in this Kerala district

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a cultural practice where families who have experienced the loss of a child, either through abortion or death, later encounter various difficulties in life. These difficulties may include problems in marriage or conceiving children. Seeking solutions, they consult an astrologer who suggests that the unrest they are facing is due to the soul of the deceased child needing to be laid to rest. The prescribed remedy is to conduct a wedding for the child, symbolically allowing the child to experience this worldly pleasure and thus, bringing peace to the soul. This practice highlights the intersection of cultural beliefs, astrology, and the coping mechanisms for grief within certain communities.

The death of two minor sisters in Kerala and the problem of ignoring sexual abuse

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the tragic suicides of two minor sisters, Sharanya and Hrithika, in Kerala, India. Their deaths revealed a disturbing story of child sexual abuse that had been overlooked. The journalist investigates the circumstances surrounding the incidents and the broader issue of sexual abuse against minors, which often goes unreported or is ignored by society and authorities. The piece highlights the need for greater awareness and action to protect children from such heinous crimes.

Death by moral police: Kerala man harassed on camera on V Day hangs self

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
A couple at Azheekkal Beach in India faced harassment on February 14 when a group of five men allegedly manhandled them. The men threatened the couple, recorded them, and shared the video on social media. The complaint also states that the woman was approached and nearly molested by the men when she was in a secluded area. The harassers accused her of inappropriate conduct for being with a man in a secluded spot. The incident has led to a police complaint by the affected couple.

Where did tonnes of your demonetised notes end up? In South Africa, here's how

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the fate of the demonetised currency notes from India, which have found an unexpected use in South Africa. A company based in Kerala has been involved in repurposing these notes for use in the upcoming 2019 South African elections. The article explores the process and implications of this development, highlighting the international dimension of the demonetisation initiative and its aftermath.

'Airline refused to fly with my child with special needs': Mother of 5-yr-old to TNM

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
A family from Kochi faced discrimination when the captain of a Scoot airlines flight from Singapore to Phuket refused to fly with their 5-year-old daughter, who has special needs. The incident has raised concerns about the airline's policies towards passengers with disabilities and the training of their staff in handling such situations. The mother of the child has spoken to The News Minute (TNM) to bring attention to the matter and seek redressal for the distress caused to her family.

The traditional, ritualistic side of Nila: A journey through its art forms

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article narrates a heart-wrenching story of a mother named Nangeli, who is in distress because her seven-year-old son has not returned home. In her search, she discovers that a demon named Pootham has taken her son and refuses to release him. In a desperate attempt to save her child, Nangeli offers her own eyeballs to the demon, proclaiming that her son is more precious to her than her sight. However, Pootham deceives her by creating a duplicate of the boy and challenges Nangeli to identify her real son.

'Lini was doing her duty': Spouse of Kerala nurse, who died treating Nipah patient

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article recounts a personal story shared by Sajeesh, whose significant other was on her way to the hospital with a persistent fever. She was deeply affected by the death of a Nipah virus patient she had cared for at Perambra hospital, where she works. The patient had later been transferred to a medical college hospital and subsequently passed away. Sajeesh recalls her being very emotional about the patient's death and expresses his initial belief that she would recover from her own illness.

Kerala woman Imam leads Friday prayers for the first time, faces backlash

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the perspective of a woman named Jamida on the role of women in Islam, particularly in the context of mosques. Jamida argues that the Quran itself is not discriminatory towards women and promotes gender equality. She points out that the lack of women in positions of power within mosques is a result of patriarchal structures, not Islamic doctrine. She mentions that Islamic preachers have condemned her actions but were unable to prove that her stance was against the teachings of the Quran, suggesting that her views are in line with Islamic texts.

The Kudumbashree story: How Kerala women's grassroots scheme grew into a multi-crore project

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the evolution of the Kudumbashree program, which initially focused on eradicating poverty through savings. Over the years, as the primary goal was met, the program shifted its focus to providing women with the necessary skills to start and run their own businesses, thereby ensuring a steady personal income. The narrative highlights the program's adaptability to changing needs over time and its continued commitment to women's empowerment.

This Latvian woman went missing from Kerala 18 days go, cops have no leads

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Liga, a Latvian woman, has been missing for 18 days from Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala. Despite efforts by the state police and Liga's family, there have been no significant leads in the case. The article highlights the ongoing search and the lack of progress in finding Liga.

Journalist Shani Prabhakaran goes to cops after abusers target her with sexual innuendos

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Shani, a prominent journalist and host of the show 'Parayathe Vayya' and the debate program 'Counter Point' on Manorama News, is recognized for her incisive questioning style. She has faced harassment due to her political debates on the channel. Additionally, Shani has been accused by right-wing groups of being biased towards the Left. Her experiences highlight the challenges faced by journalists in the political arena.

A Kerala centre for transgender school dropouts finds no space thanks to prejudice

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Vijayaraja Mallika, a transgender individual, highlights the discrimination faced by transgender people when seeking housing. Society often stereotypes transgender persons as sex workers, which affects their ability to find accommodation. Mallika has been searching for a house in the city for three months but has encountered negative responses from landlords. Some landlords have openly expressed suspicion that a transgender tenant might use the property for prostitution, while others have simply ignored the inquiries. This situation underscores the broader issue of housing discrimination against transgender people and the need to address their rights and needs beyond the stigma associated with sex work.

‘Hard to believe I recovered from Nipah Virus’: Kerala nursing student Ajanya to TNM

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article recounts the experience of an individual named Ajanya who was in an isolation ward, presumably due to an infectious disease. Ajanya describes the environment in the ICU, noting that the medical staff, including doctors and nurses, wore protective gear while attending to patients. However, since Ajanya had recovered from the illness, their parents were not required to wear heavy protective gear during visits. The article seems to highlight the precautions taken in medical facilities to prevent the spread of disease and the different experiences of patients and their families.

Modi's doppelganger to play the PM on screen: Meet Ramachandran 'Modi'

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The author shares a personal anecdote about visiting Ayodhya, where the security forces initially mistook him for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This case of mistaken identity led to a humorous situation where, after realizing their error, the security personnel took pictures with the author. The author mentions having similar experiences in other places like Rishikesh and Kerala, where people often approach him for selfies, indicating a resemblance to the Prime Minister.

Chengannur bye-poll: As LDF scores big victory, BJP faces loss of ground

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the political dynamics between the CPI (M) and the BJP in India. A DYFI leader, Biju, who is also the Chairman of the State Youth Welfare Board, criticizes the BJP for its communal agenda and for failing to fulfill its promises, including the creation of 2 lakh crore jobs. The article suggests that the CPI (M)'s organizational strength has been effective in exposing the BJP's actions, leading to a realization among the people about the BJP's polarization tactics.

The art that Nila inspires: How shadow and Kathakali puppetry thrive on the banks of the river

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article explores the traditional art forms that have flourished along the banks of the Bharathapuzha river, also known as the Nila, in India. It specifically focuses on the ancient shadow puppetry form known as Nizhal Pava Koothu and the more contemporary adaptation called Puppet Kathakali. These art forms are depicted as thriving cultural practices that continue to be an integral part of the region's artistic heritage.

Horror stories of a woman doctor: Dealing with men who like to 'show off'

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by Dr. Athira, a woman doctor in Kerala, India, who encounters male patients who engage in inappropriate behavior, such as exposing themselves. Dr. Athira expresses that her medical education did not prepare her for handling such situations, indicating a gap in the training that medical professionals receive in dealing with sexual harassment or misconduct from patients.

Heavy rains: KSRTC cancels bus services from Bengaluru to many parts of Kerala

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Heavy rains and flooding in Kerala have caused significant delays in bus services from parts of Kerala to Bengaluru. At least nine buses are stuck in transit at various locations, including Thamarassery and Kuttiadi. Officials report that many buses are blocked on Thamarassery ghat roads, and while some buses have reached Payyannur, they are significantly behind schedule. Authorities are considering whether to suspend bus operations between the two states entirely. The weather situation has led to a red alert in all 14 districts of Kerala, and educational institutions in four districts have been closed for a holiday on August 16.

Watch: Kerala Hindu women on how they were confined at a yoga centre, tortured

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the personal story of Ashitha, who faced opposition from her non-religious father when she decided to marry a Muslim man. Despite her father's teachings that encouraged respect for all religions, he objected to the marriage solely on the basis of religious differences. Ashitha confronted her father about the contradiction between his teachings and his actions, but he was unable to provide an answer. This story highlights the complexities and challenges of interfaith relationships within families.

The cover up: How a network of institutions shielded rape accused Catholic priest and helpers

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a controversial statement regarding a minor who was involved with a priest. The statement seems to suggest that the minor, being over 15 years old, should have been aware of the sanctity of a priest and should have resisted or corrected the priest's actions. The speaker equates the holiness of a priest to that of Jesus's heart and implies that the minor is partly to blame for not acknowledging the priest's holy status despite his human vulnerabilities to temptation. This perspective has raised ethical and religious debates about the accountability and roles of individuals in such sensitive situations.

Watch: The amazing story of Kunjappan, a river-warrior fighting to save the Periyar

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the observations of an individual named Kunjappan, who noticed the degradation of the Periyar river over time. Kunjappan's concerns are based on the visible changes in the river, which has been affected by the effluents from chemical and other industries located along its banks. The article highlights the lack of scientific studies in the past to demonstrate the harmful effects of industrial waste on the river's ecosystem.

'Ayyappanum Koshiyum': A powerful film that goes beyond the clash of male egos

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a scene from a Malayalam film that highlights the caste and class disparities between two characters, Ayyappan and Koshy. Ayyappan shares that his last name, which is of a higher caste, was given to him by his mother as a form of protest against the caste system. This system categorized people into owners and laborers and often led to the sexual exploitation of women from marginalized castes. The film challenges the mainstream Malayalam cinema trope of portraying children born out of wedlock or from sexual crimes as burdened by their 'fatherless' status. Ayyappan's character defies this stereotype, representing a shift in the narrative.

Meet the man who got Kerala govt to declare jackfruit as the state's official fruit

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the efforts of a teacher in Kerala who played a pivotal role in getting the state government to declare jackfruit as the official fruit of Kerala. The teacher's memorandum to the state authorities was instrumental in this decision, highlighting the significance of jackfruit in the region and its potential benefits for the state.

Adults have messed up our future: Ridhima, India's 12-yr-old climate change warrior

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the perspective of a young student, Ridhima, who is actively involved in climate strikes and wishes to rebrand the year 2020 as a 'resolutional New Year.' She encourages people to be more conscious of their actions that harm the environment. Ridhima addresses criticism regarding children's participation in climate activism by pointing out that it is the consequence of adults' detrimental environmental practices. She expresses frustration over the expectation that children should focus on their studies instead of protesting to secure their future.

Big row over ‘absconding’ actor Sabu’s appearance on Bigg Boss Malayalam

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a situation where law enforcement is investigating a Facebook account that may belong to an individual named Sabu. The account is under scrutiny for posting offensive comments. However, the authorities are cautious and have stated that they cannot arrest the individual based solely on the complaint until they verify that the account indeed belongs to Sabu. The case has been assigned to the cybercrime department for further investigation.

Migrant worker dies in Kerala, days after he was attacked for ‘stealing a hen’

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article reports on an incident involving a man named Manik, who was suspected of stealing hens as such thefts had been occurring in the area. When questioned about a hen he had with him, Manik's companion fled, raising suspicions. Sasi, who had confronted Manik about the hen, blocked him and, along with his friend Athif, physically assaulted Manik. The assault resulted in Manik bleeding from his nose. A police officer, who is part of the investigation, provided these details to TNM, the media outlet reporting the story.

Kerala woman wants grandkids back, after daughter Rini died due to dowry harassment

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article recounts the story of a woman, referred to as Ruby, discussing her daughter's troubled marriage. Ruby's daughter married a man named Saju, whose occupation was unknown to them. Shortly after the wedding, the daughter became pregnant and returned home distressed. She expressed to Ruby that Saju was not the person she thought he was and felt she had made a mistake by marrying him. Despite being married, Ruby continued to provide financial support to her daughter, as her daughter claimed that Saju and his family did not provide for her needs.

Ground report: Desertions, a slow fight to regain normalcy in Kerala village at heart of Nipah Virus

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article describes the situation in Perambra, a village in Kerala's Kozhikode district, where the fear of the Nipah virus has led to widespread use of masks among the population. The virus has already claimed 14 lives in the state, causing concern and precautionary measures among residents. People from various walks of life, including bus passengers, two-wheeler riders, and auto rickshaw drivers, are now seen wearing masks as a necessary precaution when leaving their homes.

Kerala student forced to remove bra for NEET: Files case on invigilator for staring

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a distressing incident faced by a female student during an examination. The student, who had adhered to the dress code, was asked to remove her bra, which was a traumatic experience for her. Additionally, she felt disrespected and intimidated by the behavior of a male invigilator who stared at her inappropriately. The incident highlights issues related to examination policies and the treatment of women, raising concerns about the psychological impact on the student and the need for appropriate conduct from examination authorities.

Faces fashion won't show you: Photography project casts migrant labourers as models

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a photography project by DesiTude, co-founded by Anjali and Siddharth, which focuses on capturing ordinary people without cosmetic makeup. Initially, there was no specific target group, but as the project evolved, they decided to include people from diverse backgrounds. A particular photoshoot with migrant laborers was highlighted, where Siddharth aimed to provide a sense of acceptance to these individuals in a foreign environment where they often face mistreatment. Anjali, on the other hand, was driven by the desire for representation and aesthetics, wanting to showcase the personalities of people who are typically overlooked by mainstream media and advertising.

Neither Kerala church abuse victim nor a 'stock image': STOP circulating her selfie

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Dr. Anju has been a victim of repeated privacy violations and cyber harassment. Her photograph was first misused in April 2017 in a vulgar WhatsApp group that shared pornographic content. Subsequently, her image was used for a Facebook profile impersonating an adult film actor. A few months ago, the same photograph was circulated again, this time accompanied by a prank call audio. These incidents highlight the ongoing challenges individuals face with the misuse of their personal images on social media platforms.

Heartwarming story of a dog who walked 600km to keep a Sabarimala pilgrim company

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article recounts a touching story of a dog named Malu who waited one-and-a-half days for her owner, Naveen, to return. Naveen had gone to a shrine, and during his absence, Malu waited near the steps leading to the shrine. Devotees from Kozhikode who were with Naveen informed him via phone about Malu's vigil, describing how she sniffed at every man passing by in hopes of finding her owner. Upon Naveen's return, Malu immediately recognized him in the crowd and jumped on him, showcasing the deep bond between the pet and her owner.

Kerala student’s harassment case on NEET invigilator, cops yet to nab accused

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the aftermath of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) results, focusing on the story of an 18-year-old aspirant named Saira who did not manage to clear the cut-off. The results were declared on Monday, leaving Saira in distress. She had taken the test at Lions School in Palakkad and is now seeking to prepare for the next opportunity by joining another coaching centre. The experience of taking NEET has evidently been traumatic for her, as the article mentions the 'horrors' of her experience.

Silence is golden: Speech-hearing impaired Kerala couple gets married in sign language

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the importance of open communication and understanding during significant life events, such as a wedding, for individuals with special needs. It highlights the tendency of parents to avoid discussing their children with special needs, suggesting that societal approaches should change to better accommodate and support these individuals. Father Biju emphasizes the need for awareness and adaptation in societal behaviors to ensure that people with special needs can experience life events fully and without barriers to communication.

Mohanlal claims Dileep issue was on AMMA's June 24 agenda, documents show otherwise

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the resignation of several members from an unspecified organization within the Indian film industry. The individuals who have resigned include a person referred to as 'the survivor' and Ramya Nambessan. The speaker, whose identity is not provided, mentions that they have not received resignations from Geetu Mohandas and Rima Kallingal. The speaker emphasizes that the process of resignation and potential return is not arbitrary and requires the individuals to provide reasons for their actions, which will then be discussed by the general body.

'Couldn't write exam well, he made me uneasy': Kerala girl who alleged harassment at NEET tells TNM

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article recounts the experience of an individual named Saira, who felt uncomfortable during a test due to the inappropriate behavior of someone who repeatedly entered the classroom. This person, whose identity is not specified, seemed to be monitoring Saira specifically and at one point was caught staring at her chest. The narrative suggests a case of harassment or misconduct, highlighting issues of personal space and appropriate conduct in educational or test settings.

I was targeted: Malayalam TV actor accuses director of mental and sexual harassment

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Nisha, an individual associated with a show, has claimed that she has been barred from the set since returning from the US. She alleges that the director, Unnikrishnan, has spread false information that she did not have permission to attend an event in the US, which she refutes. Nisha states that she had received permission from Unnikrishnan before her trip. Despite being prevented from working on the show, she has not received any official notice of her removal from either the director or the channel.

Why I got a vasectomy done: Kerala man's post on family planning is a must-read

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The author recounts a personal experience of undergoing a vasectomy. After visiting a hospitalized house-owner, the author met with a general surgeon to discuss the procedure. The surgery was scheduled for after 6 pm the same day, following a couple of preliminary tests. The author describes feeling pain from the injection but no other sensations during the 20-minute procedure. Post-surgery, the author spent an hour in recovery while nurses took notes before being moved to a ward. The author then dressed, settled the bill, purchased prescribed medicines, and independently rode back home. The narrative concludes with the reassurance that a vasectomy does not affect erection, ejaculation, or orgasm.

Yes, fish fry is relevant to feminism: Why Rima Kallingal's TedX talk is bang on

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article recounts a personal story from the author's childhood that sparked her interest in feminism. The author describes a family dinner where her mother served fish fries to the oldest and the two male members of the family, excluding her. This incident, which occurred when the author was 12 years old, left her feeling deeply hurt and questioning why she wasn't considered deserving of the fish fry. This moment of exclusion based on gender led to her questioning the established norms and becoming a feminist.

Kerala priest who allegedly raped 16-year-old girl has worked with two media organisations

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a case where a newborn was sent to an orphanage run by a Christian management without the mother, Asha's, knowledge. Asha's parents stated to the police that they were unaware of both the abuse Asha suffered and her pregnancy. Initially, they had taken Asha to a homeopathy doctor when she missed her periods but subsequently did not follow up on her condition.

The art that Nila inspires: Clay to grass, artisans on the river’s banks swear by her bounty

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the impact of the Nila river on local artisans in India. It highlights the dependence of various craftsmen, including potters, grass mat makers, brass metal workers, and mirror moulders, on the river's resources. The Nila river is portrayed as a source of both inspiration and material for their art. The article raises concerns about the potential loss of livelihood for thousands of these artisans if the river were to die, indicating the river's crucial role in sustaining local traditional industries and the broader implications for cultural heritage and the environment.

This Kerala prison has inmates running a beauty salon, and it’s a massive hit

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a vocational training initiative led by Jail Superintendent Ashok Kumar, aimed at rehabilitating inmates by providing them with skills to lead a normal life post-incarceration. The training culminated in the opening of a salon within the jail premises to ensure that the inmates could continue practicing their newly acquired skills and not lose touch with what they had learned.

This station in Kerala has found a clever way to upcycle plastic: Vertical gardens

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses an innovative environmental initiative where plastic bottles are being upcycled to create gardens. Every day, around 80 plastic bottles are collected from waste bins and platforms. These bottles, if not damaged, are repurposed for the garden. The process involves cutting the upper portion of the bottle, painting the remaining part with bright colors, and then filling it with soil and natural fertilizers. The project has been successful with the help of plants provided by the Agriculture Department, demonstrating a sustainable way to reduce plastic waste.

Child abuse in Kerala cinema hall: How staffers exposed the heinous crime

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Sanup, an individual working at a cinema, recounts an incident where he witnessed a child being abused by a man. The abuse occurred in Screen number 2 during the 7pm showing of the film 'Mohanlal'. Sanup was monitoring the CCTV visuals from the office when he noticed the abuse. Initially, his attention was diverted due to a celebration by fans for another film's success. He returned to the monitor desk around 9 pm and upon closer inspection, realized that his suspicions of abuse were correct. The film was nearing its end when he spotted the incident.

How the heady mix of religion and mistrust is making Malappuram’s women opt for home births

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the increasing trend of home births in Malappuram, a district in the Indian state of Kerala. It explores the complex interplay of religious beliefs and mistrust in the healthcare system that is leading many women to choose to give birth at home, despite the potential risks involved. The journalist investigates the reasons behind this phenomenon, which may include factors such as the preference for traditional practices, fear of medical interventions, and concerns about privacy and dignity during childbirth in hospitals. The article also touches upon the efforts being made to address this issue and the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in encouraging hospital deliveries.

To get married, Kerala interfaith couple returns to college where they fell in love

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Amar Nath and Safna, an interfaith couple from Kerala, chose to celebrate their union by getting married at the very place where their love story began - their college. The article highlights the sentimental value of the location, as the couple spent much of their time during their college days next to a giant tree on the campus. This tree became a significant symbol in their relationship and served as a witness to their wedding ceremony. The story emphasizes the emotional connection the couple has with their alma mater and the importance of the place in their journey together.

Kerala govt allots 2 additional seats per course to transgender persons in colleges

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Praveen Nath, along with two other students, had approached the Social Justice Department seeking admission to the BA English course at Maharaja's College. Despite there being no legal barriers, the college was hesitant to accommodate them without a government order. Following a meeting with Minister KK Shylaja, the department has now issued an order to facilitate their admission.

The last moments of Gauri Lankesh: What the garage CCTV tells us about her assailant

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the investigation into the murder of Gauri Lankesh, focusing on the CCTV footage recovered by the police from her residence. The footage from four cameras, particularly the one located in the garage, is crucial as it captured the image of the assailant. The article likely goes into detail about the content of the footage and its significance in the ongoing investigation.

He's 100, she's 99: Meet the Kerala couple celebrating 82 years of marriage

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article presents a personal narrative from Madhavan Nair, who recounts his experience of an arranged marriage. He reflects on his early acquaintance with his spouse during school days, noting that they had seen each other but had little communication. He explains that it was their families who later decided that they should marry, which led to their union.

Priest who took Kerala woman’s confession, blackmailed for sexual favours, in custody

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article reports on a court case involving multiple clergymen accused of sexually abusing a woman. The court highlighted the power imbalance, noting that the clergymen were in a position of dominance over the victim. The woman's testimony, which included a graphic description of being threatened and forced, was deemed credible by the judge. As a result, the court denied bail to the accused, labeling them as predators. The case underscores issues of consent and the exploitation of authority in sexual abuse cases.

Fruit bat samples negative, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t carry Nipah, say officials

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article reports on the Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, which has resulted in at least 17 deaths. The Health Department is actively working to contain the outbreak and prevent further casualties. The primary focus is on identifying the source of the virus. There is a suspicion that fruit bats are the carriers of the virus, as they are known to be natural hosts. However, the investigation has encountered a challenge as the test samples from these bats have come back negative, making it difficult to confirm the source.

If Miss India was stepping stone to Bollywood, it was school Kalolsavam for Malayalam films

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the historical significance of the Kerala School Kalolsavam, an annual event that has been a launchpad for many performers into the Malayalam film industry. It highlights how winning the title of 'Kalathilakam', a prestigious award at the festival, used to be a stepping stone for many artists to enter the movie business and become big names. However, the article also explores the reasons behind the recent decline in this trend, questioning why fewer Kalathilakam winners are transitioning into film stars today. The piece reflects on the changing dynamics between the cultural festival and the Malayalam cinema industry.

‘My doctor wife died due to your negligence’: Kerala man accuses cancer hospital

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article recounts the experience of a doctor named Reji, whose wife, also a doctor, underwent a failed laparoscopic surgery to remove her spleen at RCC. The surgery was not successful and was followed by an open surgery that lasted seven hours and resulted in at least 30 stitches. In the weeks following the surgery, Reji's wife experienced severe pain. Despite their daughter's requests, the primary doctor, Dr. Chandramohan, did not attend to her personally, instead sending juniors who were unable to alleviate her pain. Reji's account highlights concerns about the quality of care and attention to patient suffering at RCC.

'We live in fear': Kerala coastal residents demand wall after sea washes homes away

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the grievances of a community affected by flooding due to the lack of a sea wall. Despite years of demands, no political representative or government has addressed their needs, leading to the destruction of homes and displacement of families. The community's protests were initially ignored until they blocked a busy road, which caught the attention of the police, politicians, and authorities. The 54-year-old Sathi expresses the community's frustration and the extreme measures they had to resort to in order to be heard.

'It’s suicidal': Congress MLAs in Kerala oppose party's move to give RS seat to ex-ally

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the controversy within the political party KPCC regarding the decision to offer a Rajya Sabha seat to KC (M), a party that is not currently an ally of the United Democratic Front (UDF). A KPCC member named Balram criticizes the move, stating that it was a personal decision made by a few leaders without proper discussion or mandate. Balram emphasizes that KC (M) was not even considering the seat and warns that any consequences of this decision rest on the shoulders of those few leaders who made it.

Women’s Food Court in Thrissur is empowering these women, one entrepreneur at a time

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a local initiative where a group of women started with a collective business venture. Initially, the group consisted of 10 women who managed all aspects of the business. Over time, they divided the group into smaller units, with each one having a leader responsible for a specific counter. These leaders are considered entrepreneurs, as they own, operate, and have invested in their respective counters. They also employ other women on a daily-wage basis. The business operates on a leased property from the corporation. The entrepreneurs earn the income from sales, while a percentage is deducted to cover common expenses such as rent, electricity, and water. Ashok, presumably a representative or participant in the initiative, provides these details to The News Minute (TNM).

Minor Kerala girl gives birth: Did family try to ‘cover up’ rape by accused Christian priest?

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses an investigation into a family's attempt to protect their church and priest from a scandal involving their daughter, Asha. Despite attending school until the day before giving birth, Asha's pregnancy was not recognized by her parents, who claim ignorance of her condition. They initially sought homeopathy treatment for her missed periods but did not pursue further medical attention. The situation came to light when Asha was taken to a hospital due to stomach pain, which was actually labor pain.

‘We did not want to spoil her life’: Family of Kerala ragging victim regret not going to cops

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Aswathy, a B.Sc nursing student at Al Qamar college of nursing in Gulbarga, was hospitalized after allegedly being forced to consume cleaning liquid by seniors as part of a ragging incident. Initially, her family was misled to believe that her condition was not serious and that there was no need for them to travel to Gulbarga. However, Aswathy's condition was severe, and she has since been in various hospitals in Kerala. The incident came to light when Aswathy returned home and communicated about the ragging to her family.

A union of namesakes: When over 600 Hamzas from Malappuram got together

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
In Malappuram, Kerala, a unique gathering took place where over 600 individuals sharing the name 'Hamza' came together. This event was the realization of a dream for 78-year-old Hamza, who is affectionately referred to as 'Lovely Hamza' due to his fancy store named 'Lovely'. The article discusses this unusual assembly of namesakes and highlights the community aspect of such an event.

Invisible heroes: Bearing the stench to eke out a living, men who keep public toilets clean

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the high unemployment rates in Indian states such as Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar, which compel residents to migrate in search of work. The author highlights the difficult choices these individuals face, including taking jobs that they would not consider in their home states due to societal norms or personal preferences. The city of Bengaluru is mentioned as a place where the anonymity allows these migrants to accept work such as maintenance jobs in public toilets, which they might refuse in their own states. The article sheds light on the socio-economic issues of unemployment and migration within India.

All about ‘Maaritheyyam’, north Kerala’s ritual dance that wards off sorrow, suffering

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the cultural significance of the month of Karkidakam in the Malayalam calendar, which is often associated with hardships such as disease and poverty, and is colloquially referred to as 'panja maasam' or a month of poverty. It explains that the ritual of Maaritheyyam is performed during this time with the belief that it will dispel sorrow and pave the way for the upcoming month of Chingam, which is celebrated with the festival of Onam and symbolizes prosperity. The piece highlights the cyclical nature of time and cultural practices in this region of India.

Kerala CM writes to TN CM on Mullaperiyar dam, says water level should be brought down

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has written to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister regarding the Mullaperiyar dam. In his letter, Vijayan expressed concerns that Tamil Nadu engineers are not collaborating effectively with Kerala officials to manage the dam's water levels. He emphasized the importance of releasing water in a controlled manner to prevent widespread damage. The communication highlights ongoing issues between the two states over the management of the Mullaperiyar dam, which is a critical water resource for both regions.

A Kerala teen gave his life to save two others from the sea: Remembering Firoz

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article pays tribute to a teenager from Kerala named Firoz, who tragically lost his life while saving two others from the sea. Firoz was a passionate football fan, as evidenced by the handmade posters of his favourite World Cup team, France, that adorned the walls of his home. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could witness his team's performance in the World Cup semi-finals. The article remembers Firoz's act of bravery and the ultimate sacrifice he made.

Kerala activists to boycott cabs with ‘Angry Hanuman’: Why target drivers, ask others

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Charmy Jayasree Harikrishnan, a senior journalist, criticizes the calls for boycotting Hanuman posters and vehicles displaying them, as well as the pressure on Uber regarding this issue. She argues that India is a free country where individuals have the right to display religious symbols, such as the cross, crescent, or Hanuman, on their private vehicles. She warns that those who oppose the display of Hanuman posters are exhibiting traits similar to those they claim to oppose, such as advocating for mob justice and infringing on freedom of expression. She also highlights that such actions could lead to discrimination and wrongful denial of employment, which could result in legal consequences.

Stranded without job or passport, Kerala man has been living on a terrace in UAE for eight months

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Sajeev Rajan, a man from Kerala, has been living in a dire situation on a terrace in the UAE for the past eight months. He finds himself stranded without a job or passport, expressing a desperate desire to return home. The article highlights his plight and the challenges he faces in his current predicament. The story was reported by TNM, which stands for The News Minute, an Indian digital news platform known for covering such human interest stories. The article sheds light on the issues of immigration and the difficulties faced by expatriates when they lose their legal status or face employment issues abroad.

An old mosque and a battle for land: Why Bengaluru residents protested against the Army

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Residents of Bengaluru protested against the Army over a land dispute involving an old mosque. The protest saw the involvement of MLAs Zameer Ahmed Khan and Akhanda Srinivas Murthy, who assured the community that discussions would be held with the PRTC to address the issue. Following these assurances, the crowd dispersed.

Welcome to 2017: Kerala couple ostracised by community for 'love marriage'

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Arun recounts the experience of being boycotted from his community on the day of his marriage. A relative informed him that he and his spouse were ostracized and that any family members who maintained contact with them would face the same consequences. This mandate has been so intimidating that neither Arun nor his family members have dared to challenge it.

Kerala Shamed: Timeline of moral policing incidents over last six months

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the issue of moral policing and its prevalence across the political spectrum. It highlights that such incidents are not confined to any one political ideology, as parties on the left, right, and center have all engaged in this behavior. The state is portrayed as bearing the shame resulting from these actions, suggesting a failure to uphold certain ethical standards or protect individual freedoms.

Kerala mosque calls for 'boycott' of family for inter-faith wedding, hundreds defy diktat

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses the social ostracism faced by Kunnummal Yusuf's family due to Yusuf's acceptance of his daughter's decision to marry a partner from outside her religion. A circular was distributed in Malayalam, stating that the community should not cooperate with Yusuf's family in any mosque-related affairs or other matters. This incident highlights the issues of religious intolerance and the challenges faced by individuals and families who break traditional religious boundaries in their personal decisions.

29-day-old baby dies after circumcision in Kerala, parents allege medical negligence

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a medical incident involving a child who underwent a procedure and experienced continuous bleeding afterwards. The parents took the child to the doctor, and after the procedure, they were advised to feed the child and were sent home after 45 minutes. Upon reaching home, the parents noticed the wound was still bleeding and contacted the doctor, who suggested the child might have touched the wound. Later in the evening, as the bleeding worsened, the parents attempted to reach the doctor multiple times without success.

Video: The justifications of women who left Kerala to join ISIS with their families

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a video report by StratNewsGlobal that includes interrogation footage of three women from Kerala, India, who had left their home country to join the Islamic State (ISIS). The video aims to provide insights into the motivations and justifications these women had for joining the terrorist organization along with their families. The content of the video seems to be focused on understanding the personal circumstances and ideological influences that led to their radicalization and subsequent decision to become part of ISIS.

The crime, that could have gone unreported

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article discusses a crime that occurred within a theatre and was captured on CCTV. The attentive staff at the theatre noted the vehicle number of the perpetrator, Moideen, which was instrumental in his identification. Following this, the staff reached out to Childline, an organization that helps children in distress. The incident highlights the importance of surveillance and the proactive role of the theatre staff in ensuring the crime did not remain unreported.

Seen viral video of photographer hanging upside down from tree? Meet Vishnu from Kerala

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
The article describes a remarkable feat by a 23-year-old photographer named Vishnu, who went to great lengths to capture the perfect shot for a wedding. Vishnu climbed up a tree and positioned himself upside down on a branch to get the desired frame for his photograph. After taking the picture, he handed his camera to the groom and then jumped down from the tree, walking away confidently. The video capturing this event highlights Vishnu's dedication and skill as a photographer.

Eerie resemblance to missing student Jesna has made life hell for this Kerala teen

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
Aleesha recounts an incident where she was approached by a police officer who asked for her personal details such as her name and where she lived. The officer's approach was unexpected and left her wondering about the reason behind it. Her friends later explained that the police officer's questions were due to Aleesha's resemblance to an individual named Jesna. This realization made Aleesha understand the gravity of the situation and the seriousness of being mistaken for someone else by law enforcement.

'Unfair to ask us to rewrite exam': Kerala boy who moved SC against CBSE tells TNM

04 Apr 2024  |  thenewsminute.com
A student named Rohan from Kerala has approached the Supreme Court, invoking Article 32 of the Constitution, to challenge the CBSE's decision to conduct a re-test for the Class 10 Mathematics board exam. Rohan argues that it is unfair to ask students to rewrite the exam and is seeking the cancellation of the re-test. The article covers the legal aspects of the case, the student's perspective, and the implications for the CBSE and the students affected by the decision.

Berlin's overturned rent cap law leaves tenants facing financial challenges

15 Apr 2023  |  euronews.com
The article by Megha Varier discusses the implications of a recent court ruling that overturned Berlin's rent cap law, which had been introduced to make housing more affordable by freezing rents at June 2019 levels for five years. The revocation of the law has left many Berliners, already struggling due to the pandemic's economic impact, facing demands for backdated rent and future increases. The article shares personal accounts from residents like Adam Jelski, who is concerned about rent hikes, and others like Justina, a freelance artist, and Alisa, a software engineer, who are facing financial challenges due to the law's reversal. Housing companies Vonovia and Heimstaden have stated they will not demand back rent, while Deutsche Wohnen is offering various payment options. The Berlin Senate is providing financial aid, and there is a growing movement to expropriate large private housing firms.

He's 100, she's 99: Meet the Kerala couple celebrating 82 years of marriage.

Kerala's Hindu women speak up on how they were confined, tortured for falling in love with men from other religions.

No Trace of Latvian Woman Who Went Missing From Kerala 18 Days Ago

21 Mar 2018  |  thequint.com
Liga Skromane, a 33-year-old Latvian national living in Ireland, has been missing for 18 days in Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram district. Liga was in Kerala with her sister Ilze for Ayurvedic treatment when she disappeared on March 14 after leaving the treatment centre. Despite efforts by the state police, there have been no significant leads in finding her. Liga was last seen at Kovalam beach, and her family mentions she was receiving therapy for post-traumatic depression.

Pro Life Woman Who Ignored Cancer to Give Birth Passes Away

30 Dec 2017  |  thequint.com
Sapna Tracy, a 43-year-old nurse from AIIMS in Delhi, passed away on Christmas Day after a long fight with breast cancer. Diagnosed in 2015 while pregnant with her eighth child, Sapna, a pro-life catholic, chose to delay cancer treatment to avoid terminating the pregnancy. Her decision was supported by her family, despite the risk to her life. Sapna's husband, Joju Chittilappilly, stands by the choice they made, even as the family grieves her loss in their home in Thrissur. Sapna's youngest child, Philomena, turns two without her mother.

Does India Follow Up on Kids Adopted by Parents Abroad?

24 Oct 2017  |  thequint.com
Saraswati, an infant abandoned in Bihar, was adopted by a couple from Kerala, Wesley Mathews and Sini Mathews, and renamed Sherin. She moved to Texas with her new family. However, what began as a hopeful new chapter turned tragic when Sherin went missing in early October. On October 22, police discovered a body believed to be that of the missing child, turning the adoption story into a harrowing ordeal.

From School to Bar, Only 50 Metres: Kerala Govt Reduces Distance

01 Sep 2017  |  thequint.com
The Kerala state government has recently amended regulations, reducing the minimum required distance between five-star hotels, heritage bars, and educational or religious institutions to 50 meters. This change has sparked concerns, particularly in light of a past incident from February 2016, where students from Holy Angels Convent School in Thiruvananthapuram protested the opening of a state-run liquor shop located just 50 meters from their school. The protest was successful, and the shop was shut down. The article implies that the new regulation is controversial and may lead to similar issues in the future.

How Much Water Does Bengaluru Use?

14 Sep 2016  |  thequint.com
The article discusses the water consumption in Bengaluru, India, as per the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board. Bengaluru requires 1450 million liters of water daily for its population of approximately 8.5 million. The Cauvery River is the city's primary water source, supplemented by 500 million liters from bore wells. The average per capita water consumption is 100 liters. The city's water usage has increased from 900 million liters in 2007 to 1450 million liters, following the expansion of the BBMP's jurisdiction. The water usage is broken down into 44.67% for domestic use, 3.84% for non-domestic use, 5.20% for partial domestic connections, and 1.56% for BIAL and other industries.

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