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Melanie Hamilton

Melanie Hamilton is a journalist based in Tbilisi with a strong focus on culturally significant stories and the people behind them in Georgia and throughout the Caucasus and Eastern Europe.

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Eugene Bullard survived some of the deadliest battles in military history, became the world's first Black fighter pilot, and even had his own monkey sidekick—and all before the age of 30.


Brought up in the south of Poland in a small mining town called Rydułtowy, Karolina Jonderko is a Warsaw based photographer with an eye for some of life’s most fragile moments.


In Didi Chailuri, there’s one girl who, with the help of her history teacher and a few friends, has made it her personal mission to continue the ancient fertility ritual of Berikaoba in rural eastern Georgia.


In more recent centuries, this teeny town was famous for its glamorous spas that served as a reprieve for Soviet citizens. Nowadays it’s mostly swallowed by nature and brings the oxymoron “elegant-ruins” to life.


The pre-Christian festival of Berikaoba nearly vanished before one woman made it her mission to revive it.


Tina Chertova is a Tbilisi based muralist with a passion for bringing women’s and lgbtq+ issues to light through her art.


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