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Bogota, Colombia

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Melisa Valenzuela

I am a producer and multimedia journalist with over 7 years of experience working in international affairs and video production. During this time I have reported extensively from across Latin America on some of the regions biggest and most complex stories. These range from the crisis in Venezuela, Colombia's peace process and the ongoing struggle of social and environmental leaders across the region.
My coverage includes a variety of formats, from short and long-form documentaries to viral multimedia videos for web and social media. I regularly produce for BBC, Al Jazeera, The New Humanitarian (IRIN), The Telegraph, The Real News, Mongabay, among others.


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As tourism to the island increases, more and more of Cuba’s classic cars are being renovated and used to accommodate this growing demand. Chauffeur driven cars now offer visitors the chance to see the sights of Havana in style. But for most Cubans the daily reality of running some of the oldest cars on the road has major drawbacks.


The Venezuelan fishermen of Lake Maracaibo are under siege. As a result of the country´s economic crisis, a mass breakdown of law and order on the largest lake in Latin America has allowed piracy to surge. Pirate attacks are now a weekly reality for fishermen who still brave the waters of the lake. This video will portray the price of piracy in Venezuela and what is causing it.


A paramedic and a sex worker describe what it's like to live through hyperinflation in Venezuela, where an estimated 90% of people are living in poverty amid a worsening economic crisis


Ongoing drugs shortages and an exodus of trained medical professionals – driven by the country’s deepening economic and political crisis – are having dire consequences for Warao indigenous communities on the Orinoco Delta.


Deep in the jungle of Northern Colombia, a band of former Farc-combatants have launched their very own ecotourism project. The initiative seeks to promote peace and help ex-guerrilla’s reintegrate themselves into civilian life. Tourists from all over the world have the chance to experience the guerrilla’s authentic lifestyle by staying in a recreation camp and learning about how they lived. The project also promotes bird watching and other eco-friendly tourism in an area which boasts some of the most untouched natural landscapes in the country.

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