Melissa Amezcua

Melissa Amezcua

* Ciudad de México, Mexico

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Melissa Amezcua

Melissa Amezcua is a journalist based in Ciudad de México, Mexico. Experienced in local stories and tourism, social movements, music and arts from Mexico and around the globe. Have covered international events. Delivers work on time and verified.


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A video project about the street harassment women faced everyday on Mexico City. This is a piece i made with 3 colleagues.


A video report of the street protests on Mexico City to demand the lives of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero.


An investigation about Lupita Nyongo's life on Mexico. A trip to the town where she studied spanish.


A story about a group of women who change the perspective on Sonideros (a musical expression from Tepito, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods here in Mexico City)


A story about a group of street artist and their interventions on Mexico City's subway about feminism, Ayotzinapa, The students of 1968 and more.

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