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Memet Faruk Aksakal

Memet Faruk Aksakal is a seasoned freelance journalist, fixer, and researcher with a career spanning over two decades since 1999. Based in Istanbul, he has operated extensively across Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, providing in-depth coverage and research on a variety of subjects. A polyglot, Aksakal is fluent in Kurdish, Turkish, English, German, and Persian, and possesses a basic understanding of Arabic, which has been instrumental in his reporting, especially on the Syrian conflict since its escalation in 2011.

Aksakal's expertise in journalism is recognized by major TV channels and production companies from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Asia, and Australia, for whom he has produced content ranging from news to documentaries. His adaptability and knowledge have made him a valuable asset in the media industry, particularly in coordinating and facilitating international news coverage and documentary filmmaking.

His recent endeavors include on-the-ground reporting of the devastating February 2023 earthquake in Turkey, where his contributions were featured on platforms such as Al-Jazeera Balkans, Voice of America (VOA), and Swedish SVT. Aksakal continues to be a sought-after collaborator for news stories, research, and documentary projects, leveraging his linguistic skills and regional expertise to deliver compelling narratives and insightful analysis.

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My article about Afghan and Pakistani waste paper collectors in Istanbul.


Afghan, Pakistani and Bangladeshis illegal immigrants are crossing Turkish border illegally from Iran and walking to Erzurum city 350 KM.


I have been working as a freelance journalist, fixer, researcher, for news and documentaries films in Istanbul and in many other cities in Turkey, Syria and Iraq since 1999. I am working on Syrian conflict since 2011 and I am an expert on Kurdish issue.


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