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Memet Faruk Aksakal

Gaziantep, Turkey
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About Memet
Memet Faruk Aksakal is a seasoned freelance journalist, fixer, and researcher with a career spanning over two decades since 1999. Based in Istanbul, he has operated extensively across Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, providing in-depth coverage and research on a variety of subjects. A polyglot, Aksakal is fluent in Kurdish, Turkish, English, German, and Persian, and possesses a basic understanding of Arabic, which has been instrumental in his reporting, especially on the Syrian conflict since its escalation in 2011.

Aksakal's expertise in journalism is recognized by major TV channels and production companies from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Asia, and Australia, for whom he has produced content ranging from news to documentaries. His adaptability and knowledge have made him a valuable asset in the media industry, particularly in coordinating and facilitating international news coverage and documentary filmmaking.

His recent endeavors include on-the-ground reporting of the devastating February 2023 earthquake in Turkey, where his contributions were featured on platforms such as Al-Jazeera Balkans, Voice of America (VOA), and Swedish SVT. Aksakal continues to be a sought-after collaborator for news stories, research, and documentary projects, leveraging his linguistic skills and regional expertise to deliver compelling narratives and insightful analysis.
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Afghan and Pakistani refugees in Istanbul turn to waste paper collecting amid employment struggles

01 Apr 2023  |  The Independent
The article discusses the plight of Afghan and Pakistani refugees in Istanbul who work as waste paper collectors, a job that provides them with a meager income and often includes accommodation. These refugees, including individuals like 17-year-old Faisal and 33-year-old Muhammed, have turned to collecting waste paper due to the lack of other employment opportunities, as they are in Turkey illegally and cannot speak Turkish. They live in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions but accept this work to support their families back home. The article also touches on the recent government raids on waste paper warehouses, which have instilled fear of unemployment among these refugees. Despite the hardships, they find solace in being able to send money to their families. The article includes personal stories and quotes from the refugees, providing insight into their daily lives and struggles.

Freelance Investigative Journalist, Fixer, Researcher

11 Jun 2020  |  www.memetaksakal.com
Memet Aksakal is a seasoned freelance investigative journalist, fixer, and researcher based in Istanbul, with experience in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq since 1999. He offers his expertise in news reporting and documentary filmmaking to major TV channels and production companies globally. Fluent in multiple languages, including Kurdish, Turkish, English, German, Persian, and basic Arabic, Aksakal is well-equipped to handle diverse subjects. He has recently worked on the ground during the February 2023 earthquake in Turkey, providing services to Al-Jazeera Balkans, VOA, and Swedish SVT. Aksakal is open to collaborations for news stories, research, and documentary projects, offering his skills in fixing, translating, and coordinating.

E-80 becomes migrant highway: They come walking without hiding

26 Jul 2019  |  www.indyturk.com
With the warming weather, the migrant traffic on the E-80 highway from Iran to Turkey is increasing, mainly used by Afghan, Pakistani, and now Bangladeshi migrants. They first arrive in cities like Iğdır, Doğubeyazıt, and Van before continuing to western cities, particularly Istanbul. Migrants often work in fields, waste sorting facilities, construction, or as shepherds along the route. The journey, which used to be clandestine, is now done openly, with migrants walking along the roads without hiding. Security forces do not allow migrants to be transported in vehicles, leading to long treks on foot. In Istanbul, migrants are dispersed into various districts, providing cheap labor in textiles and industry. The article also mentions the 2017 Reina nightclub terrorist, Abdülkadir Masharipov, who entered Turkey illegally through the Van Muradiye region.

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