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Tirana, Albania

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Merxhan Daci

I am a journalist based in Tirana, Albania.  Feature stories, documentary films and investigative reporting are under my focus. I'm mostly interested in Balkan and international affairs, as well as cross-border journalism.


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Earlier this month, plans to demolish the building that has housed Albania’s National Theater for nearly 80 years were unveiled, sparking a protest from the artistic community.


This is an info analysis in Euronews about the judicial reform in Albania and the clashes related to it.


This is an article about animal rights in Albania.



This is a short doc shot in Mitrovica, Kosovo. It shows how young Serbs and Albanians are living in the separated town from the last war.


This is video against women violation in Albania where i co-worked as a cameraman.


This is an article about the struggle Durres is facing due to mass concrete buildings in the city which is hurting archeology and as a result tourism too.


This is an article about mass firing of civil servants in Albania during the electoral campaign.



  • Albanian Mystery Island Opens to Tourists

    Tirana, Albania Social December 31 @ 12:00am

    Once upon a time the home of some Albanian military personnel, the island of Sazan, is nowdays becoming a great attraction for foreigners who come to Albania but also for Albanians. Hoxha, the famous dictator of Albania, had a very strategic and at the same time a crazy plan for Sazan which was to... Read more

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