Merxhan Daci

Merxhan Daci

* Tiranë, Albania

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Merxhan Daci

Merxhan Daci is a journalist based in Tiranë, Albania.  He studied Journalism and Communication and is interested in Balkan and international affairs, as well as cross-border journalism.


English Albanian

This is an info analysis about the judicial reform in Albania and the clashes related to it.


This is an article about animal rights in Albania.



This is a short doc shot in Mitrovica, Kosovo. It shows how young Serbs and Albanians are living in the separated town from the last war.


This is video against women violation in Albania where i co-worked as a cameraman.


This is an article about the struggle Durres is facing due to mass concrete buildings in the city which is hurting archeology and as a result tourism too.


This is an article about mass firing of civil servants in Albania during the electoral campaign.



  • Iranians interested in Albania

    Tiranë, Albania Investigative Reporting March 1 @ 12:00am

    Iranians looks like are interested in Albania. Data coming from show that two of the most important news outlets in Albania have a growing audience from Iran, strange for a Balkan country and not adding it never happened before. Read more

  • Albania between dams and tourism

    Tiranë, Albania Science & Environment March 31 @ 12:00am

    Albanians are largely discussing whether dams or tourism is more important in the country when 500 new dams are planned to being build in national parks. Read more

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