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Merxhan Daci

Tirana, Albania
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About Merxhan
I am a journalist based in Tirana, Albania.  Feature stories, documentary films and investigative reporting are under my focus. I have been writing for Euronews and Kosovo2.0.  I'm mostly interested in Balkan and international affairs, as well as cross-border journalism.
English Albanian
Politics Natural Disasters Media Training

Smoke bombs in parliament and clashes with police have erupted over how Albania’s new judicial laws have been carried out.

18 Dec 2023  |  euronews
In Albania, the appointment of an interim prosecutor general by the ruling Socialist Party led to protests and clashes, with opposition MPs claiming the process was unconstitutional. The US Embassy and the EU support the judicial reforms, which aim to establish an independent judiciary and combat corruption. Despite the political turmoil, the reforms are backed by 91% of Albanians. Experts and journalists suggest that while politicians are resistant, the reforms are crucial for Albania's democracy and rule of law. Civil society representatives express concerns about further clashes but also hope for a future where justice is separate from politics and business.

Three decades of protest

09 Mar 2018  |  kosovotwopointzero.com
On International Women's Day, Kosovar women and men marched in Prishtina under the motto 'MARCHing not celebrating' to demand social and gender equality. The march included chants against patriarchy, capitalism, homophobia, and transphobia, and featured billboards by the Haveit art collective. The article traces the history of women's rights activism in Kosovo, highlighting key protests on March 8 from 1990 to 2017. It discusses the formation of the Women’s Association of the Democratic League of Kosovo, the 1998 protest during the Kosovo war, post-war activism for missing persons, and the evolution of the feminist movement, including the MARS'hojmë S'festojmë Collective's recent activities.

Strained relations between thespians and the state

27 Feb 2018  |  Kosovo 2.0
Renowned Albanian actor Robert Ndrenika has criticized the Turbine Arts Center and opposed the demolition of the old National Theater building, advocating for its preservation. The government's 'Urban Rebirth' plans include the construction of the Turbine Arts Center, which is intended to temporarily house the National Theater during renovations. However, the artistic community, including actors and citizens, has protested the demolition, citing the theater's cultural significance and the unsuitability of the Turbine Arts Center as a replacement. Prime Minister Edi Rama and Tirana's mayor, Erion Veliaj, argue for a modern replacement, while artists like Bujar Asqeriu criticize the government's treatment of artists and the neglect of the theater building. Despite differing opinions on whether a new building is needed, the debate highlights the tension between preserving cultural heritage and modern urban development in Albania.

Flooding has forced thousands to leave their homes in Albania

13 Dec 2017  |  Kosovo 2.0
Albania experienced severe flooding at the beginning of December, with heavy rainfall from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3 causing widespread damage. Roads were blocked, bridges destroyed, and hundreds of families evacuated. The Vjosa river posed a significant risk, and schools nationwide were closed for a day. Security Advisor Sander Lleshi provided an initial assessment of the damage, including evacuated families and flooded land. Prime Minister Edi Rama discussed legal initiatives for future insurance against flooding and the need for environmental protection measures. The article also reflects on Albania's history of flooding, particularly the major floods of 2009-2010, and the ongoing struggle for compensation led by the Flooded Citizens Association. Environmental factors such as deforestation are cited as contributing to the floods, and the need for reforestation is emphasized.

Taking care of Albania’s animals

02 Nov 2017  |  Kosovo 2.0
Albania has been rocked by recent incidents of animal cruelty that have sparked public outrage and calls for legislative change. The first incident involved the killing of a bear in Diber, which locals justified by claiming the bear had destroyed their crops. Animal Rescue Albania suggested habitat destruction as a possible cause for the bear's actions. Shortly after, a video of a teenager brutally killing his pet dog in Kucova went viral, leading to widespread condemnation. The teenager expressed regret, not anticipating the backlash from the video's spread on social media. Albania currently lacks specific legislation for animal cruelty, but existing laws could potentially be applied. Following these events, former Minister of Internal Affairs Saimir Tahiri reiterated his proposal for a law that would impose jail time for animal cruelty. The public and animal rights organizations are demanding more definitive action from the government.

This is an article about the struggle Durres is facing due to mass concrete buildings in the city which is hurting archeology and as a result tourism too.

Mass firing of civil servants in Albania

23 Jun 2017  |  Kosovo 2.0
The article discusses the political situation in Albania where a significant number of public officials, including ministers and municipal department directors, have been fired ahead of the general elections. This action is part of an agreement between the Democratic Party and the Socialist Party to form a technical government to ensure fair elections. The Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) views these firings as politically motivated and has begun legal action against the technical ministers. The Commissioner for the Oversight of the Civil Service, Pranvera Strakosha, has stated that some dismissals were unjustified. Legal experts argue that most removals are illegal, and the EU has yet to comment on the situation. The mass firings could potentially affect Albania's path to EU membership.

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