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Michael Colborne

Michael Colborne is a Canadian freelance journalist covering all things central and eastern Europe. His words and pictures have been published in Coda Story, CBC, Sydney Morning Herald, Al Jazeera, Open Democracy, National Post and other places. 

Before moving into journalism Michael spent eight years working as a social/health researcher in Canada and the UK, working on everything from inner-city crime prevention programs in Canada to large-scale public health surveys in the UK. He blogs at www.michaelcolborne.com.


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My words + photos in the Sydney Morning Herald from April 2016 on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement referendum in the Netherlands.


My opinion/analysis + photos in The Balkanist on Bulgaria's March 2017 parliamentary elections.


Me discussing the world of Bulgarian pro-Kremlin disinformation on the World Policy On Air podcast in June 2017.


My words + photos on Al Jazeera from May 2016 on Crimean Tatars in Ukraine honouring the anniversary of the 1944 deportations.


My feature in oDR from March 2017 on women and Ukraine's HIV epidemic.


My dispatch in Coda Story from April 2017 on trolling and disinformation websites in Bulgaria.


My feature piece in Coda Story from February 2017 on Islamophobia and pro-Kremlin disinformation in the Czech Republic.


My words + photos for CBC in June 2016 on Ukraine's internal refugees (IDPs)

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