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Michaël Dias

Saint-Étienne, France
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About Michaël
Michaël Dias is a translator and journalist based in Saint-Étienne, France.
English Spanish French
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Chapter 26

18 Apr 2020  |  caimancontrepangolin.wordpress.com
Diego and Julia are involved in a car crash after their vehicle veers off the road, crashes through a barbed wire fence, and hits a tree. Diego, who survives the crash, contemplates leaving Julia, who is severely injured, to die. However, he is confronted by an angry farmer who demands compensation for his damaged fence and assaults Diego.

Les Décodeurs, la sección de Le Monde dedicada al periodismo de datos y la verificación de informaciones, lanza este 1 de febrero Décodex: una extensión para Google Chrome y Firefox, un buscador en su sitio y una aplicación para la mensajería de Facebook.

Why is Generation Y Resigning?

15 Jan 2017  |  www.huffingtonpost.fr
Generation Y, born in the 1980s, is often seen as difficult to manage and prone to job dissatisfaction. They seek meaningful work, mentorship, and impact, often leaving jobs if these needs are unmet. Raised with high expectations and instant gratification from technology and social media, they struggle with the slower pace and less stimulating tasks of traditional workplaces. The entrepreneurial dream is appealing but often unrealistic, leading to frustration. Companies need to adapt to retain this generation, emphasizing good leadership, incentives, and a modern work culture.

Interview with Catherine Estrade (band Catherine Vincent) about their LP "Tina". Published on Somos Mass 99 (Mexico, 2015).

Interview with Mexican writer Paco Ignacio Taibo II. Published on The Dissident (France, 2015).

When Charlie Hebdo was Anti-Francoist

07 Jan 2016  |  HERALDO DE MADRID
Charlie Hebdo, a renowned French satirical publication, played a significant role in criticizing the Franco dictatorship in Spain. Following the French government's ban on its predecessor Hara-Kiri for a controversial cover on General De Gaulle's death, the team launched Charlie Hebdo, which continued until 1982. The magazine, known for its no-limits satire, frequently targeted Franco, depicting him as a murderer on its covers and intensifying its critique as the dictator's death approached. The publication's anti-Franco stance resonated with the solidarity expressed by French anti-fascist, anarchist, and leftist circles towards the Spanish people. The assassination of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, including Wolinski, in 2015, brought renewed attention to the magazine's historical political engagement. The article also touches on the broader context of French support for Spanish progressives and the integration of half a million Spanish Republican exiles into French society.

Spain: Attacks Against the Right to Information

05 Mar 2014  |  Pimpignole
In Spain, journalists face increasing difficulties covering protests and evictions due to police actions and restrictive laws. A campaign called 'Without reporters, you can't see' was launched by the Platform for Freedom of Information to protest against repeated attacks on the freedom to inform. The campaign coincides with opposition to the proposed Citizen Security Law, dubbed the 'Gag Law,' which could impose hefty fines for photographing police in a way that damages their honor or image. The platform, mainly comprising freelance and citizen journalists, was formed in response to the arrests of photojournalists Raúl Capín and Adolfo Luján. Incidents of police violence against journalists and citizens are highlighted, and the Spanish government's upcoming Citizen Security Law is criticized for drastically limiting the right to information. Veteran journalist Jorge Martínez Reverte supports the campaign, emphasizing the importance of maintaining citizens' rights to information.

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