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Wien, Austria
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About Michael
Michael Leidig is a journalist based in Wien, Austria.
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Good Shepherd Helps Authors Survive In the Publishing Jungle

07 Mar 2024  |  Media NewsX
Shepherd.com, a platform created by Ben, aims to help authors connect with readers through book recommendations. The platform has gained significant traction, with 5 million visits last year and over 10,000 authors participating. Ben criticizes traditional book promotion methods and platforms like Amazon and Goodreads, advocating for a more independent book ecosystem. Shepherd.com offers a free service for authors to recommend books, aiming for long-term exposure rather than short-term sales spikes. The platform plans to introduce new features like genre-based filtering to enhance user experience.

Beautiful Woman Hired Double To Die In Her Place Then Took Her Clothes And Handbag

23 Jan 2024  |  viraltab.news
In Germany, a trial has begun for 24-year-old Shahraban K.B., accused of organizing a beauty contest to find a lookalike, Khadidja O., to murder and fake her own death to escape her strict Iraqi family and Yazidi faith. Shahraban and her lover Sheqir, who met days before the murder, are charged with stabbing the victim over 50 times after luring her to a forest. The crime was uncovered when an autopsy revealed the victim's tattoos, exposing her true identity. The trial at Ingolstadt District Court, presided over by jury chairman Konrad Kliegt, is expected to run until the end of June with 190 witnesses and additional charges against the defendants for attempting to hire a hitman.

Drug Dealer Arrested After He Crashes Into Van While Illegally Riding Bike In Front Of Cops

15 Dec 2023  |  ViralTab
A drug dealer, Kya Evans, was arrested after crashing into a van while illegally riding a bike in front of an off-duty cop in Wales. Evans was found with crack, heroin, cash, and phones. He pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply and was sentenced to three years in prison. Detective Inspector Tim Jones commended the officer's actions and the public's assistance, emphasizing the police's commitment to tackling county lines drug dealing.

Fire Service Trials Use Of Robot To Tackle Blaze

13 Dec 2023  |  ViralTab
Lancaster firefighters are using a specialist robot in a landmark trial to extinguish a fire in a large building containing over 13,000 tonnes of compacted waste. The robot allows greater access to the fire without risking firefighter safety. The demolition of outbuildings and waste removal is ongoing, with fluctuating smoke plumes being monitored by Lancaster City Council. Residents are advised to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travel near the fire site. The fire service warns that the fire, involving large quantities of commercial waste, may continue to smoulder for a prolonged period. Health advice is provided for those experiencing related symptoms.

Playful Snow Leopard Chases Girl Running Past Enclosure

02 Dec 2023  |  ananova.news
A young girl running past a snow leopard's enclosure at the Montgomery Zoo in Alabama triggered the animal's predatory instincts, leading to a playful chase captured on video by the girl's family. The leopard displayed affectionate behavior, such as rubbing its head and paws against the glass and attempting to lick the girl, which experts say is a sign of reinforcing family bonds. The footage was shared by the zoo and the visitor, Brinda DeAnne Green, who described the experience as the coolest she's ever had at a zoo. The zoo, spanning 40 acres, features various animals and attractions.

British Man Stabbed Wife In Head With Screwdriver Then Threw It Down Toilet

14 Nov 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A British woman, Ayan Dhoba, was killed by her husband, Ahmet Yasin M., during a holiday in Istanbul, Turkey. The incident occurred in their hotel room where Ayan was found with 41 stab wounds. Ahmet confessed to the crime, claiming it was triggered by an argument over drugs. The murder weapon, a screwdriver, was found in the hotel bathroom. The investigation is ongoing.

Dozy Driver Crashes Into Huge Fountain

11 Nov 2023  |  ViralTab
A driver crashed into the Diana the Huntress fountain in Mexico City, causing the vehicle to dangle over the water. The incident occurred on 11th November, involving an Audi Q5. Jesus Ponce and Jaqueline Espinoza were rescued from the SUV, with Ponce later treated for chest injuries. The fountain, a city landmark since 1942, was designed by sculptor Juan Fernando Olaguibel and architect Vicente Mendiola. Police are investigating the crash.

Boy, 13, Dies After Fatal Collision With Another Player During Match To Recruit New Talent

08 Nov 2023  |  ViralTab
A 13-year-old football player, Ernesto Ricardo Salomon, collapsed and died after colliding with another player during a talent scouting match in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz, Mexico. Despite resuscitation attempts by his parents and spectators, he was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death is suspected to be a sudden heart attack from the collision, pending autopsy results. The community and local sports teams have expressed their condolences.

Teen Biker Sent Flying From Tracks By Train

07 Nov 2023  |  ViralTab
A 15-year-old cyclist in Wervik, West Flanders, Belgium, was struck by a train after ignoring safety signals at a level crossing. Despite the severity of the incident, the teenager only sustained minor injuries. City Mayor Youro Casier and Railway Manager Thomas Baeken highlighted the dangers of ignoring railway safety measures, noting that such accidents are unfortunately common. Train services between Poperinge and Menen were temporarily halted, affecting 50 passengers.

Retired MMA Fighter Javier Baez Fends Off Knife-Wielding Man In Florida

01 Nov 2023  |  USA Times
Retired MMA fighter Javier Baez successfully defended himself against a knife-wielding attacker, Omar Marrero, in Cutler Bay, Florida. Baez overpowered Marrero, disarmed him, and held him in a chokehold until police arrived. Marrero, who was reportedly drunk, was arrested and is facing charges of burglary with assault or battery and aggravated battery. Baez, who retired from MMA in 2018, demonstrated his training and reflexes during the incident.

Man Fatally Stabbed, His Girlfriend Injured In Supermarket Brawl With Three Brothers Who Claim It Was An Accident

30 Oct 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A violent altercation in a supermarket in Izmir, Turkey, resulted in the death of Semih Kenan Kose and injuries to his girlfriend, Sibel Kabadayi. The incident began when Kose accidentally bumped into kickboxer Sercan Bavkir, leading to a physical fight involving Bavkir and his two brothers. Bavkir claimed self-defense, stating Kose attacked him first and that the fatal stabbing was accidental. The investigation is ongoing, with Bavkir and his brothers under arrest.

Blonde Teenager Advertises On Street For Hubby As Men On Dating Apps Only Looking For Sex

30 Oct 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A 19-year-old Belarusian girl, Polina Litvinova, walked down Istanbul's Istiklal Avenue with a sign seeking a husband, rejecting dating apps as platforms where men only seek sex. Her actions, shared on Instagram, received mixed reactions, with some supporting her and others accusing her of seeking social media fame.

Brit Parachuting Athlete Dies After Crashing Onto Steep Cliffs

24 Oct 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A British base jump athlete, Dilip Marcus Sundhod, died after losing control of his parachute and crashing into a cliffside during a free fall at the International Air Games Festival in Turkey. Emergency services, including the National Medical Rescue and Gendarmerie Search and Rescue teams, confirmed his death after reaching the location. Sundhod's body was recovered and taken to Fethiye State Hospital morgue. Investigations are ongoing to determine the legality and safety compliance of the jump.

McDonald’s Branch In Istanbul Vandalised During Israeli Protests

18 Oct 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
During protests in Istanbul against Israel following the bombing of Gaza's al-Ahli hospital, a McDonald's branch was vandalized. Thousands protested outside the Israeli Consulate on October 18th, with some demonstrators smashing the windows of McDonald's. The Istanbul Governor's office reported five detentions, 63 injuries including 43 police officers, and one death due to a heart attack. Turkey declared three days of mourning for the Gaza victims. McDonald's Israel's support for Israeli troops and hospitals was condemned by Arab countries. The Qatari company Boehm owns Turkish McDonald's franchises. The explosion at Gaza's al-Ahli al-Arabi hospital resulted in hundreds of deaths, with Palestinian officials blaming an Israeli airstrike and Israel attributing it to a misfired missile by Islamic Jihad.

Three Tonnes Of Apricots Destroyed After Warehouse Worker Trod On Them

11 Oct 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
Health officials in Turkey destroyed three tonnes of apricots after a warehouse worker, Bilal M., was filmed standing on the fruit. The incident, which went viral on social media, led to a fine for Bilal M. and the intervention of the Malatya Agriculture and Forestry Directorate. This is part of a series of food-related pranks in Turkey, including an influencer named RB who was arrested for a similar stunt with pistachio nuts, and other incidents involving a pickle factory worker and a dairy worker. These pranks have led to legal actions and raised concerns about food safety.

Woman Claims She Triumphed Over Cancer After Cat Named Lucky Warned Her Of Tumour

09 Oct 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A 30-year-old woman named Seden Bas from Izmir, Turkey, credits her cat, Sans (Lucky), for alerting her to a breast tumor, which led to her early cancer diagnosis and successful treatment. Seden shares her journey through chemotherapy and recovery, emphasizing the emotional support she received from her cat and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. She aims to raise awareness and inspire others battling cancer to keep smiling and stay hopeful.

Motorist Sends Cycle Racers Flying

08 Oct 2023  |  ViralTab
A motorist in Nealtican, Puebla, Mexico, caused a major accident during a cycle race by driving into the race leaders, despite road closure signs. The driver, operating an unauthorized taxi, was arrested after several cyclists were injured, with one remaining under medical care. The event, held in honor of San Miguel Arcangel, was canceled, and participants were refunded. Organizers faced criticism for insufficient road closure infrastructure. Authorities are investigating the incident.

Shell Shocker As Man Hurls Himself Into Two Tonnes Of Peanuts

06 Oct 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A social media influencer, identified as 'RB', was arrested in Turkey after filming himself submerged in two tonnes of peanuts as part of a prank. The video, which was later deleted, sparked outrage among social media users. Authorities tracked down RB and confiscated the peanuts from a farm warehouse in Siirt province. This incident is part of a troubling trend of pranksters targeting food factories and farms in Turkey, with previous incidents involving a pickle factory, a tomato paste factory, and a dairy worker.

Cops Hunt Crocodile Or Shark That Tore Off Elderly Man’s Leg

05 Oct 2023  |  ananova.news
Mexican police are using drones to determine whether a shark or crocodile killed an elderly Canadian tourist, Joseph ‘Jeff’ Bynens, and injured another person on Ixtapa beach. Initial reports suggested a shark attack, but the injuries led to suspicions of a crocodile, especially given the proximity of a crocodile farm. Marine biologists and local authorities are involved in the investigation, and beach access has been restricted. The incident also involved Valerie Haurowitz, who is in stable condition.

Woman Aged 76 Suspected Of Killing Hubby And Daughter Freed By Statute Of Limitations

01 Oct 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A 76-year-old Turkish grandmother, Hayriye Findikoglu, suspected of killing her husband and daughter decades ago, has been released due to the statute of limitations. The investigation, initiated by a complaint from her granddaughter, led to the discovery of the bodies of her husband and daughter. Despite being charged with premeditated murder, the case was dropped as the crimes occurred 26-27 years ago, exceeding the 20-year statute of limitations under Turkish law at the time. The motive behind the alleged murders remains unknown.

Russian Cops Step Up Activities Against Crooks Stealing Mammoth Tusks From Melting Permafrost

01 Oct 2023  |  ananova.news
Melting permafrost in Russia is revealing mammoth tusks, leading to a surge in illegal looting and smuggling. The Federal Security Service of Russia recently seized over 1.5 tonnes of mammoth tusks in the Khabarovsk Territory, valued at over RUB 50 million. The tusks were hidden in a non-residential building and lacked legal documentation. An investigation has been launched into the smuggling ring. Earlier, nearly a tonne of mammoth tusks was seized at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, with the head of the involved company facing criminal charges. The illegal trade of mammoth tusks has increased due to the melting Siberian permafrost, with many tusks being sold to Asian markets.

Speeding American Driver Gets Three Years For Accident That Left Woman Paralysed

01 Oct 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
An American NATO worker, Reginald Patrice Thevenin, has been sentenced to three years in prison for a 2021 accident in Bodrum, Turkey, that left 21-year-old Ezgi Aydindag paralysed. Thevenin, who was speeding, hit Ezgi as she crossed the road. The victim's family, who have faced financial hardship due to medical bills, expressed dissatisfaction with the sentence, deeming it insufficient. The verdict can be appealed.

Heartbroken Mum Says Police Ignored Her Warnings

19 Sep 2023  |  ViralTab
A mother, Damira Zinnurova, claims that police ignored her warnings about her estranged husband, Mustafa Topkaya, who later killed their eight-year-old son, Mehmet, during a court-ordered custody visit in Mersin, Turkey. Despite her repeated alerts to the police and prosecutor’s office, they dismissed her concerns. The tragic incident has raised questions about the authorities' handling of domestic violence and child custody cases.

Pupils Use ‘Surrogate’ Robots To Attend Japanese Schools

15 Sep 2023  |  ananova.news
In Kumamoto, Japan, a new initiative by the city's Board of Education will allow anxious students to send robot avatars to school as an intermediary step to attending in person. The robots will enable students to interact with their peers and experience the school environment remotely. This project aims to alleviate the psychological fears of attending school and encourage students to eventually return to physical attendance. The decision comes in response to a rising number of children too scared to attend school, with 2,760 children currently not attending, double the number from 2018. The program is set to launch in November with two robot bodies if approved.

Pup Who Went Missing With World Bank Boss Returns After Three Months, Says British Wife

15 Sep 2023  |  ananova.news
Economist Korhan Berzeg, 83, went missing on June 17 while walking his dog Tina near his home in Gonen, Balikesir Province, Turkey. His wife, Angela Berzeg, revealed that Tina has been found after nearly three months, but Korhan remains missing. Despite a TRY 1 million reward, no clues have emerged about his whereabouts. Turkey’s Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate is leading a new search effort. Angela shared insights into their life together and Korhan's esteemed career, including his tenure at the World Bank and his connection to notable figures like Turgut Ozal and Mehmet Simsek.

Heartbroken Brit Mum Receives Daughter’s Alleged Suicide Note And Vows To Have Case Re-Opened

13 Sep 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A British mother, Tracie Brookes, is seeking justice for her daughter Ayse Rhiannon Vural, who was found dead in Istanbul with a gunshot wound to her head. Despite the Turkish judiciary ruling it a suicide, Tracie believes there are unanswered questions and inconsistencies in the investigation. She received her daughter's alleged suicide note and some belongings, but key items were missing. Tracie suspects foul play involving Ayse's ex-boyfriend, Ararat Ozer, who had threatened her daughter and is under investigation for gang involvement. Tracie vows to have the case reopened, doubting that her daughter took her own life.

Millions Of Litres Of Wine Floods Street

10 Sep 2023  |  viraltab.news
A significant spillage of red wine occurred in Sao Lourenco do Bairro, Portugal, when two large tanks at Levira Distillery burst, releasing 2.2 million litres of wine. The spill prompted an ecological alert due to the risk of contaminating the nearby Certima River. The Anadia Fire Department intervened to prevent the wine from reaching the river, directing it into a field instead. Levira Distillery has taken responsibility for the incident, including the cleanup and repair costs, and has moved the wine-soaked soil to a special treatment plant.

India Hires Monkey Mimics To Protect G20 Summit From Marauding Macaques

09 Sep 2023  |  ananova.news
New Delhi officials have hired 'monkey wallahs' to impersonate grey langur primates and deter macaque monkeys from G20 summit areas. The 40 mimics, along with langur cutouts, aim to protect the venues and hotels from the macaques, which have been raiding local establishments. The summit, hosting numerous VIPs on September 9th and 10th, is a high-priority event for India, which took over the G20 presidency last year. Satish Upadhyay of the New Delhi Municipal Council emphasized the non-harmful nature of the monkey management strategy.

Young Bruins Grin And Scare It In Play Grapple

08 Sep 2023  |  ananova.news
Young black bears in the Sikhote-Alin Biosphere Reserve in Primorsky Krai, eastern Russia, were captured on camera playfighting, a behavior that helps them develop essential survival skills. The reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site, emphasized the importance of these activities for the bears' hunting, fighting, and breeding abilities. The playful interactions also aid in social bonding among the typically solitary animals.

Man Shot Blonde Businesswoman Saying She Stole Money And Went On Holiday

08 Sep 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
Yilmaz Fahrioglu is on trial for the murder of businesswoman Zehra Catal, whom he shot nine times in Antalya, Turkey, after accusing her of scamming him over a villa construction project. Fahrioglu, who lent Catal TRY 2,800,000, claimed she had no such project and went on a holiday abroad despite owing him money. He expressed regret for the shooting, which occurred after Catal allegedly cursed at him during a confrontation. Prosecutors are seeking an aggravated life sentence with a minimum non-parole term of 30 years, plus up to three years for possessing an unlicensed weapon. Fahrioglu has a criminal record, and the victim's family contends she was debt-free and that Fahrioglu was trying to extort money from her. The trial is ongoing.

Man astonishes with youthful appearance at 60, sparking online buzz

07 Sep 2023  |  thesun.co.uk
Nil Marino, a 60-year-old man from Florianopolis, Brazil, has gone viral for his youthful appearance, which belies his age. He recently received his OAP parking permit, causing disbelief among social media users who think he looks much younger. His fitness routine includes callisthenics, situps, strength training, and daily walking or cycling. The video of him revealing his age has amassed over eight million views, with many expressing amazement at his lack of wrinkles and chiseled physique.

Green Light For VW Advert Using Legendary Singer Who Died Decades Ago

04 Sep 2023  |  ViralTab
Regulatory authorities in Brazil have dismissed a complaint regarding Volkswagen's use of the late singer Elis Regina in a commercial. The AI-generated animation featured Regina performing a duet with her daughter, Maria Rita, to celebrate Volkswagen's 70th anniversary in Brazil. The National Advertising Self-Regulation Council (Conar) ruled that the campaign did not violate ethical standards, noting that the use of Regina's image was consensual and transparent. The decision highlights the growing acceptance of AI in advertising, despite ethical concerns.

Rare Cheese Sells For World Record EUR 30,000

02 Sep 2023  |  ananova.news
A two-kilogram block of Cabrales cheese, one of the world's rarest cheeses, sold for a record-breaking EUR 30,000 at an auction. The cheese, made from a blend of unpasteurised milk from cows, sheep, and goats in Spain's Picos de Europa range, is matured in mountain caves for four months. The previous record was EUR 20,500. The buyer, a restaurant in Oviedo, Asturias, secured the cheese, which was judged the best in show at a cheese festival. Cabrales cheese has been protected by the PDO system since 1981.

Greedy Mum And Son Jailed For Life After Murdering Wealthy Cousin For Fortune She Wanted To Leave To Pets

01 Sep 2023  |  viraltab.news
A mother and son, Sibylle D. and Daniel D., were sentenced to life imprisonment by a German court for the murder of their wealthy cousin, Lieselotte Gerda Schuster, with the motive of greed. The victim, who had planned to leave her fortune to a home for abandoned pets and a cancer charity, was found dead with multiple stab wounds after being invited on a holiday by the perpetrators. The pair, who were financially struggling, aimed to acquire her assets, including savings, a collection of watches, cars, and her home. The crime was uncovered when police found the victim's identity card and savings book during a traffic stop and later discovered her decomposed body in a box at the pair's rented property.

Paddleboarders Vanish After Setting Off To Watch Sunset

28 Aug 2023  |  viraltab.news
Maxi Ludvik, 29, and Emmanuel Soria, 34, disappeared at sea after setting off from Huelin beach in Malaga, Spain, to watch the sunset on 27th August. Despite warnings about strong winds and having practised only three times, they proceeded and were never seen again. The coastguards found their board floating 15 miles from the coast on 28th August, but there was no sign of the individuals. Friends and family are seeking information on their whereabouts.

Young Women Adopt Ugly Birds To Help Them Fly South

15 Aug 2023  |  ananova.news
Young women are training rare wild Ibis birds to follow microlight aircraft for their migration south due to climate change altering their traditional routes. The EU LIFE project aims to reintroduce the Bald Ibis in Europe by breeding them in captivity and teaching them new migration paths. This year's journey is more challenging, requiring the birds to travel to Andalusia instead of Tuscany. The project, led by Johannes Fritz, hopes to establish new breeding colonies in the northern Alpine foothills. The birds are imprinted on human foster mothers to learn their migration routes, with rigorous training ongoing to ensure their success.

Young Burundi Handball Players Go Missing Ahead Of Championship Match In Croatia

09 Aug 2023  |  Balkan Times
Ten Burundi handball players, aged 17, disappeared in Croatia where they were to compete in the World Cadet Handball Championship from August 2nd to 13th. Last seen leaving their accommodation in Rijeka on August 9th, they were unresponsive to calls and their whereabouts are unknown. Police are searching for them. The Croatian Handball Federation confirmed their unexplained departure, despite high security. Burundi's handball association president, Dauphin Nikobamye, expressed shock and appealed for assistance. The team's match against Bahrain was cancelled, and a forfeit was declared in favor of Bahrain.

Move From Britain To Turkey To Live With Teen Girl Was Death Sentence For Man Aged 57

27 Jul 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A 57-year-old man from the UK, Murat Arpapay, was killed by lethal injection in Turkey after moving there to live with a 19-year-old girl, Muhterem Percikli. His body was found in a ventilation shaft, leading to a police investigation. Percikli and three accomplices, Serpil Demir, Dogan Sariyildiz, and Fatih Erginoglu, were implicated in the crime, with Ersen Basak identified as the mastermind. The suspects planned to steal money Murat received from his family in England. Basak fled to Georgia, while Sariyildiz and Erginoglu escaped to Cyprus. Percikli and Demir were arrested, and the investigation continues.

Brutal Husband Throttled His Kebab Waitress Ex

16 Jun 2023  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A husband, Rifat Yilmaz, has been arrested in Turkey for allegedly luring his estranged wife, Dudu Yilmaz, to a hotel and then killing her with an electric cable. He attempted to deceive her parents by sending messages from her phone. The couple had separated due to financial disputes and domestic abuse. Dudu's mother, Fatma Onal, revealed the ongoing violence her daughter faced and expressed regret for not knowing sooner. Police investigations are ongoing.

Speed Chase At 110 Mph Ends In Brick Wall

27 Mar 2023  |  ViralTab
A high-speed chase in England ended with a Land Rover Discovery crashing into The Lockside pub in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. The driver, Jamie Kettle, attempted to evade police by driving at speeds up to 110mph and later fleeing on foot. He was arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving. Kettle was sentenced to two years in jail and banned from driving for three years and three months. Nottinghamshire Police emphasized the danger posed by Kettle's actions and the importance of bringing such offenders to justice.

Tiny Pup Eats Family's Cash Stash

14 Jan 2023  |  ViralTab
A Chihuahua named Caramelo chewed up over R 1,340 in cash at his family home in Esperantina, Tocantins State, Brazil. The family discovered the damage upon returning home and attempted to salvage the banknotes. Bank officials indicated that some less damaged notes might be replaceable. Social media users expressed sympathy and shared similar experiences.

Sudden Explosion At Metal Factory Leaves 13 Injured, Two In Serious Condition

08 Nov 2022  |  mideasttimes.newsx.agency
A sudden explosion at the Tosyali Iron and Steel Factory in Iskenderun, southern Turkey, injured 13 workers, with two in critical condition. The incident, captured on CCTV, showed workers trying to resolve an issue before being engulfed by a fireball. Emergency services responded to the scene. The cause of the explosion is unknown, and an investigation is underway. This event follows a similar explosion at the same factory two months prior, which injured four workers.

China to help renovate house claimed to be Marco Polo's birthplace

17 Dec 2005  |  South China Morning Post
China will finance the renovation of a house on the Croatian island of Korcula, claimed to be the birthplace of Marco Polo, to be turned into a museum. Despite Venice being the generally accepted birthplace, some historians support the Croatian claim. The island's mayor, Mirko Duhovic, has purchased the property, aiming to have it ready for tourists soon. British historian James Gilman provided evidence from the British Museum supporting the claim. Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader and Chinese ambassador Zhenglong Wu have both promoted the site, with Wu planting an olive tree there as a symbol of China-Croatia friendship.

Jetset teddies enjoy the bear necessities

25 Sep 2005  |  South China Morning Post
A Hong Kong medical student, Oscar Wang, has become the first international client of a unique travel service offering European holidays for teddy bears. His teddy, Grey Bear, is set to enjoy sightseeing and activities in Munich, Germany, including Oktoberfest. The service, run by Christopher Bohm and Elke Verheugen, includes a photo album of the teddy's adventures. Despite initial reservations about the cost, Wang's girlfriend, Michelle, supported the idea, highlighting the novelty and fun of the experience.

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