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Mika Brown

I am a content writer, journalist and data researcher specialising in the field of lotteries and lottery results. I have written numerous pieces for popular based lottery websites such as and that have focussed on multiple different angles, including winner stories or highlighting interesting facts about a draws result. 

Further to the writing of articles based on the outcome of lottery draws, I have also become extremely proficient in lottery results and the research of lottery results, notably making sure they are correct and conducting research into when numbers last appeared, prize money won etc. This research is then used to create credible and truth-worthy articles that are also engaging. 

Whilst writing about lotteries in the UK is the topic I am most experienced in, I have also gone on to cover major US lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions in great depth, whilst also stretching to a number of state based games and daily draws.

Feature Stories Content Writing Research Investigative Journalism Interview (Print / Radio / Podcast) Fact Checking
Business Finance Research Risk Analysis Breaking News Fact Checking

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