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Nairobi, Kenya

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Mike O'maera

Mike O'maera is a versatile  and all round journalist currently based in Meru, Kenya. He has access to surrounding areas including Nanyuki, Nyeri, Chuka and Embu. He can gather and prepare news for broadcast both on TV and Radio,as well write features stories.  He is good in research as well copy writing for Public relations, in addition to being a good photographer. I have reported for local radio and TV stations, Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) written for a number of publications including the Catholic News Service and National Catholic Reporter. I correspond for the CANAA News agency as well Dire News agency.


English Swahili


Children who have eye cancer in Africa grow up with labels such as “weird” or “different.” Some are said to have the “evil eye.” Most have to struggle with stares and teasing from other children wherever they go..... The story of Baby Bisrat from Ethiopia and search fro treatment in the arms of loving parents!


Waste management and the scourge of waste that is poorly handled....the case of Dandora waste dumping site.


How often do you get to share the joys of life with a centenarian? I guess you probably do not know anyone who is a hundred, especially, in this part of the world where life expectancy is 60 years for women and 50-55 for men! This story narrates the life and times of a footbal fun and fanatic of Man U...who happens to be a nun...who was celebrating centenary!


A collection of some of my works published in various publications across the world. The blog also includes some pieces I admired and borrowed with full aknowledgements.

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