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Skopje, Macedonia

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Miki Trajkovski

I would like to write about the economic crisis in Greece and how it will affect the Macedonian economy. The National Bank of Macedonia undertook a series of measures to stop any impact from the crisis. Macedonia close its doors for possible capital outflows to Greece.

. Again with a proposal for a topical theme that i hope will have your attention. I want to write about the situation of migrants from Africa in Macedonia. NGOs, citizens and media join the campaign for more humane treatment by the state to these persons. The proposal is to organize a humanitarian convoy to such persons. More than a year, hundreds of migrants from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and many African countries, entering trough Greece in Macedonia and try to cross  on foot, bicycle or by smugglers with vehicles. The are easy prey to criminals who attack and rob them. The last tragic event was when at least 14 migrants from Afghanistan were crushed by a train near Veles. In a house in a village near the border with Serbia 200 migrants were being held hostage. In the reception center for migrants in Skopje there were reports that there reports that the migrants revolt because of inhumane conditions in which they live.



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