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Miki Trajkovski

Skopje, Macedonia
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About Miki
I would like to write about the economic crisis in Greece and how it will affect the Macedonian economy. The National Bank of Macedonia undertook a series of measures to stop any impact from the crisis. Macedonia close its doors for possible capital outflows to Greece.

. Again with a proposal for a topical theme that i hope will have your attention. I want to write about the situation of migrants from Africa in Macedonia. NGOs, citizens and media join the campaign for more humane treatment by the state to these persons. The proposal is to organize a humanitarian convoy to such persons. More than a year, hundreds of migrants from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and many African countries, entering trough Greece in Macedonia and try to cross  on foot, bicycle or by smugglers with vehicles. The are easy prey to criminals who attack and rob them. The last tragic event was when at least 14 migrants from Afghanistan were crushed by a train near Veles. In a house in a village near the border with Serbia 200 migrants were being held hostage. In the reception center for migrants in Skopje there were reports that there reports that the migrants revolt because of inhumane conditions in which they live.
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Fact Checking

Macedonian Artist Makes Breathtaking Model Replicas of Ships

14 Mar 2021  |  voanews.com
Dame Zaturoski, a lawyer from Struga, North Macedonia, has a passion for creating model boats and ships. Reporter Miki Trajkovski visited Zaturoski to view his latest creation. The story was then narrated by Anna Rice. The article focuses on Zaturoski's hobby and craftsmanship, providing insight into his work and possibly his background as a lawyer and model maker.

How Old is Lake Ohrid?

01 Nov 2016  |  mk.voanews.com
Lake Ohrid in Macedonia is at least two million years old, according to initial official analyses from studies conducted in 2013 by an international team of scientists. Sediments were collected from depths of up to 580 meters and analyzed at the Geological Institute of the University of Cologne, Germany. Further analyses are required to determine the exact age of the lake, which could take an additional five years. The research aims to establish not only the age of the lake but also its origin and the impact of numerous climate changes on its organisms. Lake Ohrid, the oldest in Europe, has not experienced ecological catastrophes over the past two million years, unlike other ancient lakes worldwide. Scientists also discovered volcanic ash at the bottom of the lake, linking it to active volcanoes in Italy. The lake is 660 meters deep and contains 350 endemic species, making it a unique ecosystem of significant scientific interest.

Balkans conduct joint military training.

The Balkans, a New Center Against Terrorism

07 Sep 2015  |  www.balkanweb.com
Experts suggest that Balkan countries are considering the creation of a regional anti-terrorism center to more effectively address threats from jihadist recruitment and radicalization. Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov proposed the center at the UN Security Council last month, emphasizing the need for coordinated intelligence and countermeasures. The center would enhance cooperation with intelligence services from the US, UK, and Germany, and facilitate training. The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina supports the initiative, and Serbia has discussed it at the highest government levels. Serbian officials operate a training center in Batajnica, and Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has expressed Serbia's commitment to fighting ISIL in a letter to US President Barack Obama.

Joint Macedonian-Serbian police patrols ensure the safety of tourists in Ohrid during the vacation season.

Why do counter-protesters in favour of Gruevski’s government wave around Orthodox crosses, Russian flags, and photos of Putin?

29 May 2015  |  Balkanist
The article discusses the political and identity crisis in Macedonia, highlighting the recent protests and counter-protests. Anti-government protests, sparked by leaked tapes showing government misconduct, featured a diverse array of flags and languages, representing various communities in Macedonia. In contrast, the counter-protests in support of Prime Minister Gruevski's government displayed Macedonian, Serbian, and Russian flags, Orthodox crosses, and had a nationalistic and Orthodox tone. Ethnologist Rubin Zemon and president of the Rumelia-Torbeshian Cultural and Scientific Centre, Serif Ajradinoski, provide insights into the divisions within Macedonian society and the historical and cultural factors at play. Russia's support for the Macedonian government is also discussed, with the Russian Ambassador to Macedonia commenting on the situation. The article suggests that the alignment between Russia and some Macedonians may be more political and economic than ideological or religious.

Following a Day of Violence, Pleas for Calm from Communities Across Macedonia

09 May 2015  |  Balkanist
Macedonia is experiencing tensions reminiscent of the 2001 conflict, as a terrorist group has launched attacks on state institutions. The group, consisting of 50-70 individuals, reportedly entered Macedonia from a neighboring country and engaged in a violent confrontation with police in Kumanovo, resulting in casualties including at least five police officers. Authorities and experts express concerns over the potential for regional destabilization. Despite fears, there is a strong sentiment among Macedonians and Albanians against violence and a desire for stability. The EU, US, and Kosovo have urged calm and dialogue, while local political parties demand transparency from the government. Security measures have been increased, and the situation is being closely monitored by neighboring countries and international organizations.

Echoes of Baltimore and Ukraine in Skopje

07 May 2015  |  Balkanist
Macedonia is experiencing its most severe security challenge since 2001, triggered by protests demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski over a wiretapping scandal. The opposition party SDSM released audio suggesting government cover-up in the murder of Martin Neshkovski by a policeman. The protests have seen violent clashes and have spread to other cities, raising fears of escalating violence similar to Ukraine. Experts and politicians discuss the potential for civil unrest, the need for a transitional government, and the role of international mediation. The crisis, which began with the release of the wiretapped conversations, has led to concerns over Macedonia's EU candidacy and calls for responsible leadership. Major anti-government protests are planned, and there is a general call for a peaceful resolution to avoid a repeat of past conflicts.

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