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Milan Ilic

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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About Milan
Milan Ilic is a journalist based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Fact Checking

Suspect in Attempted Murder in Banja Luka Dies

02 Oct 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
Dragan Miletić, a suspect in an attempted murder case in Banja Luka, has died at the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska. Despite medical efforts, he passed away after being hospitalized in critical condition following his arrest. Miletić was detained on April 2 for attacking two individuals, Saša Ć. and Dragan S., in a local establishment. The Police Department of Banja Luka confirmed his arrest and detailed his previous criminal activities.

What weather awaits us during the week

02 Oct 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected to experience warmer weather over the next four days, with variable conditions and occasional thunderstorms in the middle of the day and afternoon. The Hydrometeorological Institute of Republika Srpska reports clear mornings with possible fog near rivers, predominantly sunny weather in southern Herzegovina, and light, variable winds throughout the day. Temperatures will range from 15 to 32 degrees Celsius, with significantly warmer and nicer weather expected on Friday and Saturday, reaching up to 36 degrees Celsius in Banja Luka.

Flowers and candles removed from the square: This morning in the center of Banja Luka no trace of last night's tribute (PHOTO)

02 Oct 2023  |  Srpskainfo
Despite the gathering being announced by Banja Luka's mayor Draško Stanivuković, all tributes were removed from the square by municipal police and city services just eight hours after the event. The rationale behind organizing the tribute if it was to be removed so quickly remains unclear.

Six new infections in Srpska, no deaths

01 Oct 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
In the last 24 hours, six new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the Republic of Srpska, with no new deaths reported. Testing was conducted at several health institutions, including the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Srpska and various hospitals. The new cases include two men and four women, with varying ages. Four cases are from Banja Luka, and one each from Teslić and Čelinac. The total number of confirmed cases in the Republic of Srpska is 112,286, with 6,376 deaths. Currently, 20 people are hospitalized, with none on respirators.

Zulić ended up in custody: A young man from Bihać threatened to repeat the massacre from Belgrade in his school

01 Oct 2023  |  Srpskainfo
Zulić, a young man from Bihać, was placed in custody after threatening on Instagram to commit a massacre at his school similar to the recent one in Belgrade. The post caused public alarm and led to his arrest. Although he later apologized, claiming he was not serious, his previous social media history includes a disturbing post about sexual assault. The investigation has been taken over by the Federal Police due to his mother's employment in the local police administration.

Man Arrested: Reported He Would Shoot People Like Uroš Blažić

01 Oct 2023  |  Srpskainfo
Belgrade police were searching for a person who reported that he was heading from Boleč near Belgrade to Živka Davidovića Street, where he intended to shoot people in a manner similar to Uroš Blažić from Mladenovac.

Influencer Snajperinjo for 'Nezavisne': I have no connections with guns

01 Oct 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
Influencer Dejan Čugalj, known as 'Snajperinjo', intended to surprise children in Banja Luka with a message and money, but his actions led to a police investigation due to public concern. Despite the misunderstanding, he emphasized his positive intentions and clarified that his nickname, derived from his precision in football, has no connection to firearms. The police handled the situation without major issues, and Snajperinjo expressed his admiration for the people of Banja Luka, announcing plans for significant global projects in the city next summer.

Nine new infections in Srpska, one person died

01 Oct 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
In the last 24 hours, nine new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the Republic of Srpska, with one death reported. The new cases include five men and four women of varying ages, primarily from Banja Luka. The total number of confirmed cases in the region has reached 111,876, with 6,351 deaths. Currently, 27 people are hospitalized, with one person on a ventilator.

Fifth 'Moto-fest' Concludes; Praštalo: Banja Luka is a City of Rock 'n' Roll

01 Oct 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
The fifth 'Moto-fest' in Banja Luka, organized by MK 'Stršljen', concluded with performances from several rock bands, including 'Prljavi Inspektor Blaža i Kljunovi', 'Psihomodo Pop', 'Sunshine', and 'Brkovi'. The event featured a mix of concerts, a charity raffle, and a children's 'Moto-fest'. Despite the rain, the festival saw enthusiastic participation from both local and international attendees, with bikers from 25 countries. Organizers expressed satisfaction with the event and have ambitious plans for future editions, aiming to expand the festival's duration and attract more tourists.

Traffic Accident: Seriously Injured While Driving a Tractor

01 Oct 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
A person identified as Č.P. from Čajniče was seriously injured while driving a tractor around 8 PM near Čajniče. The individual is currently receiving treatment at the University Hospital in Foča. The traffic accident investigation was conducted by Čajniče police officers with the approval of the prosecutor from the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Trebinje, who ordered all necessary measures to document the incident.

Dubioza Kolektiv made a spectacle in front of Banja Luka Market

01 Oct 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
Dubioza Kolektiv, a well-known band from Bosnia and Herzegovina, surprised many residents of Banja Luka with a mini acoustic concert in front of the city's market. The band entertained the crowd with popular hits and introduced their new album, also announcing an upcoming concert on June 17 at the Kastel fortress. Following the performance, the band members continued to engage with fans at Pekam pub, offering conversations, photos, and statements.

Electric Scooters Return to the Streets of Banja Luka

01 Oct 2023  |  Srpskainfo
Electric scooters are set to return to the streets of Banja Luka, with the company BinBin completing most of the registration process. Despite administrative delays, the scooters are expected to be operational within the week. The company is also addressing safety concerns, including helmet use and user education, in collaboration with local authorities. The MUP Republike Srpske emphasizes the legal requirements and penalties for non-compliance. The initiative faces challenges such as public acceptance and logistical issues.

Strong Storm Hits Northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina

01 Oct 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
A strong storm accompanied by wind and hail hit parts of northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Sanski Most, Prijedor, and Oštra Luka. Hail the size of tennis balls was reported, and there were strong lightning strikes in the Prijedor area. The storm subsided quickly, and no damage to agricultural land or buildings has been reported so far.

Motorcyclists Parade Through Banja Luka During the Second Day of 'Moto-fest' in Banja Luka

01 Oct 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
Over 500 motorcycle clubs from around the world paraded through the center of Banja Luka, delighting the citizens who applauded them enthusiastically. The evening concert program was opened by the rock group 'Najda i Smakovanje' performing famous hits. Other performances included 'Orthodox Celts' from Belgrade with their traditional Irish music, 'Atheist Rap' from Novi Sad with their punk-rock hits, and the punk band 'Hladno Pivo' closing the second day of 'Moto-fest'. The final day will feature a 'Children's Moto-fest' in the morning, a Stunt show, and performances by 'Prljavi inspektor Blaža i Kljunovi', 'Psihomodo Pop', 'Sunshine', and 'Brkovi'.

Art as a Promoter and Carrier of Equality

26 Jun 2023  |  www.delo.si
Four curators of the exhibition aim to address the previous imbalance between contemporary male and female artists from China in terms of public presence and treatment. Chinese female artists began emerging from the shadows of their dominant male counterparts in the late 1980s. During a period of rapid economic growth and the decline of rigid socialist realism, these artists demanded equality, questioned traditional societal and familial roles, and challenged taboos. They openly and often boldly addressed social fears, debates, and hopes.

Without Major Settlements, but with the EU's Ecological Capital

31 May 2023  |  www.delo.si
The northern corner of Salzburg, marketed as Salzburger Seenland, is known for its ecological initiatives despite lacking major settlements. Seeham, with around 1950 residents, was named the best organic city in the EU. The region features eco-friendly farms like Joglbauer, owned by the Hofer family, and the BioArt Campus, a center for organic food production. The Trumer Brewery, established in 1601, is notable for its historical significance and innovative products like grain milk. The area also offers unique tourist attractions, including the Seenland ship and a car museum founded by Ferdinand Porsche's grandson.

On Victory Day, May 9: This Year Again a Big Picnic in the New City Park in Banja Luka

07 May 2023  |  Srpskainfo
A community event is scheduled for May 9 in Banja Luka's new city park to celebrate Victory Day. The event will feature music, entertainment, and various activities for all ages, including a creative corner, face painting, and a beer and coffee stand. The City of Banja Luka invites everyone to join the celebration in nature, emphasizing freedom and family-friendly fun.

This is the threatening message for which a man was arrested 'I will take a gun, in 2 days I will kill the whole of Ruma'

07 May 2023  |  Srpskainfo
A man identified as D.J. was arrested after posting a threatening message on his profile, stating his intention to kill all residents of Ruma with a gun in two days. He claimed to have a team of around 9,000 people and expressed a desire for Vojvodina to become a state. The suspect is being held for 48 hours and will be brought before the competent prosecutor's office with a criminal complaint.

Pointed a gun at other students in North Macedonia

07 May 2023  |  Srpskainfo
A student at an elementary school in Čair, Skopje, brought a plastic gun to school and pointed it at classmates before surrendering it. Macedonian police confirmed the incident and conducted an official interview with the student in the presence of parents, teachers, and school officials. Another incident occurred at the Panče Karagojzov Medical High School, where threatening content was posted on social media by four students, leading to police interviews. The Ministry of Education and Science is consulting on measures to prevent school violence, and Minister Jeton Šaćiri met with experts to discuss integrating preventive measures into the education system.

After the arrest, he revealed the reason why he did it: A man from Banovići announced a massacre like in Belgrade

06 May 2023  |  Srpskainfo
A man from Banovići, identified by initials Š.S., in an intoxicated state, reported himself to the police with threats of committing a massacre greater in scale than one in Belgrade, citing his family leaving him as the reason. Police spokesperson Adnana Sprečić confirmed that the police detained him until he sobered up. Š.S. is known for alcohol use and was also investigated for endangering security due to threats made on social media.

Minor from Niš arrested for spreading panic

06 May 2023  |  Srpskainfo
A minor from Niš has been arrested after threatening on Instagram that over 30 people would be killed in Niš. The Niš police reported the incident, and the suspect was brought before the judge of the Higher Court in Niš, who ordered detention.

Stećci on the hill Visočac

05 May 2023  |  Srpskainfo
The mystery of the stećci, medieval tombstones in Bosnia and Herzegovina, remains unsolved among archaeologists, symbologists, linguists, and ethnologists. While commonly interpreted as ordinary tombstones dating from the 12th to 14th centuries, some researchers, like Russian archaeologist Dimitrije Sergejevski, have studied them extensively, categorizing them as standing or lying and suggesting Cyrillic inscriptions indicate a Serbian origin. Others believe they are written in Bosančica, a script used by Bogomil inhabitants. Controversial theories by researchers such as Samir Osmanagić and Dejan Lučić suggest the stećci could be much older, possibly 3,000 years, and linked to knowledge from extraterrestrials. The stećci feature carved motifs and Cyrillic inscriptions, which scribes may have intended as important messages for descendants. Poet Mak Dizdar is noted for his interpretations of their meaning.

Ovo u Srbiji je ništa, biće kasapnica

05 May 2023  |  Srpskainfo
A threatening email was sent to the University of Montenegro, warning of a violent act at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The email references a recent event in Serbia and threatens severe consequences for those who have allegedly mistreated the sender, particularly targeting professors. The Police Administration has been notified and is taking measures to investigate the circumstances.

When Belgrade Suffers, Banja Luka Suffers Too: Candle Lighting at Krajina Square for the Victims in Elementary School

04 May 2023  |  Srpskainfo
Following an unprecedented tragedy at an elementary school in Vračar, where K. K. killed students and a security worker, Banja Luka joins in paying tribute to the victims with a candle lighting ceremony at Krajina Square.

Student injured during break at elementary school in Pale

01 Apr 2023  |  www.nezavisne.com
A student was injured at the 'Srbija' elementary school in Pale at the end of March. The Police Department of Istočno Sarajevo and the District Public Prosecutor's Office have been informed, and measures are being taken to document the criminal offense of 'bodily injury'. The police continue to work on the case.

Who Leads Whom on a Leash

29 Dec 2022  |  www.delo.si
The thematic exhibition 'The Beast in You' with four hundred exhibits highlights the role and significance of animal motifs in art and everyday life.

Dubioza Kolektiv Creates a Spectacle in Banja Luka

18 Jun 2022  |  nezavisne.com
The popular Balkan band Dubioza Kolektiv delivered a spectacular performance at the Kastel Fortress in Banja Luka, playing their greatest hits and presenting their album 'Agrikultura' to a large audience. The local band Sopot warmed up the crowd as the opening act. Dubioza Kolektiv's concert, which lasted nearly two hours, was filled with high energy and a great atmosphere, with the audience actively participating with applause, jumping, and dancing. The event was organized by OK team and Prorent with support from the general sponsor, m:tel.

Shooting in Banja Luka, Dejan Kostić Dela wounded

06 Jun 2022  |  Nezavisne novine
Dejan Kostić Dela was wounded in a shooting that occurred in the Starčevica neighborhood of Banja Luka. He was taken to the emergency center of the UKC of the Republic of Srpska. There is no information about his current health condition. Kostić was previously arrested in 2020 and sentenced to six months in prison and a fine for assault and theft. He is known for a recording showing him beating and slapping a waiter in Banja Luka. No arrests have been made in connection with Kostić's shooting.

Counterfeit government and police documents found with man from Banja Luka in Serbia

03 Jun 2022  |  nezavisne.com
In operation 'Kupa', A.B. from Banja Luka, identified unofficially as Aljoša Borković, is accused of forging official documents of the Government of Republika Srpska and the Police Union and Superintendents of Serbia. Borković, who has a history of arrests for various crimes, allegedly used a fake ID to present himself as a Serbian police officer to employees of the Banja Luka City Administration on January 21, 2021. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska has filed a report with the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Banja Luka and warns citizens about the appearance of fake official IDs resembling those of various government institutions.

Monument to the legendary Mirza Delibašić officially unveiled

01 Jun 2022  |  www.nezavisne.com
A monument in honor of the celebrated basketball player Mirza Delibašić was officially unveiled at the Skenderija plateau in Sarajevo during a ceremony attended by numerous citizens. The statue was created by sculptor Adis Lukač, and Mirza Delibašić's son, the well-known journalist Danko Delibašić, addressed the attendees. Mirza Delibašić was born on May 9, 1954, in Tuzla and passed away on December 8, 2001, in Sarajevo. He began his sports career in 1968, initially in tennis, before switching to basketball at Sloboda Tuzla and later moving to Bosna in 1972, where he played nearly 700 matches and scored approximately 14,000 points.

Two from Srbac Suspected of Poaching

19 May 2022  |  www.nezavisne.com
D.Ć. and S.T. from Srbac were arrested on suspicion of illegal hunting in the area of the city, as announced by the Gradiška Police Administration. Following a report of a found game (doe) in Gornja Lepenica, Srbac municipality, police controlled a 'Fiat Brava' vehicle driven by D.Ć. with passenger S.T., finding hunting weapons and ammunition which will serve as evidence in criminal proceedings. The District Public Prosecutor's Office in Banjaluka has been informed and will receive a report against D.Ć. and S.T. for the criminal offenses committed.

All participants of the Legends phase of Antwerp Major known

13 May 2022  |  nezavisne.com
The first phase of the Antwerp Major has concluded after five days, resulting in eight teams advancing to the second phase and eight teams, including the former champions Astralis, being eliminated in what is considered the tournament's biggest surprise. The teams that have been knocked out are Astralis, ForZe, Eternal Fire, IHC, Renegades, MIBR, Complexity, and 9z. The favorites, such as G2, Vitality, Team Liquid, Ence, Bad New Eagles, Spirit, Outsiders, and Imperial, have secured their spots in the continuation without much trouble. There is a break in the tournament today, with the action resuming tomorrow when the remaining 16 teams will compete for a place in the quarterfinals.

Eintracht defeated West Ham away, Leipzig overcame Rangers

28 Apr 2022  |  www.nezavisne.com
Eintracht Frankfurt defeated West Ham United with a score of 2:1 in an away match, while RB Leipzig won against Rangers FC with a score of 1:0. Ansgar Knauf and Daichi Kamada scored for Eintracht, and Michail Antonio scored for West Ham. The match between Eintracht and West Ham was exciting with many opportunities, and Leipzig dominated throughout their match. The second leg matches will be played next Thursday.

Horrific crime in Sarajevo: Corpse burned to conceal murder

28 Apr 2022  |  nezavisne.com
Sarajevo police have solved the case of a charred body found in Odobašina Street, determining it was a murder. The identity of the victim, whose body was burned to hide and destroy evidence, has been established. Two Sarajevo residents, A. R. and F. B., have been arrested in connection with the crime. They are currently undergoing criminal processing by the Sarajevo Canton police, with more details to be revealed following the investigation.

In two days in Republika Srpska seven infected, one person died

25 Apr 2022  |  www.nezavisne.com
Over the past two days in Republika Srpska, seven new COVID-19 cases were confirmed from 114 laboratory samples tested at various medical institutions. The cases include four men and three women of middle to older age, with three individuals from Banja Luka, three from Laktaši, and one from Prnjavor. One elderly man from Banja Luka has died. To date, Republika Srpska has confirmed 111,978 cases of coronavirus, with a total of 6,357 deaths. A total of 421,781 individuals have been tested, with 51 currently hospitalized, 15 in the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska, and 36 in other hospitals. Five patients are on ventilators.

Eintracht from Frankfurt surprised everyone and eliminated Barcelona from the Europa League

14 Apr 2022  |  www.nezavisne.com
Eintracht Frankfurt surprised everyone by eliminating Barcelona from the Europa League, marking a significant upset in the football world.

BH journalists: Stop targeting female journalists on a personal basis

14 Apr 2022  |  www.nezavisne.com
The BH Journalists' Association and the Journalists' Help Line strongly condemn the verbal attack by Nenad Nešić, president of the Democratic People's Alliance, on N1 TV journalist Snežana Mitrović. Nešić's attack, which included personal remarks about Mitrović's family, is part of a troubling trend of political figures discrediting journalists. The association emphasizes that while politicians have the right not to answer questions, personal attacks are unacceptable and undermine journalistic integrity.

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