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Mina Demian

Stockholm, Sweden
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About Mina
Mina Demian is a reporter, data journalist and fact-checker based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has worked for the South African public broadcaster, while living in Johannesburg and reported on the 2014 general elections.
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Online insert about an outside brodcast engineer at the South African public broadcaster

If Zambia has 60% of the freshwater in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), why does it import fish from China?

26 Jun 2020  |  africacheck.org
The article addresses the claim that Zambia holds 60% of the freshwater in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), despite importing fish from China. Investment consultant Fisho Mwale was reported to have made this claim, which has been circulated since 2012. However, Africa Check's investigation reveals that Zambia actually has about 5% of the SADC's freshwater. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) clarified that their statement referred to watercourses flowing through Zambia, not the country's own water resources. The article explains how freshwater levels are calculated and cites the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) AQUASTAT database, which shows the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the leader in freshwater volume in the SADC, not Zambia.

Have protests in South Africa nearly doubled since 2010?

26 Jun 2020  |  africacheck.org
The article investigates claims that protests in South Africa have nearly doubled since 2010, as reported by The Economist and other local media, citing the Institute for Race Relations (IRR). The IRR based its claim on a 96% increase in 'unrest-related incidents' from the South African Police Service's annual report. However, the article explains that the police categorize incidents as either 'peaceful' or 'unrest-related' based on their intervention, not the nature of the incidents. Researchers from the University of Johannesburg found many incidents were misclassified. The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and other data sources suggest an increase in service-delivery protests, but caution that media reports, which often inform databases, can be biased and incomplete. The article concludes that the claim of a 96% increase in protests cannot be substantiated with the available police data.

National Youth Policy: Crime and health claims fact-checked

16 Jun 2015  |  mg.co.za
South Africa's new National Youth Policy, effective until 2020, addresses issues facing the youth and suggests interventions. Claims about youth victimization and offending, traffic deaths, deaths due to assault and suicide, and teenage pregnancy are fact-checked. The data on youth crime and traffic deaths is found unreliable due to limited national studies and poor categorization of deaths. However, claims about deaths due to assault and suicide, and teenage pregnancy rates are broadly correct according to available data. Experts emphasize the importance of understanding trends over individual statistics.

Understanding the #JeppeProtest and Jeppestown evictions – Digging in South Africa

20 Mar 2015  |  deepinsouthafrica.minademian.com
In Johannesburg, residents of Jeppestown have been protesting against eviction orders following the acquisition of old buildings by property developers without their consultation. The local youth organization Umuzi Photo Club reported the residents' grievances, feeling overlooked by the City of Johannesburg and the ANC ward councillor. Tensions escalated into violence during an unauthorized march. Media reports have not clarified which buildings are affected, but SABC reporter Manqoba Mchunu mentioned EGC Properties as a developer involved. The City of Johannesburg acknowledged that three buildings are affected by evictions. Propertuity, another developer, has been defensive and refused to comment on the situation. It has been confirmed that EGC Properties is a subsidiary of Dryden Projects Construction, which is also linked to the evictions. A map detailing developments by Propertuity and Dryden was included in the article.

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