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Mireia Oliva

Mireia Oliva is a journalist based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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The aim of this video is to create awareness about how the world keeps being destroyed by giving more importance to materialistic benefits, in many cases represented by money, than moral values like respect, humility, gratitude, sensibility, and above all, love towards our planet and how the lack of these keeps perpetuating the problem. People keep elaborating excessive plastic materials, cutting down forests, maintaining air pollutants, but if this people that carry out these actions that are negatively impacting the world cared more about our planet than their personal benefits, I believe all would be different. Is destroying our planet in order to fulfill materialistic objectives really worth it? Are we really going to let money win the war to our morals? And so you, because every person in the world counts and everyone can make a change, which one is the one you choose?

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