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Modeste NKURIKIYIMANA is an 8 years journalist based in Kigali, Rwanda. Excellent at speaking and writing Kinyarwanda & Kiswahili and fluent with French and English. 


1.	July-2016- Dec,2017: Senior journalist and host, News anchor & Reporter at radio&TV10.

2.	July2014-July,2016: News anchor, Producer and Editor in Chief at Goodrich TV 

3.	July2014-June2015: News anchor and host.(ONE on ONE programme) at Contact FM.
4.	January,2012-February-July2014: RTV and Radio Rwanda French reporter (volunteer) also Attached in Kigali as the Correspondent of RPA (Radio Populaire Africaine -BURUNDI) , Radio MAENDELEO-DRC, Radio IZUBA-Eastern Rwanda  under the EIRENE project.

5.	From May,2010- September 27, 2014: I was the Amazing Grace Radio news anchor, the Editor in chief and the programs manager at the same time the BBC Freelancer, ( 2012-2014) 

I am able to perform live stand-up, live phoner for radio and TV, live on camera online, good at news gathering and pitching for investigation and feature stories...because of the acquired experience and trainings.



Hi ni story kuhusu mugawanyiko baadhi ya waliokuwa waasi piganaji wa chama M23 ktk jamuhuri ya kidemokrasiya ya Kongo. Mbele kitambo wakimbizwe kwenye ng'ome zao ktk mashariki, waligawanyika na kupigana wenyewe kwa wenyewe, na baadhi yao wakahifadhiwa nchini Rwanda, waliobaki huko ndio walishambuliwa na kukimbilia nchini uganda.


In Rwanda, by the time i reported the story(2012), the research was showing that more than 51% of sex workers were HIV+ and that 66% of married men &11% of university's or college' student were their clients. The ministry of healthy of Rwanda, was pledging before the parliament to cease the new HIV infection among Rwandans by campaigning through youth to fully use condoms to have RWANDA free of new HIV infection by 2015 then. Condoms were to be given for free and dispatched in different public sites but some of even educated people,told the BBC(through me) that they prefer performing sexual actions in a BODY TO BODY CONTACT style, because they get shame to buy condoms or pick some in public areas. It was a funny sensitive story but also funny, listening to girls proud of testifying that they don't like condoms for it doesn't help them ecstatic in the action like when they go free and crazy without condom.



le rénouement des rélation entre ces deux pays voisins et la recherche des solutions sur les atrocités politiques qui agacent les habitants de ces pays,tel était le sujet de dicussion entre KENGO WA DONDO et son homologue Jean Damascène NTAUKURIRYAYO. C'est un enrobé sur le visite d'une délégation de sénateurs congolais dirigé par le président du sénat KENGO WA DONDO au Rwanda,pendant la periode des grandes guerres à l'est de la RDC; des guerres,derière lesquelles le Rwanda était ténu du sponsor. Ilso ont aussi, de manière suplémentaire sondé l'affaire des ancients combattants du M23, qui rétentissaient près de la ville de Goma, la ville capitale de l'est de la RDC.


Bee’s death effect on global life. By Modeste NKURIKIYIMANA According to the department of the United States in charge of Agriculture, (USDA) Honey bees are crucial in the pollination of many crops, but are still dying off at a worrisome rate, because of pesticides used in multiple farming worlds. More than 80% Rwandans are farmers, and the only news they have about bees, is the natural healing power in the honey. Scientists and Rwandan bee keepers say the devastating rate of bee deaths is the causative fact of natural honey due to the growing use of pesticides sold by agrichemical companies to boost the agricultural production. The death of bees doesn’t only affect bees but also contributes to the shortages of honey and its natural health too. Due to its shortage, honey vendors try to pirate it by adding refined sugar, which damage human life and next to many diseases. Said BARAHIRA JEAN DE DIEU, one of rwandans beekeepers and expert.

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