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Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Mohammad Ahmad Abdulmuttaleb AboAhmad

Mohammad (Nickname: MoeTaleb) is a senior bilingual writer with extensive PR experience working for United Nations and with celebrities like Maher Zain, Hamza Namira, Humood AlKhudhur, Raef, and Harris J.

Shorouk daily newspaper published an Arabic article for him (On 6th of February 2010 page 9) about youth employment:

Mohammad is a blogger and social media activist as he uses internet since 1999. He works as a social media manager with experience in new media as he managed YouTube channels with millions of subscribers, and posted content to accounts with tens of millions of fans and followers.

Mohammad is a certified YouTube guy (Audience Growth track) and got certified in both email marketing and social media marketing back in 2010. His blogs are:


Arabic English

Viral and trending story on Tamer Hosny's fake Twitter followers.


EXCLUSIVE blog post: Facebook Prepares for Publishing a Newspaper!

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