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Mohamed Mahmud

Mogadishu, Somalia
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About Mohamed
I am a Freelance Multimedia Broadcast Journalist based in Mogadishu Somalia, a Multi-lingual Broadcaster in English and Swahili languages. I currently file for BBC English and Kiswahili Services, VOA English and Kiswahili Services, TRT World and Ruptly. I have worked with different local and international Media Outlets in in different parts of the African Continent.
As part of my journalistic experience, I worked as the Eastern African News Correspondent for TVC News, a 24 hour News Channel based in Lagos, Nigeria. Before that, I worked as a crime and investigative reporter at Kenya Television Network in Nairobi Kenya and Citizen Television.
I am deeply ingrained in covering news on conflict, war, crime, current affairs and news features that are compelling to my target audience in the horn of Africa. 

I have produced, contributed and assisted in the production of news items with giant media houses including BBC, TRT World, Press TV, Voice of America and TVC News Nigeria.
English Oromo Somali
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
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Dual Role of Vitamin C-Encapsulated Liposomal Berberine in Effective Colon Anticancer Immunotherapy

20 Dec 2024  |  MDPI
The study explores the efficacy of Vitamin C-encapsulated liposomal berberine in colon anticancer immunotherapy. The formulation aims to achieve efficient drug encapsulation, high stability, and specific cytotoxicity towards colon cancer cells. The treatment induces oxidative stress, ATP depletion, and immunogenic cell death, enhancing the phagocytosis of cancer cells by macrophages. The research highlights the dual role of berberine in both direct anticancer activity and immune system activation, providing new insights into colorectal cancer treatment.

Muslims around the world are marking the holy month of Ramadan and fasting from dawn to dusk. In Somalia, as is the case everywhere, the month-long observance is also a time for charitable giving and spiritual reflection. For VOA, Mohamed Mahmud has this

Bilan Media, a Somali all-female media outlet, in April commemorated their anniversary of operations that are focused on re-shaping society’s expectations on how women contribute towards the growth of the Horn of Africa nation. Reporter Mohamed Mahmud

The World Cancer Survivors day. In Kenya, 34 out of every 100,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. For many women the removal of a breast is more than a physical loss - in some communities there's a stigma attached. Now, one women's group in

"It was faster to cook using charcoal... you can't cook some foods like beans with a kerosene stove," says Jalmonique Ogalo, a Nairobi resident, who now uses kerosene to cook. Mohamed Mahmud reports.

Another body has been found in the ongoing recovery operations after Kenya's Patel dam burst on Wednesday. That brings the death toll to 45. Dozens more are still missing, and the government has started to release water from other dams in the Rift Valley to avoid further danger. Mohamed Mahmud reports.

Sunday is World Cancer Survivors Day. In Kenya, 34 out of every 100,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. For many women the removal of a breast is more than a physical loss - in some communities, there's a stigma attached. Now, one women's group in Nairobi is dedicated to helping breast cancer survivors fight stigma. Mohamed Mahmud reports.

© Medical Aid Films : Filamu ya Mafunzo kwa Waiguzi wa Fistula

Medical Aid Films Kiswahili Voice Over

Maisha Ya Wamaasai, Maisha yanavyobadilika. ©Department Of Film Services - Ministry of Information, Kenya

Cricket Farming in Kenya

Nigeria's President Muhamadou Buhari visits Kenya

Kenya Opposition Leaders demonstrate against Electoral body

A Litre Of Light: Using water bottles to light houses in Slums in Kenya

Ethiopia Gambella Attacks Phone Link

17 dead in al Shabaab attack on Mogadishu hotel.

Zimwi La Urithi: Je wafahamu kwamba kenya imechukua nambari ya tatu ulimwenguni kwa visa vya watu kuchukua hatua mikononi mwao na kusababisha kifo? Visa vya wananchi kusababisha vifo dhidi ya washukiwa wa uhalifu si geni nchini.

Jangwa La Mauti Part 2

Jangwa La Mauti Part 1

Sheria za Mbwa Kubweka Nairobi zaathiri wafugaji.

Mwamoyo Promo - Wakenya wajitayarisha kumkaribisha nchini Rais wa Marekani Barrack Obama

World Dissability Day 2015: Martin Ngugi

Pope's Visit to Kenya

Life After the Alshabaab, Barawe, Somalia

The Fear of Number 13: Triskaedekaphobia

African Pride: Designer of African Union Emblem and Flag

Swimming with the Sharks

A second chance for baby Elephants


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