Mohammad Arju

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Chittagong Division, Bangladesh

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English to Africa Service, Voice of America

Mohammad Arju

Mohammad Arju is a journalist intermittently based in Dhaka and Chittagong city and traveling across the coastal regions of Bangladesh. Currently works for Daily Sun as a Senior Sub-Editor. Diver and Underwater Photographer.


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The years of consecutive ban season is bearing result now, the king Hilsa is returning to the rivers, but how’s life for the fisher folks? Mohammad Arju traveled to the coastal districts during the ban to meet the fishers- who contributed to this conservation success despite being ultra poor.


Will Bangladesh and India turn the Sundarbans into a Busy Shipping Lane? The continuous, manifold increase in international, regional and inland shipping, through threatened wildlife sanctuaries and reserves poses a threat to the world's richest mangrove forest- the Sundarban.


Fishing Future: How to stop bulldozing the Bay of Bengal? Bangladesh's ban on vessels which are purpose-built for bottom trawling is a step in right direction for sustainable marine fisheries. But bottom trawling prevails. So, what is actually happening?

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