Mohammad Ben Hussein

Mohammad Ben Hussein

Amman, Jordan

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Mohammad Ben Hussein

Award winning journalist based in Jordan covering Syria, Iraq and other regional issues.  Worked with Thomson Reuters, CNN. Currently works as correspondent for the Italian News Agency (ANSA), Asharq al Awsat and writes for the EU Information programme as country correspondent among other publications. Contributed to the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, IRIN, The Jordan Times, Emirates Today, Global Integrity, Experienced in print media, online, TV production, Investigative reporting, Editing and Research.


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  • Jordan deports scores of Syrian families back to their country

    Amman, Jordan Politics August 23 @ 12:00am

    In gross violation to human rights, Jordan continues to deport scores of Syrian families back to the war torn country for what is described as minor offences, risking lives of the asylum seekers and possible enlistment of children in radical groups, while UNHCR and other NGOs stand either contribute... Read more

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