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Mohammed Al-Asaadi

Sana'a, Yemen
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About Mohammed
Yemeni journalist and former editor of Yemen Observer newspaper and Yemen Today magazine. Commentator and reporter for leading media that includes Aljazeera Arabic, Aljazeera English, MBC, CNBC, New York Times, Newsweek..etc. 
Key focus is political security and humanitarian issues.
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‘We Sleep Afraid, We Wake Up Afraid’: A Child’s Life in Yemen

12 Oct 2016  |  nytimes.com
Mohammed al-Asaadi, a father of four and former journalist in Sana, Yemen, describes the constant fear that his children live with due to the ongoing war between Iranian-backed rebels and Saudi Arabia. His son Yousef equates bombings to fireworks and seeks comfort when startled by explosions. Al-Asaadi's daughters express their desire for a normal life free from fear. The family experiences the physical and emotional impact of the war, with shock waves from nearby bombings shaking their home and causing distress.

‘We Sleep Afraid, We Wake Up Afraid’: A Child’s Life in Yemen

12 Oct 2016  |  www.nytimes.com
The article provides a harrowing account of life in Yemen through the eyes of Mohammed al-Asaadi, a father of four and a Unicef communications worker. It highlights the daily fears and struggles faced by his children due to the ongoing conflict between Iranian-backed rebels and Saudi Arabia. The narrative underscores the psychological and physical toll of the war on Yemeni children, who live in constant fear of bombings and have their education and daily lives disrupted. The piece also touches on the broader humanitarian crisis, including a cholera outbreak, exacerbated by the conflict.

Suicide Car Bomb Strikes Shiites in Yemen

25 Nov 2010  |  www.nytimes.com
A suicide car bomb targeted a convoy of civilians in northwestern Yemen, killing 17 members of the Houthi clan and wounding 5. The attack occurred as they traveled to a Shiite ceremony in Al Jawf Province. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is suspected, marking a potential new conflict between the group and the Houthis, both traditional opponents of the Yemeni government. The government condemned the attack, and the incident adds to the challenges faced by Yemen, including a secessionist movement in the south and pressure from the US and Europe to address the local Qaeda group's activities.

2 Kidnapped U.S. Tourists Released in Yemen

26 May 2010  |  www.nytimes.com
Two American tourists kidnapped in Yemen were released after President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to free a prisoner, amidst a backdrop of a botched airstrike by the government that killed a local official and incited further violence. The airstrike, which failed to harm its intended target, Al Qaeda leader Mohammed Saeed Jardan, led to armed tribesmen attacking government offices and an oil pipeline, resulting in several deaths and a blackout in parts of the country. Tribal leaders offered a truce and demanded an investigation, threatening talks with security officials or action against the government if the U.S. was found to be involved.

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