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Mohammed Al-Rumim

Taizz, Yemen
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About Mohammed
Mohammed Al-Rumim is an independent journalist, reports to International English Media. Recently a correspondent for IHA international agency and write in AlJazeera English @AJEnglish 
Taiz - Yemen
Email: ****** at ******. com
Interview (Video / Broadcast) News Gathering Feature Stories
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Ostracised by their communities, leprosy sufferers are the ‘silent victims’ of the Saudi-led war on Yemen, medics say.

05 Apr 2023  |  Al Jazeera
The article discusses the plight of leprosy sufferers in Yemen, who have become marginalized and ostracized due to the stigma associated with the disease and the ongoing civil war. Qasim al-Salahi, a leprosy patient, shares his harrowing experience of being abandoned by his community and losing everything to the conflict. The war has exacerbated the situation for leprosy patients, with healthcare facilities destroyed and humanitarian aid obstructed. The number of leprosy cases in Yemen is rising, and the healthcare system is failing to provide adequate care due to lack of funding and the collapse of public health services. The article also touches on the broader humanitarian crisis in Yemen, including a cholera epidemic and outbreaks of diphtheria, and the difficulties faced by aid organizations in delivering assistance.

Press conference in ‪Taiz ‪Yemen Yemen Lawyers Syndicate in coordination with NGOs in Taiz under the title " Taiz suffers from Blockade, Genocide and International community silence "

Birthdays under siege in Yemen: No candles, no presents

24 Oct 2017  |  Al Jazeera
The article focuses on the plight of Mona al-Zoraigi, a widowed mother in Taiz, Yemen, struggling to provide for her family amid a siege by Houthi rebels. Since the death of her husband due to inadequate medical care, she has been the sole provider for her five children. The local community has offered some support, but resources are scarce due to the ongoing conflict and blockade. The siege has led to soaring food prices and widespread famine, with children and the elderly suffering the most. The United Nations has reported that a vast majority of Yemeni children need aid, and many are malnourished and out of school. The article highlights the severe impact of the war on civilians and the difficult choices parents must make between medical care for one child and food for another.

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