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Moritz Gross

Vienna, Austria
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About Moritz
Moritz Gross is a journalist based in Vienna, Austria.
He writes for "Wiener Zeitung", "Kleine Zeitung" and "Erlebnis Fussball".
Full portfolio here: https://www.torial.com/moritz.gross/

Born and raised in southern Germany, grown up in Berlin, studied political sciences in Barcelona.
During his ten years in the Catalan capital, Moritz has acquired a broad expertise on Spanish politics, but also the necessary language skills. Further, he also speaks English, Italian and some French. He once also learned how to drive a forklift.

Topics of interest and knowledge: politics, society, travel
Regions: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain / Catalonia, Balkans, Ukraine

Hit me up for reporting, research, articles, press conferences, fixing and arrangements.
Catalan German English
Feature Stories Content Writing Research
Politics Natural Disasters Food & Drink

Taiwan Prepares for War

29 Mar 2024  |  www.wienerzeitung.at
In Taipei, Taiwan, civilians are actively preparing for potential conflict with the People's Republic of China through the Kuma Academy, a civil society initiative that trains citizens in information warfare, psychological warfare, first aid, and evacuation of the wounded. The academy aims to prepare three million Taiwanese for the eventuality of an attack. The urgency of these preparations has been heightened by the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has served as a wake-up call. The Taiwanese military is also adapting its strategy towards asymmetric warfare and self-reliance in arms production. The article highlights the determination of the Taiwanese people to defend their freedom and sovereignty, drawing parallels with the resilience of Ukraine.

On the Road with Crime Scene Cleaners: 'Death is Always With Us'

20 Mar 2024  |  www.profil.at
Andreas Karwas and his daughter Kamila Horvath-Karwas specialize in cleaning up human remains and other remnants at scenes of death, including suicides, crimes, and natural causes. In Austria, the rise in single-person households and an aging population often means deaths go unnoticed until the smell alerts others. The Karwas family business faces challenges such as finding staff willing to do the difficult work, despite offering above-average pay. The article also touches on the psychological aspects of hoarding, as seen in the homes they clean.

Visiting the Disinformation Seminar at the FPÖ Education Institute

26 Jan 2024  |  www.profil.at
Johannes Hübner, a former FPÖ National Council member, conducted a seminar at the FPÖ Education Institute in Vienna, discussing what he considers 'established knowledge,' 'types of disinformation,' and 'conspiracy theories.' The seminar included controversial topics such as the portrayal of COVID-19 deaths in Bergamo, the influence of Freemasonry, and antisemitic conspiracy narratives. Hübner's statements were analyzed by Antisemitism researcher Armin Lange, who found them problematic and potentially antisemitic. The FPÖ plans to repeat the seminar due to its success.

Russian Espionage in Austria: Normal Shift Operation

23 Aug 2023  |  www.kleinezeitung.at
In 2022, a record number of Russian diplomats were expelled worldwide, with a significant portion in Europe. In Vienna's Donaustadt, Russia conducts extensive satellite espionage, with increased activity since 2018. The Austrian Center for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies (ACIPSS) notes that despite expulsions, Russia maintains a network of surveillance stations across European cities. Austria's diplomatic response has been cautious, with few Russian diplomats expelled. Neos calls for limiting Russian diplomats in Austria, while others emphasize the need for dialogue even during conflict. Current legislation is deemed insufficient for effective espionage prevention, and there is reluctance to pursue a legal framework that could have broader implications for Austrian diplomacy.

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