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Morten Soendergaard Larsen

Seoul, South Korea
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About Morten
I'm a journalist focusing on larger structural stories and the humans caught in it. I write and do radio packages as well as lives for both radio and tv. I mainly produce Danish content but I'm fluent in English and have produced for international news before.
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Seoul bids for Hong Kong’s crown as Asia’s financial hub

26 Nov 2021  |  www.aljazeera.com
Seoul is making a strategic push to become Asia's premier financial hub, aiming to rival Hong Kong and Singapore. The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to invest $204.4 million over five years to attract foreign firms with incentives like employment subsidies and rental support. Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon has set ambitious goals to increase foreign direct investment and attract foreign financial institutions. Despite challenges such as rigid labor markets and high taxes, Seoul's strengths in innovation and fintech are seen as key advantages. However, some experts remain skeptical of Seoul's ability to compete with established financial centers like Hong Kong.

Talk of a Nuclear Deterrent in South Korea

09 Sep 2021  |  Foreign Policy
The resumption of activity at North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear complex has intensified discussions among South Korean politicians about developing a nuclear deterrent. Conservative candidates in the upcoming presidential election are advocating for a nuclear-sharing agreement with the U.S. or developing South Korea's own nuclear weapons. Public opinion is divided, with nearly half of South Koreans supporting nuclear development. Experts argue that nuclear weapons may not enhance South Korea's security and could harm its trade-dependent economy. The debate reflects broader concerns about regional security and the implications of nuclear proliferation.

For South Korea’s President, Biden’s Win Is Both Good News and Bad News

09 Nov 2020  |  Foreign Policy
South Korean President Moon Jae-in congratulated Joe Biden on his presidential win, expressing optimism about strengthening US-South Korea relations. Biden's popularity in South Korea and potential resolution of the US troop cost-sharing dispute are seen as positives. However, concerns arise over Biden's stance on North Korea, with fears of a return to 'strategic patience' and the impact on Moon's North-South engagement policy. Expert Jenny Town highlights the need for clear communication to avoid North Korean provocations. Moon's political legacy is closely tied to inter-Korean relations, making continued progress crucial.

North Korea’s Huge New Missile Sends a Message to Washington

10 Oct 2020  |  Foreign Policy
North Korea unveiled a massive new intercontinental ballistic missile at a parade marking the 75th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, signaling its commitment to advancing long-range strike capabilities. The missile, potentially capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads, serves as a warning to both U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The parade, held under the cover of darkness, also showcased advances in conventional military capabilities. The U.S. response was muted, with officials expressing disappointment but leaving the door open for future negotiations. The display aimed to bolster domestic pride and nationalism amid a challenging year for North Korea.

North Korea Kills, Torches South Korean Civilian in Bizarre Maritime Incident

24 Sep 2020  |  Foreign Policy
North Korea executed and incinerated a South Korean official who crossed the maritime demarcation line, potentially undermining South Korean President Moon Jae-in's efforts for peace and rapprochement. The incident has sparked outrage in South Korea, with officials condemning the brutality and demanding accountability. The killing follows the demolition of a liaison office by North Korea in June, further straining inter-Korean relations. The South Korean government is seeking an apology from the North to continue engagement efforts.

He Sends Up Balloons, and North Korea Wants Him Dead

29 Jun 2020  |  Foreign Policy
Park Sang-hak, a North Korean defector living in South Korea, is targeted by the North Korean regime for his activism, which includes sending leaflets critical of Kim Jong Un across the border via balloons. His organization, Fighters for a Free North Korea, has been a significant irritant to Pyongyang, leading to heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Experts suggest that North Korea's recent aggressive actions may be a strategic move to escalate and then de-escalate tensions to gain economic concessions. The article also touches on the broader geopolitical implications involving the United States and the potential impact on upcoming U.S. elections.

South Korea Tries a Tentative Reopening—and Pays for It

11 May 2020  |  Foreign Policy
South Korea, known for its proactive approach to containing COVID-19, began easing social distancing measures on May 6. However, a new outbreak linked to a 29-year-old man in Itaewon led to a spike in cases, prompting the government to suspend operations of clubs and bars and delay school reopenings. Officials emphasize the need for caution and preparedness for a potential second wave, with measures to contain the virus while maintaining daily life. Experts highlight the importance of a step-by-step approach and the inevitability of a second wave without a vaccine or herd immunity.

ENGLISH: Lebanon has tried improving the conditions for its burgeoning tech scene - and it works according to incubators and the startups who've gone through the government backed fund

DANISH RADIO: The underground railroad for North Korean refugees in China is increasingly being pressured by the surveillance state's modern technology. Which is resulting in fewer North Koreans getting to a safer place such as South Korea.

A short video teasing the print story on plastic waste in Malaysia and the issues following it. The video was produced in cooperation with a local Malaysian photographer for the Danish outlet Magasinet 360°.

Southeast Asia says stop: We will not be the world's dumping ground

30 Sep 2019  |  Magasinet 360°
Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, are pushing back against becoming dumping grounds for international waste, particularly plastic. The influx of waste increased after China banned the import of recyclable plastics. Illegal recycling factories in Malaysia, which often lack proper certifications, are causing environmental and health issues, such as air pollution leading to asthma and bronchitis. Local activists and residents are concerned about the health impacts and the presence of gangsters running these illegal operations. Efforts to combat the issue include returning waste to the countries of origin and promoting circular economy practices. Vincent Uh, a factory manager in Malaysia, has become a whistleblower, despite facing threats and violence. The article highlights the need for countries to manage their own waste and stop exporting it to Southeast Asia.

Sydkorea går efter at blive den næste store våbennation

30 Sep 2019  |  Jyllands-Posten
The article discusses South Korea's shift in military strategy, focusing on the development of its own weapons to reduce reliance on American military equipment. South Korea is increasing its military budget to support this new direction, which is causing concern in North Korea. The move represents a significant change in the region's military dynamics and reflects South Korea's efforts to become a major player in the global arms industry.

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