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Mostafa Darwish

Limerick, Ireland
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About Mostafa
Mostafa Darwish is an  award winning Egyptian visual journalist currently based in Ireland. 
In 2019, Darwish won the Thomson Foundation’s mobile journalism (‘mojo’) competition, for his report on Egypt’s sharp fare increases to an already inadequate train system. 
Since beginning his career at the start of the Egyptian revolution in 2011, he has covered major news events in Egypt for both local newspapers as well as international news agencies including EPA , the Associated Press and AFP.
As a freelance multimedia journalist, Darwish has worked for APTV on more than 160 stories since 2015 alongside working for Mada Masr, BBC, al-Jazeera, aj+, Great Big Story, al-Monitor, ZoominTV. 
In addition, he has led journalism workshops in Lebanon and Egypt. 
Darwish has travelled across the Middle East and Europe, covering news and documenting life in Sudan, Turkey, Malaysia, Sweden, Georgia, Latvia, Ireland and United Arab Emirates.
Last year, Darwish was awarded the 2019 Zenith magazine grant, and he filmed a documentary about Egyptian exiles Georgia under the Open Media Hub grant.
In February 2019 Darwish was featured as the journalist of the month by International Journalists’ Network (IJNET)
Most recently, he is covering the migrants issues in Ireland publishing for Euro News , Middle East Eye  and The Associated Press alongside his master studies in journalism at the University of Limerick and working on some guest lecturing for Irish local university Griffith College Dublin.
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Russia-Ukraine war: Egyptian-Polish interpreter helps Arabs fleeing from Ukraine

04 Apr 2024  |  middleeasteye.net
Fouad Ajlan, an Egyptian migrant living in Poland for 13 years, is assisting Arab students escaping the violence in Ukraine at the Poland-Ukraine border.

Housing Crisis: Ghost estate in Carlow has 63 finished homes lying empty

09 Mar 2023  |  buzz.ie
The Glendale Estate in Tullow, Carlow, one of Ireland's 75 ghost estates, remains empty despite having 63 completed houses. Originally sold in 2012, the houses were unfinished but are now complete. Locals express frustration over the waste during a housing crisis, with the latest figures showing 11,754 people in emergency accommodation. The number of ghost estates has significantly decreased since 2010, but over 500 people still live in partially-completed estates.

Russia-Ukraine war: Egyptian citizens at borders 'beaten' and abandoned

01 Mar 2022  |  middleeasteye.net
Egyptian citizens fleeing Ukraine have faced racism, neglect, and violence at the borders with Poland and Romania. Students like Adham Alaaeddin and Mahmoud Abu al-Soud recounted harrowing experiences of being ignored by food sellers, mistreated by Ukrainian police, and receiving no assistance from the Egyptian embassies. Umm Khaled, a mother of a stranded student, expressed her frustration with the lack of support from Egyptian authorities. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, acknowledged the racism faced by non-European refugees at the borders.

Youth lead climate action for Climate Tracker - Latvia

Egyptians in exile due to political work for the Associated Press- Turkey

Centre trains blind to overcome their disability for the Associated Press - Sudan

Exiles scared to return to Egypt for The Associated Press- Malaysia

Diplomatic rift threatens Syrian residencies for the Associated Press - Georgia

​Group founded by Khashoggi protests in Dublin for the Associated Press - Ireland

Uncertainty and despair: The struggles of asylum seekers for Middle East Eye - Ireland

15 Mar 2023  |  Middle East Eye
The article discusses the plight of asylum seekers in Ireland, focusing on individuals like Eyhab Najaar Kalani from Syria, Faycal Chabani from Algeria, and Alaa Bahlouan from Egypt. It highlights the challenges they face within the Irish direct provision system, including long waits for decisions on their refugee status, restrictions on work and study, and the impact on their mental health. The article also touches on the European Union's Dublin III provision, the risk of torture for those sent back to countries like Egypt, and the lack of transparency and training among staff dealing with asylum seekers. The Department of Justice's response to these issues and the prioritization of certain cases are also mentioned. The article sheds light on the systemic issues within Ireland's asylum process and the personal stories of those affected by it.

Irish Election 2020 - The view from asylum seekers for Euro News- Ireland

08 Feb 2023  |  euronews
The article by Mostafa Darwish discusses the lack of attention given to 'direct provision' in the campaign discussions of Ireland's general election. Direct provision is the administration system for asylum seekers in Ireland, which has been in place since 1999 and currently houses 6,350 individuals in 39 privately-operated government centres. The article highlights the challenges faced by asylum seekers like Bulelani Mfaco from South Africa and Ashraful Islam from Bangladesh, who have been living in direct provision for years and are awaiting decisions on their status. The cost of maintaining these centres and the quality of life for the residents are also discussed, with a focus on the need for candidates who will address the system and improve the living conditions for asylum seekers.

On the arrest campaign targeting members of Egypt’s Uyghur community for Mada Masr- Egypt

30 Jul 2017  |  مدى مصر
Egyptian authorities have detained numerous Uyghur individuals, predominantly students from Al-Azhar University, with the intention of extraditing them to China. The Uyghurs, an ethnic minority from the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in China, fear that upon their return, they will face arrest by Chinese officials for alleged terrorism links. While some have successfully fled to Istanbul, others are stranded in Cairo under precarious conditions. The situation highlights the broader international issue of Uyghur treatment by Chinese authorities, which is a point of contention and concern for human rights advocates.

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