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Mostafa Darwish

Mostafa Darwish is an  award winning Egyptian visual journalist currently based in Ireland. 
In 2019, Darwish won the Thomson Foundation’s mobile journalism (‘mojo’) competition, for his report on Egypt’s sharp fare increases to an already inadequate train system. 
Since beginning his career at the start of the Egyptian revolution in 2011, he has covered major news events in Egypt for both local newspapers as well as international news agencies including EPA , the Associated Press and AFP.
As a freelance multimedia journalist, Darwish has worked for APTV on more than 160 stories since 2015 alongside working for Mada Masr, BBC, al-Jazeera, aj+, Great Big Story, al-Monitor, ZoominTV. 
In addition, he has led journalism workshops in Lebanon and Egypt. 
Darwish has travelled across the Middle East and Europe, covering news and documenting life in Sudan, Turkey, Malaysia, Sweden, Georgia, Latvia, Ireland and United Arab Emirates.
Last year, Darwish was awarded the 2019 Zenith magazine grant, and he filmed a documentary about Egyptian exiles Georgia under the Open Media Hub grant.
In February 2019 Darwish was featured as the journalist of the month by International Journalists’ Network (IJNET)
Most recently, he is covering the migrants issues in Ireland publishing for Euro News , Middle East Eye  and The Associated Press alongside his master studies in journalism at the University of Limerick and working on some guest lecturing for Irish local university Griffith College Dublin.

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