Tunis, Tunisia

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MOURAD SELLAMI is a journalist based in Tunis, Tunisia.
Journalist specialist of the Libyan issue and traveling regularly in Libya;
I write currently in French and Arabic. I understand English.
I can also make videos.
Since I’m the regional coordinator of, I have a strong network of journalists in North Africa: 
Libya : Toubrouk, Derna, Benghazi, Al Baydha, Al kofra, Sirte, Misrata, Zouara, Sabratha, Ezzaouia, Zentane and Tripoli
Mali : Bamako, Mopti, Gao, Tomboctou, kidal 
Mauritania : Nouakchott, Nouadhibou, Tagant, Brakna, Rousso 
Morocco : Casa, Rabat, Akadir, Tanger, Marrakech, Sidi Yifni.
Algeria : Tamanrast, Illizi, Oued Righ, Oued Souf, Adrar, In Salah, Biskra, Ouargla, Ghardaya, Meghnia, Tlemçane, Alger 
Tunisia : Ben Guerdane, Dhehiba, Tozeur, Gafsa, Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid, Sousse and Tunis


Arabic English French



  • ISIS expansion in Mauritania

    Mauritania Politics June 30 @ 12:00am

    Mauritanian blogger Mohamed Sheikh Ould Mkheitir was sentenced to death for apostasy in December 2014 by the Tribunal de Nouadhibou in northern Mauritania. The Nouadhibou Court of Appeal confirmed this decision in April 2016. But the Mauritanian Supreme Court referred the case to the Court of... Read more

  • The challenges facing the Libyan oil crescent

    Ajdabiya, Libya Politics, War Reporter March 31 @ 12:00am

    I'd like to report on the situation in the Gulf of Sirte, Libya, where battles are continuing to control the ports of Sidra and Ras Lanouf. These are the two largest oil ports, with 50% of the export power of Libyan oil. This battle will decide the continuation of the war in Libya. The region... Read more

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