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Muhammad Rizqi Nurmizan

Muhammad Rizqi Nurmizan is an Indonesian video journalist based in Palembang, South Sumatra. He works for Kompas TV, an Indonesian national news channel. Before joining Kompas TV in late 2015, he was a freelance journalist and content writer at Sumatera Ekspres, a local newspaper based in Palembang city, South Sumatra province. During at Sumatera Ekspres, where he gained skill in photography and editing, he was responsible for education and teenager section. In three years of working for Kompas TV, he has covered numerous issues on politic, governance, education, and environment, as well as major events such as wildfire on peatland areas in South Sumatra, and the 2018 Simultaneous Regional Election that just ended. He has skills in photo and video editing using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and AVS Video Editor.

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The heap of garbage lied along the bank of Musi river, not far away from Ampera Bridge, the icon of Palembang city. The garbage heaped 500 metres long, came from the household waste and traditional market in the watercourse and carried away by the currents to its outfall. The garbage that generally made of plastic was hard to decompose. It threatened the ecosystem of Musi River and the lives inside it.


In the Internet Age, mobile phones or gadgets are not just as a communication tools. The gadget has been an identity of its user. So no wonder if everyone wants the look of his phone being different from the others. This brings an idea to Imam Arif Winarta, a young entrepreneur in Palembang city, to create innovation in mobile phone case made from paper. He named his product “Papcase”.


In Palembang city, there are many old mosques that still stand. One of them is the Al-Mahmudiyah Mosque. Behind its beauty shape, the mosque - which also called the Suro Mosque - has great stories to known.


The Province of South Sumatra has long experiences of suffering from wildfires on forests and peatlands. The efforts has been attempted to repair the burned peatlands, one of those through the creating of demonstration plot in Sepucuk Village, Regency of Ogan Komering Ilir. The peatlands of 20 hectares was restored by planting trees since 2010.

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