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Musab Darwish

Musab Darwish is a journalist based in Seoul, South Korea.
Photo/journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, photographer and Human Rights Activist, is interested in documenting people’s life from a social/economic perspective.

Since the year 2010, I started my career as a photojournalist covering political events, the democratic movement in Egypt, the Egyptian revolution, and the conflicts that followed it from 2011 to 2014.

In 2012, I started to focus more on economic and social rights issues, and I started to work on documentary photography projects at [ECESR] Egyptian center for economic and social rights, those projects covered social justice, housing, and environmental rights those projects were published in ECESR research publications.

People are natural storytellers, the more I listen to people's stories and their suffering, the more I am drawn to making documentaries.

I started my filmmaking career with ECESR as well, 
I worked on documentary projects, like [Ramlet Bulaq, The other Egypt, and El-Max], In addition to a number of video reports covering the labor, economic and social movement in Egypt.

In Korea, I started working at "MWTV" as a photojournalist and content creator, through my work there I covered tens of migrants workers' activities and conditions, Furthermore, I made reports about the refugees' situation in Korea and covered many stories like [Meet Azza] and The Unremembered Refugees.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with UNHCR, and filmmaker Paul Wu to work on the “Belonging” film project.

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