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Peshawar, Pakistan

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Musarrat Ullah Jan

I am 40 years old graduate in Arts. I started my career as computer operator with one of the local Urdu version [National Language of Pakistan] newspaper and news agencies in NWFP/Islamabad since 1993 to 1996. 
I also with Radio Pakistan, Peshawar “News Translator” [Pashto language], similarly I contributed a Daily Express a leading national publication from all over Pakistan as “Edition Editor” in 2005. My primary responsibilities were to edit of articles for weekly edition. In addition I also I write and cover issues related to women, children, refugees and health. 
In the wake of October 8th, 2005 Earthquake that hit the Kashmir and NWFP province to a great extent, I decided to contribute and to work for the earthquake affected for the purpose I join the Norwegian Refugee Council and work as “Assessment and Distribution officer” until June 2008. At the same time I also continued with journalism and work as “Bureau Chief” for the Peshawar / NWFP region.

Since July 2008, I have been working with Dunya TV Network, Peshawar Bureau as “Reporter” and also contributing news/articles both to print and web-based newspapers like  as free lance writer.  I am also attached as a freelance photojournalist with UK site www, (France).  Now a day also maintain my own site and work as managing editor with  online site from Peshawar. Also attached with free lance journalist with (Berlin) base News Agency ( ) 

 I am also member of Peshawar press club, [KP], Pakistan, Sports Writer Association, Peshawar, KP, Pakistan and an active member of Khyber Union of Journalist, KP Pakistan.


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