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Muzaffar Ahmad

New Delhi, India
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About Muzaffar
Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa is the current Editor-in-chief of The Eastern Herald. Writing about diplomacy, Middle East affairs, Russian affairs, and war. Expert on Counter-terrorism and strategist on International policy.
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Can China Tip the Scales in the Palestine-Israel Peace Process?

07 Jan 2024  |  thediplomat.com
The article discusses China's increasing role in Middle East diplomacy, particularly in the Palestine-Israel conflict. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have established a strategic partnership, with China expressing its willingness to mediate peace talks—a role historically dominated by the United States. China has maintained a balanced approach by investing in Israel while supporting Palestine's statehood. The article contrasts China's neutral stance with the U.S.'s strong support for Israel and questions whether China can act as an impartial peace broker. It highlights the challenges of unifying Palestinian leadership and persuading the current Israeli government to negotiate. The article suggests that China's involvement could diminish U.S. influence in the region and potentially lead to progress in the peace process, marking a shift in global power dynamics.

Ukraine Should Reconsider Its Goal of Restoring 2014 Borders

02 Jan 2024  |  The Eastern Herald
Columnist William Galston of The Wall Street Journal advises Ukraine to reconsider its goal of restoring its 2014 borders, citing the impracticality of this objective in light of recent events, including Ukraine's failed counter-offensive in 2024. The article references opinions from Ivo Daalder, former US Ambassador to NATO, and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, both of whom stress the need for a diplomatic solution to the conflict with Russia. The piece also mentions the US's intention to push for negotiations favorable to Ukraine by the end of 2024, a stance Russia deems unrealistic. Amidst these developments, there is an indication of Western countries potentially reducing their military and financial support to Ukraine, signaling a possible shift in the international stance on the conflict.

UK and other countries to support Ukraine without US if Trump wins, says whistleblower

31 Dec 2023  |  The Eastern Herald
The article discusses the United Kingdom's contingency plans to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, even if the US withdraws its support under a potential future presidency of Donald Trump. British ministers are reportedly working to increase Europe's production capacity to supply Ukraine with weapons and munitions for at least a year without American assistance. Military intelligence suggests Ukraine cannot defeat Russia in 2024 due to insufficient manpower and weaponry, but efforts are being made to prolong the conflict. There are concerns in British government circles about the need to finance Ukraine if US support diminishes. The UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's New Year's message focused on domestic issues, and there is uncertainty about Britain's military aid budget for 2024. European leaders have urged Sunak to demonstrate leadership in supporting Ukraine, as Western countries have increased military and financial aid since Russia's special operation in Donbass began in February 2022.

2024: A Defining Year for Trump and American Democracy

31 Dec 2023  |  The Eastern Herald
The article by Colbert I. King in The Washington Post discusses the significant political year ahead for the United States and former President Donald Trump. It highlights the numerous legal challenges Trump faces, which will likely come to a head in 2024, and how these will intersect with public opinion to shape his future and the political climate. The piece emphasizes the role of the courts and public perception in determining Trump's fate and the broader implications for American democracy. The article suggests that the outcomes of Trump's legal battles and the public's view of him will have lasting effects on the country's political landscape and its democratic values and institutions.

Secretary Blinken to Embark on Middle East Tour Amid Gaza Conflict

29 Dec 2023  |  The Eastern Herald
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is preparing for a significant Middle East tour with the aim of addressing the Gaza conflict. This will be his fifth visit to the region, highlighting the Biden administration's dedication to resolving the crisis. Blinken's tour will include Israel, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, as part of the administration's efforts to maintain dialogue with Israel and other regional partners. Recent talks in Washington between Blinken, Israeli Minister Ron Dermer, and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan focused on de-escalating military operations in Gaza and improving humanitarian conditions, including the release of hostages.

Unsettling Revelations Threaten US-Bangladesh Relations

01 Jun 2023  |  IDN-InDepthNews
The article by Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa discusses the alleged involvement of Hunter Biden and Professor Mohammad Yunus in activities that could undermine the democratic process in Bangladesh. Hunter Biden is reported to have connections with the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI), and there are concerns about his role in a controversial lobbying arrangement through Blue Star Strategies. This arrangement includes objectives such as influencing US officials and pressuring the Bangladeshi Prime Minister. The article also mentions that the US, UK, and Germany may be considering similar actions, which raises issues of foreign interference in Bangladesh's internal affairs. The author emphasizes the importance of preserving US-Bangladesh relations based on democratic values and mutual respect, and calls for transparent investigations and diplomatic dialogue to address these concerns.

Tory donor charged with arms dealing and funding terrorism

03 Apr 2023  |  News Ghana
The article discusses an ex-military officer from Bangladesh, Shahid Uddin Khan, who has reportedly invested £12 million in the UK without being questioned about the source of the funds. Khan is accused of funding British politicians and political parties while also supporting Islamic State and other militant groups. The Sunday Times and other media outlets have reported on Khan's alleged involvement in arms dealing, terrorism, and his connections with Dawood Ibrahim's D-Company and the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. The article raises concerns about the UK becoming a safe haven for individuals like Khan to invest dirty money and continue their militant activities. It also touches on the broader implications of such activities for national security and the integrity of British democracy.

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