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Mwiri Stephen

BIO DATA: Mwiri Stephen is a journalist based in Kampala, Central Region, Uganda. A born of Mbale Bugisu sub region Eastern Uganda on the 30th/12/ 1970.

SEX: Male


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In Karamoja sub region in Uganda East Africa, the Karamojong take fresh blood as a custom from the slaughtered cattle, believed to give them strength, health and to keep them satisfied the whole day while grazing.


Destruction of Central Forest Reserves is rampant in Uganda, given the increasing encroachers who illegally invade the forests that are under government control, through the National Forest Authority (NFA). The concerned citizens living along some of the central forest reserves have now formed association, MANRUIA, through which they can take up the task of protecting the forests. The association has signed an agreement with the NFA to protect the forest and as well make good use of it. The NFA says cannot easily protect the forests given the increasing encroachment and lack of boundaries. The NFA is confident that it is a responsibility of communities living around central forest reserves to provide total protection and with such community associations put in place, Natural Forests will be preserved.


Every after five years, Ugandans hold general elections to vote for a new President, with the candidates traversing every village for votes. But this year 2016, some voters have resorted to selling their votes to candidates, on the ground that the candidates do not present them in Parliament as expected and only check on them when it is time for another term. An independent anti-corruption body, the Apac Anti-Corruption Coalition has been registering complaints from both communities and candidates and have now embarked on sensitizing electorates about the dangers of vote selling and buying. These use drama, poems and music to educates voters.



  • COVID -19 increases Obstetric Fistula in Teenage Girls in Uganda

    Kampala, Uganda Health & Fitness May 8 @ 12:00am

    Obstetric Fistula is a condition that leads with continuous and uncontrollable leakage of urine with strange smell, stool or both, due to obstructed labour and the lack of treatment. In teenage girls, the problem occurs due to weak or tender bones that tear easily during birth. The problem affects... Read more

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