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Myjanne Jensen

Mangōnui, New Zealand
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About Myjanne
Myjanne Jensen is a journalist based in Mangōnui, New Zealand.

Whangārei parkrun celebrates 100-year-old Colin Thorne

22 Jan 2024  |  nzherald.co.nz
Colin Thorne, the world's oldest-known centenarian parkrunner from Whangārei, celebrated his 100th birthday and 175th parkrun with around 400 attendees, including Whangarei Mayor Vincent Cucurullo and Minister of Health Shane Reti. Thorne, who started running after retiring from dairy farming, has completed parkruns in 11 locations across Aotearoa and attributes his good health to a positive attitude and staying active. Despite losing his wife Betty in 2021, Thorne continues to participate in parkruns, maintaining his social circle and physical health.

Whangārei construction company’s warning after asbestos vacuum cleaners stolen

20 Dec 2023  |  nzherald.co.nz
Barfoote Construction in Whangārei has issued a public health warning after specialized asbestos vacuum cleaners and hand tools were stolen from an asbestos-contaminated demolition site at Maunu Health Camp. Trevor Barfoote, the company's representative, expressed concern for the safety of the public, urging the return of the stolen items to prevent potential exposure to the deadly asbestos. The theft has caused financial losses and increased the danger of the site, with uncertainty about insurance coverage. A police report has been filed.

Northland house prices join trend in nationwide growth, OneRoof property report finds

30 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Northland's housing market has seen a recent uptick in prices, aligning with nationwide trends due to limited stock. Despite high interest rates curbing rapid growth, property values in Northland have increased by 1% as of late October 2023. The most expensive sales were in Far North, Whangārei, and Kaipara, with the highest sale at $4.1 million in Russell. However, some areas like Mangawhai Heads and Russell have seen declines in recent months. The National Government's proposed infrastructure projects and investment policies could further influence the market. Flooding remains a concern for buyers, leading to more cautious purchasing behavior.

Northland house prices join trend in nationwide growth

30 Oct 2023  |  ZB
Northland house prices are beginning to align with the national trend of growth, as highlighted in the latest OneRoof Property Report. Despite traditionally lagging behind, Northland is now experiencing an upswing in property prices due to limited stock and high demand. The report identifies the most and least expensive suburbs, with Langs Beach, Russell, and Mangawhai Heads being the priciest. Analysts note that while the region's property values have dropped from their peak, they still outperform pre-Covid averages. The National Government's potential policy changes and infrastructure projects could further influence the market dynamics.

Best place in Northland to watch tonight's rare meteor shower

10 Oct 2023  |  ZB
A rare meteor shower caused by dust from Comet 46P/Wirtanen is expected to light up Northland's sky tonight, with the best views predicted in the eastern parts of the region. The event, occurring between 9pm and midnight, is anticipated to feature hundreds of shooting stars. MetService meteorologist John Law forecasts favorable conditions with moderate cloud cover, while Planetarium North in Whangārei is hosting a public viewing event. University of Otago's Professor James Scott explains the scientific background of the comet and its dust trail, noting the unique nature of this meteor shower.

Te Hiku Social and Wellbeing Accord marks 10th anniversary at special Waitangi celebration

10 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
The Te Hiku o Te Ika Iwi-Crown Social Development and Wellbeing Accord celebrated its 10th anniversary at a special Waitangi event, highlighting its success in improving social outcomes for Te Hiku iwi. Key figures, including Deputy PM Carmel Sepuloni and Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, praised the accord as a model for Crown-Māori relations. The event underscored the importance of multi-agency collaboration and the positive impact of initiatives like Whiria Te Muka. Despite initial skepticism, the accord has demonstrated significant benefits, fostering trust and cooperation between iwi and government agencies.

Doubtless Bay residents asked to clean up their act, stop illegally dumping rubbish

05 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Residents of Doubtless Bay are urged to stop illegal rubbish dumping, which is causing environmental issues and attracting pests. Community members, including Sandra Heihei, have been voluntarily cleaning up the area. The Far North District Council (FNDC) provides waste facilities but does not manage kerbside collections, which are handled by private companies. The council has reviewed its waste management policies but finds waste-to-energy technology economically unviable. The FNDC is currently seeking public feedback on its Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.

‘Rampant’ bullying: Online incidents growing faster than schools can keep up with, says expert

05 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Reports of online fight clubs and revenge porn are among the contemporary issues facing schools, with Northland's Okaihau College and Auckland's Howick College experiencing significant incidents. Building Safer Communities and The Light Project NZ are working to address these issues through education and support programs. The Ministry of Education emphasizes the importance of safe school environments and proper handling of bullying incidents, recommending police and Netsafe involvement for serious cases.

Te Hiku cannabis start-up’s push to legalise cannabis by end of 2024

04 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Te Hiku Cannabis is advocating for the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis in New Zealand by the end of 2024. The push is driven by the perceived benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes and the barriers posed by current regulations. Key figures like Taipari and Fabling highlight personal and observed benefits of cannabis use, while Associate Professor Ali Seyfoddin emphasizes the growing body of research supporting its therapeutic potential. Despite setbacks in regulatory changes, the group is optimistic about future revisions and is actively campaigning to gauge public support through a nationwide poll.

Toothed dolphins found on Ahipara coast

02 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
A significant rescue operation was initiated after 25 rough-toothed dolphins were found stranded on Ahipara coast, with 10 already deceased. The Department of Conservation, local hapū, and volunteers successfully guided 15 dolphins back to sea. This rare stranding event highlights the potential impacts of climate change on marine life, as warming oceans disrupt food webs and alter species' habitats. Project Jonah New Zealand emphasized the importance of environmental awareness, and the deceased dolphins will be studied by Massey University's Cetacean Ecology Research Group.

Earthworks allegedly destroy ancient Far North pā sites

02 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Recent earthworks allegedly destroyed the historically and culturally significant Puketakahia Pā site in the Far North, New Zealand. Local guardian Sandra Heihei expressed devastation and criticized government agencies for failing to protect the site. The landowner, Valentina Trustees Ltd, claimed the work was to clear overgrown tracks and was unaware of any damage. Investigations by Heritage New Zealand and local councils are ongoing, with potential legal actions pending. The incident highlights the need for better engagement with tāngata whenua and stricter adherence to heritage protection laws.

Kaitāia Airport: Community group says ‘let the people’ run it

02 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
An independent group of Te Hiku locals, known as the Kaitāia Community Airport (KCA) group, is advocating for community management of Kaitāia Airport amid concerns it may close if the Far North District Council (FNDC) does not renew its lease. KCA chairman Mike Crymble argues the airport is safe and criticizes the council's safety concerns as unfounded. Far North Mayor Moko Tepania assures that efforts are ongoing to secure the airport's future. The situation is complicated by unsettled land claims with local iwi and the need for a new lease agreement, which is being negotiated by Toitū Te Whenua - Land Information New Zealand.

Kaitāia College choir ‘impressed, delighted and captivated’ at major choral competition in Auckland

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Kaitāia College's choir, Ngā Reo o Kaitāia, received high praise and multiple awards at a major choral competition in Auckland, impressing audiences with their heartfelt performances. The choir, led by music teacher Dr. Opeloge Ah Sam, performed three pieces and received standing ovations. The event saw participation levels return to pre-Covid numbers, with efforts to make it more inclusive. The choir is now preparing for the Teuila Festival in Samoa, emphasizing the importance of cultural connection and identity.

Kaitaia College stand-up paddlers (SUP) take out multiple medals at national tournament

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Kaitaia College's stand-up paddleboard (SUP) team achieved significant success at the national tournament, with teachers Belinda Gummer and Sean Booth also competing and placing. The students, many of whom started paddleboarding this year, showed remarkable performance, winning multiple medals. The team trains regularly at Lake Ngātu and Tokerau Beach, and their enthusiasm is driving them to prepare for future competitions. The article highlights the inclusive and supportive nature of the paddleboarding community and the dedication of the students and coaches.

Due Drop Hope Challenge back on track and ready to go

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
The Due Drop Hope Challenge, delayed by Cyclone Gabrielle, is back on track, with participants ready to raise awareness for youth mental health. Key figures like King, Ian Jones, and Karim Rostami emphasize the importance of community support and resilience. The event aims to connect with rural communities, particularly in Northland and the East Coast, to promote the availability of free mental health services through Gumboot Friday. The challenge will conclude with a walk to Parliament to advocate for better youth mental health services in New Zealand.

Binder has potential to change NZ housing market forever

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
The article discusses the potential of Geobind, a hemp binder developed by Doug Sturrock, to revolutionize the New Zealand housing market by making Hempcrete a viable and sustainable building material. Hempcrete, made from hemp hurd, lime, and water, offers numerous benefits including being earthquake-proof, fireproof, and resistant to mold. The article highlights the support Sturrock received from Callaghan Innovation and Northland Inc, and the growing interest in Hempcrete due to its environmental benefits and potential to mitigate New Zealand's housing crisis. Key stakeholders like the New Zealand Hemp Industries Association and the Hemp Building Association Australia and New Zealand emphasize Hempcrete's ability to reduce carbon emissions and improve health outcomes in homes. The article also mentions the regulatory framework for hemp cultivation in New Zealand and the future plans for Geobind, including pre-sale orders and obtaining building appraisals.

Shaun Riley provides timely presentation on 1981 Waipapa floods at Kerikeri’s Proctor Library

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Shaun Riley recounted the devastating 1981 Waipapa floods during a presentation at Kerikeri’s Proctor Library, highlighting the severe impact on local farmers and historic sites like Kemp House and the Stone Store. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) hydrologist Christian Zammit provided insights into the heavy rainfall that caused the flooding and discussed future flood risks based on current climate projections. The presentation underscored the ongoing challenges posed by extreme weather events and the importance of flood forecasting systems.

Top 10 Trade Me listings for 2023 include a ‘shy’ Northland carrot

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Trade Me's top 10 listings for 2023 featured a variety of quirky and unusual items, including a 'shy' Northland carrot and a heart-shaped chip, both of which raised funds for charity. The most viewed auction was the heart-shaped chip, which garnered 104,000 views and raised $5,000 for Starship Children’s Hospital. Other notable listings included a radish shaped like the male reproductive system, a rock resembling New Zealand, and a cap and sunglasses worn by incoming Prime Minister Chris Hipkins. The listings reflect a mix of humor and charitable efforts, with many items linked to topical events throughout the year.

Campaign against demolition of Kaitāia art project heats up

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
The campaign to prevent the demolition of mosaic murals in Kaitāia, created in 1997 by the community, is intensifying. Advocates argue the murals are a cultural treasure and propose transforming the garden into a tropical garden instead. The town square upgrade, part of the Te Hiku Open Spaces Revitalisation Project funded by a $7 million government grant, aims to improve the area but requires the removal of the murals. Far North Holdings Ltd and the Far North District Council are working with the community to find a solution, with some suggesting relocating the murals. The project has faced delays, with completion now expected in August.

Māori performance company Hawaiki TŪ to bring Taurite to Kerikeri’s Turner Centre

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Taurite, a performance by Māori company Hawaiki TŪ, will be showcased at Kerikeri’s Turner Centre. The piece, which aims to inspire and uplift, explores the roles and responsibilities of individuals in society and emphasizes inner peace and connection to the world. Originally commissioned by Auckland Live, Taurite has evolved to include local artists in its performances. The upcoming show will feature notable artists like Troy Kingi and Kawiti Waetford, with plans to expand the performance across New Zealand next year.

Kaitāia Lions Club raises more than $12K for Kaitāia Fire Brigade station extension

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
The Kaitāia Lions Club successfully raised over $12,000 for the Kaitāia Fire Brigade's station extension through a community-driven raffle initiative. The project, led by Lions member Grant Hammond, involved significant contributions from local businesses such as Kaitāia Mitre 10, Kaitāia Pak’nSave, and Hammond Motors. The funds will support the fire brigade, which relies heavily on volunteers, in preparing for a busy season. The community's enthusiastic participation highlights strong local support for volunteer services, with plans for future fundraising efforts already in motion.

Te Hiku cannabis start-up's push to legalise cannabis by end of 2024

01 Oct 2023  |  ZB
Ahipara-based Te Hiku Cannabis, founded by Trish Fabling and Rueben Taipari, is pushing for the legalization of recreational cannabis in New Zealand by the end of 2024. The company collaborates with local mana whenua and Auckland University of Technology academics to advocate for policy changes. Despite the 2020 referendum's narrow defeat, the founders believe that legalizing cannabis will improve access to medicinal products and reduce the stigma associated with its use. The article highlights the challenges faced by New Zealand cannabis companies in meeting Good Manufacturing Practice standards and the over-representation of Māori in drug possession statistics. Te Hiku Cannabis has launched a nationwide poll to gauge public support for decriminalization, with results to be presented on Waitangi Day.

Northland couple in bid to bring back dental and health hub to Dargaville

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Dargaville residents face significant challenges accessing dental care, often traveling over 50km to Whangārei. A local couple, the Cottons, aim to revive a former dental clinic to serve as a health hub, addressing the town's healthcare deficiencies. Supported by local leaders and Te Uri o Hau kaumātua Ben Hita, the initiative faces hurdles, including stringent licensing regulations and immigration processes for hiring an overseas dentist. The effort underscores the critical need for accessible healthcare services in the region, especially given projected population growth.

Changing rangatahi mindsets goal behind Science Wānanga in Te Hiku

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
The Science Wānanga program, led by the University of Otago and supported by the University of Auckland, aims to inspire Far North rangatahi Māori by demonstrating the practical and engaging aspects of science. The initiative, held at Kenana Marae and involving local schools, seeks to change young Māori's perceptions of science by connecting it to their cultural heritage and everyday experiences. The program has received positive feedback from both students and educators, highlighting its success in making science accessible and enjoyable.

Ahipara man with one lung to embark on epic cervical cancer bike ride fundraiser

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Eddie 'One-Lung' Walker from Ahipara is set to ride from Wellington to Auckland to raise awareness and funds for cervical cancer as part of the 'Smear Your Mea - Ride for Talei 2023' campaign. Inspired by the late Talei Morrison and his brother's battle with cancer, Walker aims to promote early screening and health awareness. The event, supported by Miraka and Te Whatu Ora, highlights the higher incidence and mortality rates of cervical cancer among Māori women. Walker's journey underscores the importance of health checks and community support in combating cancer.

Drowning incident in Little Cable Bay, Far North

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
A man was rescued and given CPR after a water incident involving several people at Little Cable Bay, Far North. Emergency services, including police, fire and emergency, and possibly a rescue helicopter, responded to the scene. The man, who had started to drown, was retrieved from the water and is now alive, being transported by ambulance. Hato Hone St John Ambulance has been contacted for further comment.

Call for National Covid-19 Memorial Day for lives lost during lockdowns

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
A study on the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns on end-of-life care and funerals in New Zealand has led to a call for a National Covid-19 Memorial Day to honor those who died during the pandemic. The study, led by Dr. Tess Moeke-Maxwell from the University of Auckland, highlights the exacerbated grief experienced by families unable to practice traditional customs. Participants shared their personal stories of loss and the challenges faced during lockdowns. Despite the call for a memorial day, the government, represented by Covid-19 Response Minister Dr. Ayesha Varrell, is not actively considering it. The study emphasizes the need for a national bereavement strategy and community-led commemorative events.

Kaitaia spoilt for choice with visits from world-class musicians

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
Award-winning musicians from New York and top New Zealand choir conductors recently visited Kaitaia, offering music workshops and recitals. Dexter Stanley-Tauvao and Bridget Kinneary held sessions at Pompallier School, while Fiona Wilson and Rowan Johnston conducted choral workshops with local choirs. Opeloge Ah Sam, who organized the events, aims to establish a summer music school at Kaitaia College. The visits have inspired local students and highlighted the potential for musical excellence in the region.

Local charity overwhelmed by artist’s fundraiser for much-needed cat cages

01 Oct 2023  |  NZ Herald
A local Māori artist, Tirimata Murphy, raised $1300 for the Kaitaia SPCA by raffling one of her traditional Māori cloaks. The funds will be used to build much-needed cat cages, addressing the shelter's resource constraints. Despite a recent adoption event, the SPCA continues to struggle with slow adoptions and high demand for services, leading to difficult decisions like euthanizing animals due to lack of resources. The community's support has been crucial in helping the SPCA continue its work.

Kerikeri backyard beekeepers making strides amid turbulent honey market

27 Sep 2023  |  nzherald.co.nz
Former backyard beekeepers Scott and Lyn Morgan have successfully transitioned to commercial honey production with their company Bee Happy, offering sustainable honey products across New Zealand. Despite challenges in the industry, such as an oversupply and falling prices, Bee Happy is expanding and exploring international markets. Northland, where the company is based, has a significant number of beekeepers and hives, with many starting as hobbyists. Apiculture New Zealand emphasizes the importance of bee health and education, particularly during Bee Aware Month, which promotes pollinator-friendly practices.

Stars attend Kaitāia preview of major new TV series shot in the Far North

10 Aug 2023  |  nzherald.co.nz
The new TV series 'Far North,' one of New Zealand's most expensive dramas, had a preview screening in Kaitāia attended by stars Temuera Morrison and Robyn Malcolm. The series, filmed in the Far North and produced by South Pacific Pictures for Warner Brothers, is based on the country's largest drug bust. Director David White conducted three years of research and formed a close relationship with the real-life inspirations for the series. The cast and crew praised the local community's spirit, and the series has been sold to several international markets. It premieres on August 14 and will air on Three, with streaming available on ThreeNow.

Ahipara’s St Clements Church restored to former glory

09 Jul 2023  |  nzherald.co.nz
Ahipara’s Te Whare Tapu o Keremeneta - St Clements Māori Anglican Church has been reopened after a significant restoration, celebrated with a rededication ceremony and pōwhiri. Restoration committee chairman John Paitai praised the dedication of volunteers and supporters, including Kiwi Carpentry. The church, a Category Two listed Heritage building, has deep roots in the community and Te Rarawa, with historical figures such as Joseph Matthews and local Māori leaders contributing to its original construction. The recent restoration, costing $720,000, addressed structural issues exacerbated by Covid-19. The church is preparing for its 150th celebration next year.

Community spirit shines as Far North cops another downpour

11 May 2023  |  NZ Herald
Severe weather in Northland has led to significant flooding, with community members coming together to assist each other. Fire and Emergency New Zealand received numerous calls for help, and MetService reported heavy rainfall across the region. Local authorities, including the Far North District Council and Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, responded by closing and reopening roads. Ngāti Kurī and Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand issued warnings and advisories to the public. The weather is expected to improve by the weekend, with cooler temperatures and more settled conditions.

Two crashes in two days on main roads into Kaitāia

01 May 2023  |  NZ Herald
Two separate accidents occurred on main roads into Kaitaia over two days, with emergency services responding to both incidents. The second accident involved a vehicle hitting a lamp post on North Rd during peak hour traffic, causing minor injuries to two people and blocking lanes in both directions. Emergency services including FENZ, Hato Hone St John, and the police attended the scene.

Kaitāia RSA appeals for info regarding missing ANZAC wreaths

27 Apr 2023  |  nzherald.co.nz
The Kaitāia RSA is seeking public assistance after an unknown number of ANZAC Day wreaths were taken from the memorial wall last Wednesday night. Around five to six wreaths were later found scattered on the main street. RSA manager John McGovern, who reported the incident to the Kaitāia Police, expressed shock and disappointment following the successful ANZAC Day service. The police are being contacted for any information regarding the incident.

Confusion over future of Kaitāia Airport leaves region on edge

26 Apr 2023  |  NZ Herald
The future of Kaitāia Airport is uncertain due to a dispute over land ownership, with the Far North District Council (FNDC) and local iwi Ngāti Kahu negotiating with the Crown to renew the lease. The land, currently managed by Toitū Te Whenua (Linz), is claimed by the descendants of Kataraina Matenga and Ante Erstich, who argue it was taken during World War II and never returned. FNDC is working to secure the airport's future, emphasizing its importance for medical services and connectivity. A new lease agreement is expected by the end of the year.

Anzac Day 2023: Thousands gather at Northland dawn services

25 Apr 2023  |  NZ Herald
Thousands gathered in Northland for Anzac Day dawn services, with significant participation from veterans, military personnel, and local youth groups. The ceremonies, held in Whangārei, Kerikeri, and Kaitāia, honored those who served and continue to serve, with poignant speeches, wreath-laying, and national anthems. The events highlighted the importance of remembrance and the involvement of younger generations in maintaining the tradition. The new memorial wall in Kerikeri, funded by Veterans' Affairs, was a focal point, symbolizing community access and ongoing commemoration.

Hit-and-run victim was highly respected Kaitāia kaumātua Billy Pomare

08 Apr 2023  |  Te Ao Māori News
Respected Kaitāia kaumātua Billy Pomare was the victim of an alleged hit-and-run incident on March 31 near Kaitāia. He was critically injured and later died in the hospital. A 55-year-old woman has been charged with failing to report an accident causing death. Pomare was a significant community figure, serving on various boards and as a cultural adviser. Tributes have poured in, recognizing his service and kind nature. A service was held with over 500 attendees, and he was buried in Panguru. The police investigation is ongoing, and they are seeking public assistance.

Fatal hit-and-run victim was highly respected Kaitāia kaumātua Billy Pomare

06 Apr 2023  |  NZ Herald
Kaitāia kaumātua Billy Pomare, a respected community leader, tragically died following an alleged hit-and-run incident. Pomare, who held numerous roles in local schools, the church, and advisory boards, was remembered for his kindness and dedication. A 55-year-old woman has been charged in connection with the incident. Tributes from various community members and organizations highlighted Pomare's significant contributions and the void his passing leaves. The police investigation is ongoing, with appeals for public assistance.

Kaitaia Police confirm hit and run victim was Billy Pomare, a respected Kaitaia kaumātua

06 Apr 2023  |  ZB
Kaitaia Police have confirmed that the victim of a recent alleged hit-and-run incident was respected local elder Billy Pomare. The incident occurred on March 31 near Kaitāia, and a 55-year-old woman has been charged in relation to his death. The community has expressed deep condolences, highlighting Pomare's extensive service, including roles at Pompallier Catholic School, Kaitāia College, and various religious and advisory boards. A service was held with over 500 attendees, and Pomare was buried in Panguru. The police investigation is ongoing, with a call for public assistance.

Kaitāia College jazz band awarded best performance for new band at nationals

06 Apr 2023  |  NZ Herald
Kaitāia College's jazz band won the best performance for a new band at the National Youth Jazz Competition held in Tauranga. The event saw a record 600 registrations from 32 secondary schools across New Zealand. Judges praised the high standard of performances, attributing improvements to schools' continued participation. The competition featured 62 performances and workshops, emphasizing the importance of jazz in the school music curriculum. Following the competition, the band performed at Auckland's Downbeat and is set to livestream a performance to New York for International Jazz Day, watched by jazz legend Herbie Hancock.

Easter weather forecast for Far North shows average temps with chance of rain

05 Apr 2023  |  nzherald.co.nz
The Easter long weekend weather in Te Hiku, Northland, is expected to have periods of rain and some fine weather, with temperatures around the average for this time of year. A low-pressure system will bring easterly winds and rain on Friday, followed by clearer weather on Saturday and early Sunday. Another trough of low pressure is anticipated to bring rain and northwesterly winds later on Sunday and into Monday. The upcoming winter may feel cooler compared to the last three unusually warm winters, as New Zealand transitions from La Nina to an El Nino climate pattern, potentially leading to more southerly winds. Niwa's regional predictions for March-May 2023 suggest temperatures in Northland are likely to be near or above average, with rainfall totals near normal.

Northland marching band take on super city

29 Mar 2023  |  nzherald.co.nz
The Northland Tuis Leisure Marching Team participated in the 30-year anniversary of Leisure Marching in New Zealand at Wellington's TSB Arena. The event featured 75 teams, and the Northland Tuis, with member Lesley Haslar, enjoyed the trip, which included free travel on public transport. The team practices in Kerikeri and is open to new members interested in fitness, friendship, and fun.

Nationwide poll shows majority want cannabis laws relaxed

09 Mar 2023  |  nzherald.co.nz
A poll conducted by Te Hiku Cannabis indicates that 93.2% of respondents in New Zealand favor relaxing cannabis laws. The poll, which had over 2000 participants, suggests a strong preference for legalization or decriminalization. The Helen Clark Foundation and NZ Drug Foundation's previous research aligns with these findings, showing public dissatisfaction with current laws. The Drug Foundation's report also notes the high percentage of medicinal cannabis users obtaining the drug through the black market and the disproportionate impact on Māori. Associate Professor Ali Seyfoddin from AUT School of Science believes more education is needed for informed decisions on legalization. Te Hiku Cannabis hopes the poll results will influence political parties ahead of the election and lead to legislative changes similar to Malta's recent legalization.

Entire truckload to deliver hay bales from Awanui to Hawke’s Bay farmers struggling post

20 Feb 2023  |  NZ Herald
A Far North hay company, Jones Hay, is sending a truckload of free hay from Awanui to Hawke’s Bay to support farmers affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. The initiative, led by owner Johnnie Jones and manager Waiata Kitchen, is supported by Mangonui Haulage and local residents. The Government has announced a $4 million fund through the Ministry for Primary Industries and Federated Farmers to assist farmers with feed and grazing needs. The national Feed Coordination Service will help match those in need with available resources. The cyclone has caused significant damage to farmlands, particularly in Northland, Gisborne, and Hawke’s Bay, with ongoing challenges such as flooding and power outages.

Cyclone Gabrielle highlights Far North’s resilient emergency management network, says Civil Defence

20 Feb 2023  |  NZ Herald
The Far North's emergency management network, despite having only two full-time professionals, demonstrated significant resilience during Cyclone Gabrielle. Effective collaboration among local iwi, community groups, government agencies, health, and emergency services was key to the region's quick response. The Te Hiku Iwi Development group, formed during the Covid-19 lockdowns, played a crucial role in mobilizing community action. While power restoration efforts continue, with 503 homes still without power, the response has been largely effective. Authorities advise caution regarding travel, floodwaters, and conservation areas due to ongoing risks.

Hihi residents not impressed with Te Hiku concept proposals

20 Feb 2023  |  NZ Herald
Hihi residents have voiced strong opposition to the Te Hiku Community Board's concept improvement plans, urging the Far North District Council to prioritize fixing existing infrastructure and services over beautification projects. Key concerns include the poor state of roads, footpaths, and the seawall, as well as infrequent lawn maintenance. Local tangata whenua emphasized the need for ecological and cultural impact reports before any new developments. The community board aims to gather residents' input for future planning, although many issues raised fall outside their scope.

Northland and University of Auckland innovative partnership focuses on dementia

16 Feb 2023  |  NZ Herald
A groundbreaking partnership between Te Hau Ora o Ngāpuhi and the University of Auckland’s Centre for Brain Research aims to improve outcomes for Māori families dealing with dementia. The initiative, Te Rōpū Aumangea, provides support and education for caregivers and complements ongoing research into dementia prevalence among Māori. The programme, which includes fortnightly meet-ups and additional support groups, addresses the unique cultural challenges faced by Māori caregivers. Key figures involved include Dr. Makarena Dudley, Rina Schmid, Tia Ashby, and Sir Richard Faull, all of whom emphasize the importance of culturally sensitive approaches to brain health.

Northland out of state of emergency, escapes major deluge

02 Feb 2023  |  NZ Herald
Northland narrowly avoided a major deluge after a state of emergency was declared due to severe weather warnings. The anticipated heavy rainfall did not materialize, leading to the lifting of the emergency status. Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management praised the region's preparedness, while local officials expressed relief. Despite some fallen trees and power outages, the region remained largely unscathed. Emergency services, including Fire and Emergency NZ and Hato Hone St John, were on high alert but reported minimal incidents. MetService noted that climate change might have intensified the rainfall, though specific studies are needed.

Annual Waitangi hikoi set to take place again after five year hiatus

01 Feb 2023  |  nzherald.co.nz
The Hikoi ki Waitangi 2023, a sacred walk from Te Rerenga Wairua to Waitangi, led by Reuben Taipari, is set to take place after a five-year hiatus. The walk, which ends at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, is part of the Waitangi Day celebrations and serves to honor past, present, and future generations, while discussing political issues relevant to Māori. The hikoi's history is documented by Aroha Harris, and it has been a platform for learning and political expression since Dame Whina Cooper's 1975 land march. The journey includes stops through various tribal territories and will culminate in discussions on current issues at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

Inaugural Surfing For Farmers Northland event a wipeout success

25 Jan 2023  |  www.nzherald.co.nz
The first Northland Surfing For Farmers event in Ahipara was a success, providing free surfing lessons to local farmers and their families. The initiative, aimed at improving farmer health and wellbeing, saw participants of all ages enjoying the water and learning to surf. The program, launched in Gisborne in 2018, now operates in 28 locations across New Zealand, offering a respite from farming life and promoting mental and physical health. Local farmers Sarah and John Hammond praised the program for its unique approach to supporting wellbeing. The next session is scheduled for January 31, with local partners sponsoring the initiative.

Holidaymakers urged to book now or miss out on Northland campgrounds for long weekends

15 Jan 2023  |  NZ Herald
With record crowds expected for Waitangi Day and Northland Anniversary public holidays, Northland's holiday parks and campgrounds are quickly filling up. Te Tii Waitangi Trust B3's park, near the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, is already mostly booked, with only camping sites available. Northland Inc's Tania Burt advises early booking and preparation, noting that holiday parks, which make up 50% of Te Tai Tokerau's accommodation, are popular among various travelers. Freedom camping is also an option in some areas, but research is recommended.

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