Naashon Zalk

Naashon Zalk

Auckland, New Zealand

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Naashon Zalk

Naashon Zalk is an accomplished television and video director, producer and cinematographer. He produces documentaries, factual TV and promotional films for the development/non profit sector. He has worked in over 30 countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia. He specialises in doing assignments that require a directing cameraperson.

Naashon is also a highly experienced photojournalist and has shot for publications such as TIME, Newsweek, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, The Washington Post, New York Times, US Vogue and many others. He is also a highly proficient writer.

Recent projects include directing and shooting two half hour documentaries in Malawi in late 2014 and co-producing and filming a PBS documentary which is currently in US theaters and several international film festivals. He has been selected as a 2015 International Emmy’s documentary category judge, is a board member of the South African Documentary Filmmakers Association and was a 2014 South Africa Film and Television Awards judge.


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HIV/AIDS Photo Feature.


Development/Non Profit: Citizen-led Assessments Around the World, International IDEA's State of Democracy Programme


News Feature: A South African judge sentenced four men convicted of murdering a Cape Town lesbian to 18 years in prison Wednesday, six years after her killing cast a spotlight on homophobic crimes. Although South Africa's cosmopolitan cities are tolerant towards homosexuality, the picture is not the same in all parts of the country. Duration: 02: 02


Corporate Video: The Aurik Catalyst for Growth Programme


White Board Animation: The first in a series of whiteboard animations for International IDEA ( on what constitutions are, how they are made and why they are fundamental for democracy.


Documentary: The Other Man - F.W de Klerk and the End of Apartheid in South Africa F.W. de Klerk was the last State President of apartheid-era South Africa. In less than 4 years he went from being Mandela's jailor to his deputy vice president. "The Other Man" is the definitive film on de Klerk's political journey and legacy.

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