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Nacho Larumbe

I'm a freelance documentary filmmaker, dop, and producer. For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked shooting news videos, ads, broadcast and documentary films for brands, NGOs, and international media outlets such as Aljazeera, BBC, Euronews, Bloomberg, Business Insider, New York Post, Bleacher Report, Goethe Institut, Block TV, Intermon Oxfam or TRT News. You can see my work at

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Foie gras is a pricey delicacy, costing $40 to $80 a pound. It's also controversial, with bans in several countries and cities like New York planning bans of their own.


Why Spanish Baby Eels Are So Expensive | So expensive - Business Insider


In a remote part of the Pyrenean foothills, where Spain borders France, a ceremony that seems as old as the hills, has taken place for centuries. Believed to have been first ratified in around 1375, it claims to be one of the oldest international treaties


Pablo Vidarte is a born inventor. At the age of eight, he was programming video games. By 16, he was challenging NASA and competing with the Spanish army to enhance the efficiency of external combustion engines. "I wanted to perfect a system that NASA did


As a young child, Gisela was already coding drivers for cameras. Four years ago, she landed a role on Crossover as a software engineer, and she's been working remotely in Barcelona ever since. In 2021, she experienced rapid growth in both her career and h


An ancient legend in Galicia, Spain, tells of nine medieval bishops who made vows of poverty in the monastery of Santo Estevo. After their death, their nine rings were believed to have miraculous healing powers. For centuries there was a pilgrimage to the


Most people think vultures are unpleasant animals because of their habit of eating decaying carcasses. But look more closely and vultures have a beauty all their own. Manuel Aguilera has dedicated his entire life to changing people's perception of the bir


The hermitage of San Bartolomé, a 12th-century chapel in the Rio dos Lobos Canyon, was built by the Templars in a very specific spot. By connecting the main Templar strongholds in the Iberian Peninsula, you can draw a cross on the map with the ermitage.


Not far from the National Theatre of Madrid sits a workshop whose name is synonymous with the country's rich musical culture. Inside the doors of the modest Conde workshop, each instrument is crafted with a kind of precision rarely seen these days.


When toy designer Guillermo Martínez started using a 3D printer, he discovered a new calling: making prosthetics with arms for people without elbows.


Dalia Qasem. Una voz de Yemen llega a Madrid.


Could innovative design help us live in more extreme conditions in the future? A future in which the Earth is dominated by deserts and extreme climatic conditions could be possible, so it is necessary to think about solutions.


Alberto is a young Spaniard with an amazing career. In 2013, he co-founded Coinffeine, the first company in the world with bitcoins in the share capital.


How this falconer’s team of killer raptors petrify birds | Extraordinary People New York Post


A wondrous red river in southern Spain has become a laboratory for Nasa operations aimed at exploring Mars.


Alvaro is a child with spinal muscular atrophy, a rare disease but which is the main cause of infant mortality in developed countries.

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