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Nalova Akua

Nalova Akua is a journalist based in Yaounde, Cameroon. He is a seasoned journalist offering extensive experience in investigative reporting, editing and publishing.
He is also committed to delivering factual, concise and elegantly written pieces that inform and engage wide range of audiences.
As an accomplished reporter, he is committed to the quality and timely production of high-impact stories, capturing the attention and loyalty of diverse audiences.
Mr Nalova is also accomplished in teaming up assorted subjects and cross-functional teams in attainment of goals within high-pressure environments. 
He has a firm grasp of BBC, AP and DW writing styles.
Mr Nalova comes out as a brilliant, fluent, articulate, mature and outstanding journalist whose language, diction and in-depth analysis made CRTV proud during his over 3 years voluntary service to the state corporation. His reviews of literary works published by Cameroonian and other African writers every Friday on #Daybreak on CRTV# and #Luncheon Date# provided a dependable window to the world on African literatures.  Mr Nalova was one of the few young talented Journalists hired to kick-start Cameroon Insider,a biweekly English language newspaper published by the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation-SOPECAM.
Here, he has written engaging features that touch on the daily lives of Cameroonians, often overshadowed by headline stories.
He is available for enticing opportunities both in print and broadcast journalism.
His ambition is to attain the summit of journalism, which he embraced not just as a job, but as a vocation.

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Samples of reports

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The Exciting Adventures of Night Traveling. A heart-rending piece which investigates why some Cameroonians prefer night Travels to day travels

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Meandering Through the Labyrinth of A Community Forest. A feature which unravels how a community forest is said to change the lives of over 30,000 agrarian population, through the provision of green jobs and food security

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A Day Visiting Mont Febe: Yaounde's Hanging Gardens



Review of "No Longer At Ease" by Chinua Achebe



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Nalova was one of the few talented Journalists hired to kick-start Cameroon Insider, a semi-weekly English language newspaper published by Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation-SOPECAM





Synopsis of "A Man of the People" by Chinua Achebe

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