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Naomi Tomky

Naomi Tomky is a journalist based in Seattle, United States of America. She writes about food and travel for publications including Saveur, The Atlantic’s CityLab, Lucky Peach, Pacific Standard, Thrillist, and many more. She has contributed to various guides, guidebooks, and Lucky Peach’s upcoming book All About Eggs. She is a weekly columnist for Seattle Refined and contributing editor for Seattle’s Child. She specializes in markets and people making the first, last, or best rendition of any given street food.

Naomi Tomky has been nominated for the “Best Food and Travel Writing” award for 2016 by the Association of Food Journalists.



The stamp of Sephardic Jews on Seattle is strong, from Benaroya Hall, where the Seattle Symphony plays, to the real estate holdings of the Alhadeff family, best known for the now-closed Longacres race track. But the ink of Sephardic influence is fading from Pike Place Market...


Why Seattle is the 7th best place to live in the country: To answer the question on many people's mind: "No, it doesn't rain all the time." The natural beauty of the city – it's surrounded by both mountains and water on two sides – is one of the biggest draws for residents...


Eating in China when you don't speak a Chinese language is not hard: Hotels provide astonishing multi-cultural buffets every morning for breakfast, and tourist-packed restaurants in city centers offer menus with pictures and fractured English. But breaking through the language barrier to find the location, order the right dish, and then pay for your food—that’s more difficult...


I love food. You love food. But we might not love the same food, and that’s okay. What’s unacceptable is spinning personal preference into blanket statements—attaching the attributes of right or wrong, or inherent value—about food, or worse, the people cooking it...


Teriyaki, the dish that the New York Times called Seattle’s version of the Chicago dog, is fading from the collective food brain of the city. What happened?...

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