Nareg Seferian

Nareg Seferian

Yerevan, Armenia

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Nareg Seferian

Nareg Seferian is a freelance writer, researcher, and journalist currently in Yerevan, Armenia. He writes in English and Armenian, having been published in a variety of outlets in the United States, Armenia, Turkey, and elsewhere.


My LinkedIn profile has more information on my background and education.


My website is a portfolio of all my published work - reports, commentary, analysis, research, interviews, book reviews, features, photo essays, etc. I am happy to write and edit for any outlet anywhere.



  • Syrian-Armenian Displaced Persons in Armenia

    Yerevan, Armenia Social August 31 @ 12:00am

    There have been a number of pieces over the past year and more in various international media outlets - both text and broadcast - about Syrian-Armenians in Armenia. These are people who are fleeing their war-torn homes, but who are also returning to an imagined homeland. Some have had success in... Read more

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