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Narender Charan

Narender Charan is a technology journalist based in Mumbai, India. He has worked with multiple firms as a full-time as well as freelance writer/editor mainly writing about his travel experiences, opinion pieces about tech trends, gadgets reviews, and viral content.

He understands the power of social media to make content go viral and knows how to find the right angle and write great headlines. He tries to create posts that can endure for months, rather than ones that generate a lot of traffic for one day and then fade away.

As a Content Creator, he writes content that helps your company/organization build engagement, develop relationships and drive action through a variety of online platforms.

He has outstanding communication skills, exceptional time management abilities, and the dexterity to maintain brand voice across a variety of content and platforms.

Long story, short, I have:

• Outstanding communication skills.

• The dexterity to meet goals on time and within budget.

• Rocking organizational abilities.

• A positive demeanor.

• Superior work ethic.

He's taking on the world with a pen in his hand and a story in his head. If you're looking for content magic, step right this way…



What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. A famous quote by William Shakespeare borrowed from even more famous play – Romeo & Juliet. Yeah, the same Romeo, the son of Montague, an idealist lover, an icon of true love, which is currently being portrayed as a villain with our so-called Anti-Romeo squad. Anyway, coming back to the quote, it is often used to imply that the names of things do not affect what they really are. But today, I’ll not agree with this quote. Maybe, just for the sake of argument, I’m putting here. Maybe because in a world where your last name is enough for a reason to make you a victim of honour killing. Name matters. It matters a lot. Not just for people, for smartphones too. Yeah, that escalated quickly.


In just a couple of years, we witnessed the growth of a market for tempered glass and back cover for smartphones. We live in a time where people tend to buy the tempered glass even before the smartphone on which it will be pasted upon. Of course, no one wants to see blemishes on their newly bought smartphone. There’s no doubt, putting on a tempered glass offers an additional sense of safety. And, all of this makes complete sense too. But not for me. I beg to differ.


DxOMark, an industry standard for photography benchmark has updated its test protocol for mobile cameras. This is the first time DxO has updated its test methods since it introduced the original DxOMark Mobile test protocol in 2012. It was the era of smartphones such as Apple iPhone 4 and 5, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3, the Nokia 808, and the HTC 8X. Actually, Apple iPhone 4 was the first smartphone to be tested for DxOMark Mobile.


According to a report by The Ken, Google is also planning to jump into the fintech market in India. Ever since the Government of India introduced the major reform of pushing cashless transactions, we have seen a big spike in mobile payments in India. Biggies like PayTM, Mobikwik, Freecharge are already trying to capture as much user base as they can. Talking about the specific UPI-based payments, the whole spectrum is being ruled by just two apps – PhonePe (45% Share) and BHIM (41% Share).


Nokia re-emerged from the death earlier this year with the launch of Nokia 6 – this time with the Android operating system. With Android-powered smartphones, the company has finally accepted the fact that Android – an open source operating system is the only way to future. Combining the fans’ excitement and nostalgia associated with the Nokia brand, HMD Global now aims to capture a decent market share and (hopefully) not repeat its past mistakes.

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