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Narender Charan

Narender Charan is a technology journalist based in Mumbai, India. He has worked with multiple firms as a full-time as well as freelance writer/editor mainly writing about his travel experiences, opinion pieces about tech trends, gadgets reviews, and viral content.

He understands the power of social media to make content go viral and knows how to find the right angle and write great headlines. He tries to create posts that can endure for months, rather than ones that generate a lot of traffic for one day and then fade away.

As a Content Creator, he writes content that helps your company/organization build engagement, develop relationships and drive action through a variety of online platforms.

He has outstanding communication skills, exceptional time management abilities, and the dexterity to maintain brand voice across a variety of content and platforms.

Long story, short, I have:

• Outstanding communication skills.

• The dexterity to meet goals on time and within budget.

• Rocking organizational abilities.

• A positive demeanor.

• Superior work ethic.

He's taking on the world with a pen in his hand and a story in his head. If you're looking for content magic, step right this way…

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