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Berlin, Germany

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Nastasia Beausejour

Nastasia Beausejour is a journalist based in Berlin, Germany.
Her primary areas are culture, interviews, climate change and refugee issues.
Currently, she is journalist for the press agency Spread Pictures and writes for the website
She also hosts a live game show "Cash Show" for French audience (30 000 - 90 000) from Sunday to Wednesday at 8:30pm.

Nastasia is a member of the Deutscher Verband der Pressejournalisten (Press card 22454).
She regularly travels to annual conferences and event such as Cannes film festival and Berlinale. 
Passionate about travelling and reportage, she visited more than 35 countries.

Nastasia has a Bachelor degree in Linguistics and Media from the University of Art, Paul Valery and was team leader of the German team during her Erasmus "spread the word" in Riga.

To complete her interest in climate changes, she participated to the workshop "Environmental Watchdog Journalism : Structural Change due to Climate Protection" offered by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Brandenburg and


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