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Nataša Tomić

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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About Nataša
Nataša Tomić is a journalist based in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Bosnian English Croatian
News Gathering Feature Stories Content Writing
Business Science & Environment Arts & Books

Work during a fire in Lipa camp, near Bihać where about 1.400 people were left homeless on the fields and forests nearby. This is one of the story made by me during the crisis with people on the move in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Incorrect agency advice: Student left without 1,000 KM and W&T program

22 Oct 2020  |  eTrafika
A student from Banja Luka, advised by the Experience Work&Travel agency, was unable to board a flight to Germany from Tuzla airport due to insufficient documentation. Despite assurances from the agency, customs officials did not accept her work permit for entry into Germany. The pandemic further complicated her situation, leading to additional financial losses exceeding 1,000 KM for program fees and travel costs. The agency initially promised to cover some expenses but later refused a full refund, citing their advisory role and uncontrollable pandemic consequences. The student's attempts to resolve the issue through consumer protection bodies were unsuccessful as the agency was not registered as a travel agency.

The right to public assembly is an international standard, but also a matter of common sense

31 Jul 2020  |  eTrafika
The freedom of public assembly, guaranteed by international conventions and the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been seriously compromised in recent years. Groups such as 'Pravda za Davida' and the 'BiH Pride Parade' have faced bans on gatherings. Experts indicate that this reflects flaws in legal solutions, disrespect for the Constitution, and discrimination. 'Pravda za Davida' has been battling bans for two years, with peaceful gatherings being prohibited despite no prior issues. The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) has been accused of transferring blame from individuals to the entire group, leading to unconstitutional and discriminatory actions. Legal challenges have been mounted against these prohibitions, with cases pending in court. The situation highlights broader concerns about the state of public assembly rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with various stakeholders expressing the need for legal reforms and protection of fundamental human rights.

Experience in Honey Production for Over 120 Years

10 Apr 2020  |  Agroklub.ba
In the village of Suvaja, within the Una Nature Park and the municipality of Kozarska Dubica, lies the Rajčević family apiary, where beekeeping has been a family tradition for over 120 years. Slobodan Rajčević, a technologist by profession, and his retired biologist father continue the practice started by Slobodan's grandmother and great-grandfather. The apiary currently maintains 60 bee colonies, which is the maximum for the local natural conditions. The annual honey yield varies greatly due to factors beyond their control. Despite challenges such as unpredictable weather and the impact of the coronavirus on agriculture, the Rajčević family innovates by combining honey with various medicinal herbs and fruits from their farm. Their most famous product is ČokoMED, a healthy spread made from honey, cocoa, hazelnuts, and walnuts. Slobodan emphasizes the need for significant support for beekeepers, including serious strategies for protecting and incentivizing domestic producers, especially in light of import dependence during crises.

Zero Waste - Tips for Reducing Daily Waste with Easy Steps

26 Dec 2019  |  Agroklub.ba
The article discusses the Zero Waste lifestyle, which aims to minimize pollution and waste through responsible consumption and reuse of materials. It highlights the benefits of this lifestyle, such as reduced environmental pollution and lower living costs. The founders of Zero waste Bosnia, Adnan Spahić and Emina Borčak-Spahić, along with advocates Marina Kuburić, Ivana Kulić, and Jelena Vukelić, share insights on the challenges and gradual adoption of Zero Waste practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They emphasize the need for systemic support and consumer awareness to drive change. The article also touches on the impact of agriculture on pollution and the concept of zero-impact farming.

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