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Nausheena Mahomed

Nausheena Mahomed is a journalist based in Johannesburg, Her career as a broadcast Journalist spans 13 years. She is well known for her time at eNCA, Channel Africa, Joburg She has worked in radio and television broadcasting.  Her experience as a broadcast journalist includes recording audio packages, documentary shows, and news inserts.  She is available to produce for both radio, television and digital online reporting. Contact her also for Television broadcast news inserts, features, and mini-documentaries. Nausheena is available to conduct interviews, and produce packages of the highest quality on-demand and by direct proposals for story ideas, should you run out of them! 

She is available to produce content on a variety of subjects too, beyond the news! Please note that Live on camera and live crossing assignments are subject to availability.

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It was Shabbat on Friday in Jerusalem, and this Arab man's music filled the air with a sense of spiritual festivity, a reminder of the contradictory nature of a war that both divides & unites in culture, religion & tradition. Politically charged Jerusalem is a paradox too, given the peace discovered by many religious tourists and visitors.

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The Women Wage Peace event hosted by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies during women's month attracted great hospitality from Jewish, Christian and Muslim local communities. It's been hailed as a bold attempt by women to take concrete measures to end the violence between Israel & Palestine, calling for peaceful alternative solutions to the conflict.


It was refreshing & a privilege to meet with the Women Wage Peace delegation & share their inspiring message of peace in SA during Women' month in August 2019. "WWP was founded in the summer of 2014 in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge, a war between Israel and Gaza that lasted 50 days. A group of women from diverse backgrounds who were sick and tired of deadlocked peace initiatives got together. They believed that by bridging the divide through dialogue and understanding, they would one day find a lasting solution. The women aim to promote a strategic solution to the conflict by means of an honorable, non-violent and mutually acceptable agreement. " SA Jewish Post


I launched my own Media Company in 2018. We produce content on demand! If you're interested in producing features, news inserts and documentaries, Channel M Productions based in Johannesburg South Africa can assist you! Contact us by sending an email to Our aim is to be a leading content Production Company in Africa!

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