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Navid Ibne Shazed Nirjon

Navid Ibne Shazed Nirjon (Born 17 February) is the Founder of Nirjon World. He is a Blogger, Journalist, Human Rights Defender, Online Activist and very Liberal Democrat. He is also The Editor-in-Chief of Bogura Tribune online news portal (

Nirjon was born and raised in Sariakandi Upazila on the medianshore of the river Jamuna and the river Bengali. In the age of 7 he was shifted in Dhawapara, Bashundhara, Bogura Sadar with his family.

Navid Ibne Shazed, generally known in his nickname Nirjon, was the first son of Sazedur Rahman and Shamima Akter. His father is a District Accountant of Islamic Foundation and his mother is a Head teacher of a government primary school. Nirjon’s younger brother Nibir.

He had a profound cogitation and philosophy about life and dreamed to ameliorate the society. He was utmost passionate of Journalism, he started editing his own online news portal in the age of 17. Started blogging from very early age. His thoughts of politics and development was very prudent. For that he was admired by veteran politicians and the higher officials of the government.

Nirjon was immensely admired for his live talk-show with legendary politicians. His guests was Shamim Osman MP, Ex-minister Shajahan Khan MP, Ex-minister Rashed Khan Menon MP, Mahmudur Rahman Manna, Barrister Rumeen Farhana MP, Ducsu VP Nurul Haq Nur and many more.

Nirjon believes citizens freedom of speech and citizen journalism can make a huge change to the society. His enterprise Nirjon World formed to effort development of the society.

He is praised everywhere for his cheerful demeanor. He is utmost passionate of photography. Thinks high and lives life simply. Fond of several kinds of halal food. Loves to talk about life, travel, recite poems, story-telling.


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