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Neil Pyatt

Ciudad de México, Mexico
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About Neil
Neil Pyatt arrived in Mexico in 1996 after completing a Master of Philosophy degree in Social Anthropology at Darwin College, Cambridge, with the thesis 'Nineties Fashion: A Postmodern Element in Contemporary Popular Culture?' 

In 1997 he founded The Grasshopper, the English-language supplement of the then Oaxaca-state newspaper, Noticias Voz e Imagen de Oaxaca, whilst simultaneously creating and implementing this newspaper's and southern Mexico's first daily-updated online news source.

In 2007 he became the Sports Editor of The News, the only national English-language Newspaper in Mexico, before returning to Oaxaca in 2009 as Consulting Founding Editor for the, by then, Grupo Noticias Voz e Imagen inter-state news portal, noticiasnet.mx.  He has written a television situation comedy and a documentary on Oaxacan immigration.

His doctoral dissertation was submitted in December of 2011 at Loughborough University School of the Arts titled 'Hybrid Agency: Postmodern Contemporary Art from Oaxaca, Mexico'.

Dr Pyatt currently writes and translates for various artists, galleries and publications and also the Oaxaca state government's Secretariat for Culture and the Arts, La920 Radio in Houston, Texas, amongst others.
English Spanish
Interview (Video / Broadcast) News Gathering Feature Stories
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Trump's Immigration Hypocrisy

28 Jul 2016  |  Workpermit.com
The article discusses the contradiction between Donald Trump's presidential campaign rhetoric on immigration and his businesses' practices of hiring foreign workers. It highlights that Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club and Trump National Golf Club have sought to hire 78 foreign workers on H-2B visas, despite his public opposition to such visas. The report also touches on allegations that Melania Trump worked illegally in the US before obtaining her visa and that Trump Model Agency employs models on H-1B visas. The article further explores Trump's history of employing immigrants, including the Trump Tower scandal involving Polish workers. It also mentions criticism from Michael Bloomberg, who pointed out Trump's hypocrisy at the Democratic National Convention. The Trump campaign has not responded to these allegations.

Legalizacion ... 2015

Pro-Immigrant Groups Mobilize Against Trump's Candidacy

08 Jun 2016  |  Workpermit.com
The article discusses the efforts of the Binational Coalition Against Donald Trump, a collective of migrant- and migration-focused civil organisations, to counteract the perceived threats posed by Donald Trump's presidential campaign. The Coalition, which includes the Binational Aztlán Migrants Organisation and Casa Aztlán, criticises Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies, such as building a border wall, deporting migrants, and blocking remittances. Maria García and Carlos Arango, leaders within these organisations, express their concerns about Trump's campaign and its impact on various communities. They also mention the opposition to Trump's rhetoric, including protests and the cancellation of a Trump rally in Chicago. The article highlights the Coalition's plans to use the Latin vote to prevent Trump from becoming president and the upcoming protests in Mexico City and Chicago.



Commissioned Lonely Planet punditry.

Political analysis of PRI's first ever defeat in Oaxaca.

Mexican rock group, Zoe, in Spain for the first time.

Neil Pyatt presenta una copia del manuscrito de Postmodernismo En El Arte Contemporáneo Oaxaqueño.

Cultural event.


Exhibition review. (Spanish)

Neil Pyatt guides us through Oaxaca's Galeria Estaban Chapital, from the exhibition of prints from the Guacha Bato workshop in Guadalajara to the new printmaking workshop being developed inside the gallery itself.


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