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Barcelona, Spain

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Neus Ràfols Garcia

Neus Ràfols Garcia is a journalist based in Barcelona, Espanya.



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I was shooting "Barris plens de memòria"


Peça audiovisual "Barris plens de Memòria" per la CONFAVC. This audiovisual "Neighborhoods full of memories", contains the testimony of a group of elderly people who attend a workshop of memory. In the audiovisual they explain the harshness of the Spanish postwar period, hunger, and the emptym sexist and hard public education.

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I was shooting "Los niños de Morelia" in 2000.

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I was shooting "El barri s'ha de defensar" with the Director of Photography, Francesc Camí.


Interview about the documentary "El barri s'ha de defensar": (The neighborhood must defend itself)


"Barcelona des de la mirada bòrnia" a NOUS HORITZONS. Aquest article analitza les obres de ficció de Montserrat Roig, a partir de les aportacions que han fet algunes veus acadèmiques i de la crítica literària -tant dels Països Catalans com de forans- així com des de l'anàlisi de les seva pròpia escriptura i veu.


"La violència masclista: setze anys reconstruint un nou discurs mediàtic" Artículo en la revista monográfica DONES DOSSIER que analiza cómo se ha hecho la cobertura mediática de la violencia machista en España.


"Vidas carcomidas por las flores" English translation of the article "Vidas Carcomidas por las Flores" published in Mexico in the "Haluro", that explains some bad effects for health of agrochemicals in a Mexican locality dedicated to floriculture.


During the Spanish Civil War a group of more than 453 kids from some cities went to exile of Mexico in order to be save from bombing. (Directed by Neus Ràfols and Yadira Hidalgo)


The documentary is the chronicle of the struggle of the Barceloneta’s neighbourhood – in the maritime district of Barcelona- who has took since 2005 after the imposition of an urban planning project called. In other words: reflects the fight of some neighbours who don’t want to see how their district, a picturesque quarter originally populated of worker and fisherman, is converted a park tourist.( Directed by Neus Ràfols & Cristina Mora).

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