Eugene Nforngwa

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Yaounde, Cameroon

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Eugene has worked for:
English to Africa Service, Voice of America

Live TV phoner for the VOA: Cameroon kills 60 Boko Haram fighters in northern Nigeria


More than two years of violence has driven thousands of Central Africans into Cameroon and relief workers say they are still not getting enough support from the rest of the world to deal with this growing humanitarian crisis.


New trade in lucrative ape skulls and bones stokes fears of annihilation of wild gorilla and chimpanzee populations in Cameroon


Despite strong presence of troops, Nigerian fighters continue to strike targets in northern Cameroon


Using girls to raise money, repay debts or compensate favors is an open and longstanding practice in this landlocked community of peasant farmers and wild fruit gatherers on the Nigerian border. Guardians of the tradition – rich and influential men who run traditional cults and shrines – defend it as a legitimate path to marriage for girls and an escape from poverty for parents who have nothing else... But in reality, it is a criminal enterprise of blackmail and extortion that traps young girls and women womb-to-tomb in domestic servitude, sexual abuse and public scorn.

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