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Yaounde, Cameroon

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Name:                        Ngala Killian Chimtom
Tel:                             (00237)74322736

DATE OF BIRTH:        23rd December 1975
PLACE OF BIRTH:       Kfum-Oku, Bui Division.
NATIONALITY:            Cameroonian
Cel. (237) 74322736
BP 1634 Yaoundé,

Personal Summary


I am a Cameroonian journalist with eleven years of working experience. I currently work as a reporter and news anchor person for the Cameroon Radio Television, (both radio and television). But I am also a stringer for a number of news organizations, including IPS, Ooskanews, Free Speech Radio News, Christian Science Monitor, CAJNews Africa; and Dpa.

I am a highly motivated and curious journalist who enjoys breaking the big news stories, as well as analyzing highly complicated political, economic, scientific and social events for the understanding of the common man.

I am approachable, well presented and able to establish good working relationships with a range of different people, and I always try to foster team spirit amongst colleagues.

My professional efforts paid off in 2012 when I won the WASH Media Awards in the radio category, as well as the 2013   Investigative Journalism Awards (radio category) organized by the British Council, the US Embassy and the Cameroon Association of Commonwealth Journalists.

 I am also the 2014 Runner up winner of the maiden CAADP Media Awards,organized by the African Union Commission,as well as the 2016 Runners up in the Africa Climate Change and Environmental Reporting (ACCER )Awards.
I hold a BA in Mass Communication from the University of Yaounde.




Youtube link to a story on how a mobile phone was and can be used to save pregnant women.


Broadcast piece on FSRN on how agro-forestry practices are empowering farmers and at the same time saving the environment


Soundcloud link to an audio piece on an innovation in Cameroon that fills the dialogue gap when it comes to talking about sex in Cameroon.Broadcast on Deutchewelle


Story on Cameroon's fight against Boko Haram


Forced marriages is a reality in Cameroon's Moslem North.But some girls are now standing up to the age-old culture.


With jobs too hard to come by,Cameroonian women are looking for "greener pasture" in the Middle East.But they are ending up as slaves ,forced into prostitution.


It's a story about the struggles of indigenous Baka Pygmies to get an education,but which endeavour is constrained by their cultural specificities.

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