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Ngqwele Dube

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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About Ngqwele
Ngqwele Dube is a journalist based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and has worked in both print and broadcast media.
He has been in the media industry since 2004.
English Ndebele Shona
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As Cholera Cases Rise in Southern Africa, Residents Fear for Their Lives

23 Nov 2023  |  Voice of America
The article discusses the devastating impact of the cholera outbreak in Malawi, which has infected nearly 60,000 people and claimed over 1,700 lives. Despite the declaration that cholera was no longer a public health emergency in August, Malawi is experiencing a spike in new cases. The story highlights the struggles of Sandram, a resident of an impoverished neighborhood in Lilongwe, who lacks access to clean water and sanitation. The Malawi Health Ministry is responding by distributing chlorine and promoting community engagement. The article also notes the rise in cholera cases across Africa, with significant outbreaks in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and South Africa. Health experts, like Professor Adamson Muula, emphasize the role of poverty and poor hygiene in the spread of the disease and call for regional cooperation to prevent transnational transmission.

Analysts Say Reformed Pan-African Parliament May Provide Needed Solutions

25 Sep 2023  |  voaafrica.com
Analysts suggest that a reformed and empowered Pan-African Parliament (PAP) could effectively address the African continent's challenges, such as military coups, civil strife, disputed elections, and climate change-induced hunger. They recommend granting PAP executive powers and direct elections for its members to enhance its role. However, the lack of unity among African states and leaders, regional language differences, and insufficient resources are major obstacles. Regional blocs like ECOWAS and SADC are also facing challenges, with ECOWAS dealing with multiple coups and SADC criticized for protecting ruling parties. The PAP's current mandate is limited to formulating model legislation without enforcement power, and its effectiveness is further compromised by internal disputes and external influences.

Nutritional Gardens: A Failing Lifeline in Arid Zimbabwe?

10 Apr 2023  |  www.chronicle.co.zw
The article discusses the challenges faced by nutritional gardens in Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe, which were set up by NGOs like Action Contra la Faim (ACF) to combat hunger and provide food security. Despite initial success, many gardens are now in disrepair due to malfunctioning water pumps, specifically the elephant pump. The article highlights the experiences of villagers who are unable to maintain or repair the pumps, leading to neglected gardens and a return to reliance on natural water sources. Experts and local agricultural officers suggest that the projects need to be rethought to empower villagers financially, rather than just providing enough food for household consumption. The article also mentions successful individual farmers and other NGOs like Caritas Zimbabwe, which have opted for more sustainable and efficient water harvesting methods such as submersible solar pumps.

Bulawayo woman clings to robber's car bonnet after being stabbed

02 Apr 2023  |  www.sundaynews.co.zw
In Bulawayo, a woman named Ms Lasta Nkala was robbed by a six-man gang who took her laptop, cellphone, and jacket. Despite being stabbed in the hip, she clung onto the bonnet of the robbers' getaway car, a white Honda Fit, and was dragged for over 60 meters. The car was eventually stopped by another motorist, and the robbers fled on foot. Members of the public chased and caught one of the robbers, who was then tied to a road sign and beaten until the police arrived. Ms Nkala was admitted to a local hospital with injuries and property loss exceeding US$1,000. The police spokesman, Inspector Abednico Ncube, had not yet received a report of the incident. The robbers' car and one suspect escaped, but Ms Nkala's handbag was recovered.

The late Raymond Kasawaya

27 Mar 2023  |  www.sundaynews.co.zw
The article discusses the sentencing of Duke Ndlovu to 15 years in prison for the murder of artist Raymond Kasawaya in 2007. The family of Kasawaya has expressed mixed feelings about the sentence, with relief that justice has been served but also enduring pain for their loss. The case took 10 years to conclude, causing the family to lose hope at times. The father, Richard Kasawaya, and sister, Thelma, shared their experiences and the impact of the delayed justice. The article also mentions the roles of other individuals involved in the attack and the broader implications for the justice system, as commented on by playwright Raisedon Baya and actor Zenzo Nyathi. Raymond Kasawaya was a talented artist who had toured internationally and was highly regarded in the Zimbabwean arts community.

Article on Zifa

Bulawayo Dominates Swimming at Zimbabwe National Youth Games

28 Aug 2017  |  www.chronicle.co.zw
The article reports on the swimming competition at the Zimbabwe National Youth Games, highlighting the dominance of Bulawayo province due to its numerical advantage. Despite the cold water temperature, swimmers competed in two age categories. National team swimmer Quinton Tayali stood out by qualifying for the South African Junior Championships with his performance in the 100m butterfly. Bulawayo won the majority of the events, with the exception of races won by Harare's Paige van der Westhuizen, who excelled in her age group. The article also notes that swimming was one of the 14 sports introduced at this year's Youth Games, which have expanded following the adoption of the National Sports Policy.

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