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Nguyen Anh Mai

Hanoi, Vietnam
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About Nguyen
Based in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Mai Nguyen Anh is a Vietnamese visual artist whose work combines observational and poetic documentary elements, enriched by personal significance and social paradoxes. He developed his visual language through constant experiment with the medium’s foundation. 

His interest in documentary photography led him to work in photojournalism while studying Economics at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom, and he joined VnExpress Newspaper as a contract photographer in 2013. Nguyen Anh left VnExpress in 2015 and has since been freelancing for various news outlets as well as working on personal projects.

In 2016, he was awarded a scholarship to the International Center of Photography in New York, where he completed the Creative Practices Certificate.

His work has appeared in the Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and many other publications. Nguyen Anh is the co-founder of Matca, an online photography community in Vietnam.

Nguyen Anh is the recipient of the Open Category award for the inaugural Objectifs Documentary Award in 2018.
English Vietnamese
Documentaries News Gathering Interview (Print / Radio / Podcast)
Current Affairs Technology Science & Environment

How Vietnam Brought Science and Agricultural Markets Closer Together - Assignment for World Bank

Vingroup: Vietnam’s conglomerate with the world at its feet

01 Apr 2023  |  www.ft.com
The article discusses the rise of Vingroup, Vietnam's largest private company, and its ambitious project to create VinFast, the country's first national car brand. Vingroup, led by Vietnam's richest man Pham Nhat Vuong, has expanded from real estate into various sectors, including retail, education, healthcare, and technology. The conglomerate's rapid growth and integration into Vietnamese life raise questions about its influence and the potential risks of overextension. The article also explores the relationship between private companies like Vingroup and the Vietnamese government, highlighting concerns about the lack of checks and balances in a single-party state. Instances of critics facing police intervention and the disappearance of negative news reports suggest a troubling dynamic between the company, the state, and freedom of expression. The article provides a comprehensive look at Vingroup's impact on Vietnam's economy, society, and governance.

How Vietnam Brought Science and Agricultural Markets Closer Together

19 Jan 2023  |  World Bank
The World Bank's Autonomous Higher Education Project (SAHEP) in Vietnam is helping to enhance the connection between university research and market needs, particularly in agriculture. The Hanoi University of Science and Technology and the Vietnam National University of Agriculture are key participants. A focus area is the development of high-value, climate-resilient agricultural products like honey. Despite Vietnam being a significant honey exporter, domestic consumers prefer imported honey, and quality issues have been raised due to practices like adulteration. Associate Professor Pham Hong Thai is leading efforts to improve honey quality through techniques like double brood boxes and a beekeeping monitoring system that tracks various metrics and helps beekeepers get better prices. With SAHEP's support, VNUA aims to further enhance honey quality and market value through advanced research and diagnostics.

VnExpress News -- The lost art of silver making

Documenting one of the most popular religious festival in Vietnam.

The Syrian 'furnace' through the lens of a 20-year-old Vietnamese reporter

28 Feb 2017  |  Soha
A 20-year-old Vietnamese photojournalist recounts his experiences reporting from Syria, starting in August 2012. Initially untrained, he later received support from the Freelance Frontline Club. He describes the challenges of working in a war zone, including the dangers of being kidnapped or caught in bombings. He sold his photos to Corbis and Rex Features, which helped fund subsequent trips. The journalist also reflects on the human connections he made, the harsh living conditions of refugees, and the role of his work in documenting history.

Drukpa Sovereign prays for the souls in Quang Binh

12 May 2014  |  vnexpress.net
On May 11, under the guidance of His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa, hundreds gathered at the Ba Doc Martyrs' Cemetery in Quang Binh to pay tribute and pray for the souls of fallen heroes who died protecting the country. The Buddhist Church of Quang Binh invited His Holiness and his monks to perform the prayers. Despite the intense heat, the ceremony lasted from 3 pm to 10 pm, with the community joining in the collective wish for the liberation of the souls. The cemetery is the resting place of 2,700 martyrs and Laotian volunteers from the resistance against the US. The ceremony concluded with the lighting of incense at all graves, including those unnamed, and was attended by individuals such as 9-year-old Ngô Văn Huy and his mother, Nguyễn Thị Phương Trà, who emphasized the importance of the event for both the spirits of the deceased and the living generations.

Thousands Witness the Buddha Bathing Ritual

08 May 2014  |  vnexpress.net
Thousands of Buddhists gathered at Bái Đính Temple in Ninh Bình to commence the Vesak 2014 celebrations with the Buddha Bathing Ritual. The ritual, which began at 8 a.m., involved the symbolic cleansing of a Buddha statue with pure water, signifying the purification of the body and mind. The event was led by Thượng tọa Thích Thanh Nhã and supported by around 2,000 volunteers. Following the ritual, 2,258 balloons and 258 pigeons were released into the sky, symbolizing the act of liberation and the spread of good deeds.

Life and dreams in the honeycomb coal plants of Ha Noi

09 Apr 2014  |  SGGP English Edition
The article discusses the conditions of workers in honeycomb coal processing plants along the Red River in Ha Noi, Vietnam. These plants have been operating since the 1990s, but with the rise of gas-powered and electric cookers, their popularity has declined. Despite the health risks associated with inhaling coal dust, around 50 migrant workers from various northern provinces are employed in these plants due to the stable income it provides. The workers, who live in the factories to save on rent, earn between VND80,000-150,000 per day and work up to 12 hours per shift. The article highlights the hard work and aspirations of these workers, such as Phung Van Thai, who dreams of opening a food stall. The article also touches on the environmental impact of the industry and the workers' acceptance of their living conditions, ending with a glimpse into their daily lives and hopes for the future.

The last training session of the wushu team before departure

02 Dec 2013  |  vnexpress.net
The Vietnam wushu team will depart for Myanmar tomorrow to participate in the 27th SEA Games, continuing to affirm the level and position of Vietnam's wushu.

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