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Nhau Mangirazi

Mashonaland Central Province, Zimbabwe
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About Nhau
Nhau Mangirazi is a multimedia, award winning investigative, health and environment freelance journalist based in Karoi.
He has contributed to both national and international news organizations including Radio Voice of the People, BBC, Al Jazeera, The Africa Report, Financial Gazette, The Standard, Newsday among others.
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Smart farming to fight El Nino

30 Mar 2024  |  theindependent.co.zw
Joyce Chauke from Mwenezi, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe, is optimistic about the benefits of a new solar-powered irrigation scheme designed to combat El Nino-induced drought and climate change. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has initiated 21 solar-powered pivot-system irrigation schemes in Matabeleland South, Masvingo, and Manicaland provinces, targeting women and girls. The project aims to cultivate 43,939 hectares with climate-resilient products, train 3,356 farmers, and benefit 69,670 farmers beyond irrigation through agriculture training, seed multiplication, and financial management. UNDP resident representative Ayodele Odusola emphasizes the project's focus on job creation, education, and women's empowerment. UNDP irrigation expert Regis Chiwaya supports the initiative as a necessary intervention for a population that relies heavily on rain-fed agriculture.

Zinara tightens screws on government vehicle exemptions

30 Mar 2024  |  newsday.co.zw
Zinara is implementing regulations on the exemption of government vehicles to prevent abuse of the system. CEO Nkosinathi Ncube announced collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development to address the issue. Efforts are also being made to make toll fees more affordable. Transport Minister Felix Mhona praised Zinara for its dedication and progress in improving road infrastructure. Zinara disbursed ZWL$43.8 billion to road authorities under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme 2 in 2022.

Focused treatment key to ending TB

29 Mar 2024  |  Southern Eye
Health experts emphasize the need to intensify the fight against tuberculosis (TB), a global public health threat. Itai Rusike, executive director of the Community Working Group on Health, highlighted the importance of focused testing, treatment, and care services, especially for those most in need. Despite TB being preventable and curable, it continues to cause significant mortality, with 1.3 million deaths in 2022. Inequities and discrimination are major barriers to ending TB, with those in poverty facing high costs for diagnosis and treatment. Deputy Health Minister Sleiman Kwidini noted that TB is curable and can be eradicated with early treatment. The World Health Organisation reported that over 33% of TB deaths occur in Africa, and in Zimbabwe, a large number of people with active TB are not receiving necessary treatment.

Wildlife fuelling hunger in Kariba

15 Jan 2024  |  NewsDay
Wildlife in Kariba is contributing to hunger as animals destroy crops, leaving villagers with significant losses. Kariba MP Shine Gwangwava highlighted the ongoing human-wildlife conflict and the challenges in preventing wildlife from invading farming areas. The situation is exacerbated by the reliance of both rural and urban residents on Lake Kariba for livelihood, which is also a sustenance source for wildlife. Local villager Moses Sianembwa reported an acute food shortage and appealed for government intervention. ZimParks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo acknowledged the overpopulation of animals as a major challenge and emphasized the importance of community involvement in wildlife management.

Michael Bolton recovering after brain tumour surgery

06 Jan 2024  |  newsday.co.zw
Michael Bolton is recuperating at home after a successful operation to remove a brain tumour, diagnosed late last year. The 70-year-old singer, who has sold over 75 million records, is taking a temporary break from touring, which was scheduled to begin in February across the US, UK, Canada, and Switzerland. Bolton expressed gratitude for the support from his medical team and fans, and is eager to return to performing soon.

China’s year of strategic decline

05 Jan 2024  |  newsday.co.zw
China experienced strategic decline in 2023, struggling to recover from the Covid pandemic with economic and political restructuring efforts failing to yield domestic results or enhance global standing. Economic growth slowed significantly, and military advancements did not compensate for the lack of combat experience. Relations with the US showed a temporary truce, but structural differences persist. China's aggressive behavior has strained relations with major trading partners, impacting economic growth. Despite not showing drastic decline in economic and technical indicators, China faces constraints in expanding structural power due to authoritarian leadership, domestic dissent, and alliances with authoritarian regimes. Meanwhile, India is emerging as a faster-growing major economy with a larger population, indicating a shift in regional dynamics.

Sewer Bursts Concerns Mount

04 Jan 2024  |  newsday.co.zw
The Harare City Council is facing criticism for not promptly addressing water and sewer pipe bursts, which are believed to be contributing to a cholera outbreak in Harare. Sewer pipe bursts have been prevalent in high-density suburbs, and the city's water supply is also compromised by power outages. A representative from the Harare Residents Trust highlighted the council's failure to repair the infrastructure, while the city's spokesperson pointed out that some residents' actions, such as dumping objects into sewer pipes, are partly to blame.

Government panics over CCC protests

04 Jan 2024  |  newsday.co.zw
Zimbabwean police and security agents are on high alert in anticipation of protests by the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) against President Emmerson Mnangagwa's election victory. Police have been placed on standby at various levels to respond to street protests, with warnings against unsanctioned gatherings and threats of violence on social media. The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum and political analysts have criticized the police's stance as intimidation and unnecessary, while the CCC plans to hold grassroots meetings and asserts its constitutional rights to gather.

Of church splits, confused congregants

03 Jan 2024  |  theindependent.co.zw
The Apostolic Faith Mission of Zimbabwe (AFMOZ) has split from the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) due to internal factionalism, causing confusion among congregants. The division arose after church president Cossum Chiangwa allegedly amended the AFM constitution to extend his tenure, which was met with accusations of blocking elections and not adhering to the church's constitution. Church leaders and organizations emphasize the need for clear constitutions, succession policies, and adherence to the law to prevent such conflicts. The situation has left members like Regina Mubaka uncertain about their future with the church.

Hunger knocks on 2.7m villagers’ doors

01 Jan 2024  |  Southern Eye
The Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVAC) Rural Livelihoods Assessment report projects that over 2.7 million rural Zimbabweans will face hunger from January to March 2024, requiring 100,482 metric tonnes of cereal for relief. Despite government assurances, the World Food Programme's HungerMap LIVE indicated worsening food security, with 5 million people facing insufficient food consumption. The economic downturn, climate change, and soaring commodity prices exacerbate the situation. Advocates and practitioners call for non-partisan food distribution, government budgeting for vulnerable populations, and an enabling environment for NGOs to assist. The situation is particularly dire in Matabeleland, with child malnutrition and poverty expected to rise, and school dropouts likely due to unaffordable fees. Farmers face crop failures and livestock issues, compounded by mining disputes and taxation. A multi-stakeholder mechanism is suggested to ensure fair food aid distribution.

Winky D show torches firestorm

31 Dec 2023  |  Southern Eye
Dancehall artist Winky D's December 31, 2023 show at the Harare International Conference Centre has ignited a heated debate, with accusations from Zanu PF members that the event was more of a political rally than a musical performance. Zanu PF Information Director Farai Marapira criticized Winky D for allegedly using his platform to attack the government, while Winky D's manager Jonathan Banda defended the show as purely musical. The controversy follows previous criticisms of Winky D's politically charged music, including his album 'Eureka Eureka' and the song 'Ibotso'. Other artists like Holy Ten and Enzo Ishall have openly supported President Emmerson Mnangagwa without facing similar backlash.

Karoi man steals from pool club

30 Dec 2023  |  The Zimbabwe Independent
Mathew Kasinagwara, the treasurer for the 2022/23 seasons of the Karoi Pool League (KPL), is on the run after fraudulently withdrawing US$1,290 from the KPL's nostro account with ZB Bank. The issue surfaced during the KPL's 2023 season closing gala, leading to a police report with ZRP Karoi Urban. KPL chairman Terence Chidemo expressed disappointment and trust in law enforcement to resolve the case.

Greedy in-laws disinherit children: Rights groups

28 Dec 2023  |  NewsDay
Rights groups in Zimbabwe have raised concerns about children being disinherited by greedy in-laws, leading to destitution and substance abuse. Padare's programmes officer, Meseli Nyoni, emphasized the need to protect minors from being disinherited, noting that poorly managed estates can lead to negative outcomes, especially for boys. Eke Chifamba, a girls rights activist, highlighted that inheritance challenges affect both girls and boys and can result in sexual abuse, especially when the perpetrator is a relative. Both Padare and Shamwari Yemwanasikana are working to address these issues, with the latter providing counseling, shelter, and support for a better future for affected children.

AWF tackles deforestation

27 Dec 2023  |  The Zimbabwe Independent
The African Wildlife Foundation is addressing deforestation in Zimbabwe's tobacco-producing areas through the UTARIRI project, which promotes smart agriculture and climate adaptation in the Zambezi Valley. Funded by the European Union from 2018 to 2021, the project has introduced fuel-efficient tobacco curing barns and encouraged the planting of fast-growing trees for wood used in tobacco curing. These efforts aim to manage natural resources sustainably, restore biodiversity, and enhance community resilience. Over 400,000 hectares were lost to fires in 2021, an 85% increase from 2020. Local communities and small-holder farmers have seen benefits from the project, with initiatives to reduce tree cutting and improve livelihoods through energy efficiencies.

AWF tackles deforestation

27 Dec 2023  |  newsday.co.zw
The African Wildlife Foundation is working to combat deforestation in Zimbabwe's tobacco-producing areas through the UTARIRI project, which promotes smart agriculture and climate adaptation. The project, funded by the European Union, has introduced fuel-efficient tobacco curing barns and tree planting initiatives in the Zambezi Valley. These efforts aim to manage natural resources sustainably, restore biodiversity, and enhance community resilience. Over 400,000 hectares were lost to fires in 2021, but the project has helped reduce the impact of deforestation and human-wildlife conflict, with community wildlife scouts trained to protect crops and biodiversity.

We are our own Santas

25 Dec 2023  |  Southern Eye
Christmas is a significant day for both religious and non-religious communities in Zimbabwe, marked by church services, family gatherings, and widespread merrymaking despite economic hardships. The article highlights the impact of economic challenges such as currency depreciation and power cuts, while urging people to remember the less privileged and exercise caution on the roads. Emphasizing self-reliance, it calls for a spirit of love, sharing, and giving during the festive season.

Rustlers wreak havoc in Hurungwe

06 Dec 2023  |  Southern Eye
Rustlers are causing significant losses for farmers in Hurungwe district, particularly in Tengwe, by stealing and slaughtering cattle. Assistant Inspector Aggary Jaure confirmed the theft of seven cattle valued at US$4,000 and advised farmers to take precautions. Tobias Rucheka, a local farmer, suggested that rustlers might be collaborating with unlicensed butcheries. The police are investigating the incidents.

Hurungwe MP appeals for food aid

27 Nov 2023  |  Southern Eye
Hurungwe North MP Pax Muringazuva has requested emergency food aid to address hunger in his constituency due to erratic rainfall. In a letter to Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister July Moyo, Muringazuva asked for over 300 tonnes of maize monthly, highlighting the dire need in specific wards. The district, a significant maize and tobacco producer, has been affected by climate change, leading communal farmers to shift away from maize farming due to poor prices and delayed payments by the Grain Marketing Board.

8 armed robbers denied bail

27 Nov 2023  |  thestandard.co.zw
Eight armed robbers, including two Fawcett Security officers, were denied bail after being accused of stealing US$15,432 from a Mukuru branch inside Zapalala Supermarket. The robbery occurred on November 25, 2023, and the suspects were arrested following a police operation in Harare. They face two counts of armed robbery and are considered dangerous criminals by the prosecutors. Their trial is set for January 2, 2024.

Decomposing body found

24 Nov 2023  |  NewsDay
A decomposing body of a man who hanged himself was found in Hurungwe Game Park, Mashonaland West province. Two herdsmen discovered the body on Wednesday, and local authorities, including the ZRP Mashonaland West and Chief Abel Mbasera Chundu, have appealed to the public for assistance in identifying the deceased. The man was dressed in a striped golf T-shirt and blue Chino trousers, and an empty black satchel was found near his body. The remains have been taken to Karoi District Hospital.

Convicted Zanu PF MP’s sentence deferred

10 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
Karoi magistrate Moreblessing Makati has deferred the sentencing of Hurungwe East legislator Chenjerai Kangausaru, convicted of forgery related to a land dispute. Kangausaru's lawyer was unavailable due to commitments at the High Court. The case involves a 262-hectare land at Chitonga Farm, with Kangausaru accused of using a fake offer letter for unlawful occupation. Sentencing is rescheduled for December 13.

Zim’s anti drugs campaign receives boost

05 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
Zimbabwe received a US$1.9 million boost from Sweden to combat drug and substance abuse, with Swedish ambassador Per Lindgärde emphasizing the need for joint efforts. The campaign, 'The Strength Is in You,' aims to reduce drug supply and demand through prevention, treatment, and control. President Emmerson Mnangagwa and legislators called for stiffer penalties and rehabilitation centers. Youth Empowerment Minister Tinoda Machakaire highlighted initiatives to retool vocational centers and provide loans for youth projects. The National Committee on Drug and Substance Abuse leads the fight against drug abuse.

15 miners feared dead at Redwing Mine

05 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
At least 15 miners are feared dead following a mineshaft collapse at Redwing Mine in Penhalonga, Manicaland province. The accident occurred early this morning, trapping some gold miners underground. Hundreds of residents have gathered at the site to assist in rescue operations, according to James Mupfumi, director of the Centre for Research and Development.

Teen axes villager

02 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
An 18-year-old man, Shelton Ndlovu, from Gato in Plumtree, appeared in court facing a murder charge after allegedly striking Lelani Ndlovu with an axe at Diba business centre. The incident occurred on December 16, and the complainant was transferred to Mpilo Central Hospital for medical examination. Shelton was remanded to January 9 and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Zanu PF thrives on dividing nation

02 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
The article argues that the ruling Zanu PF party in Zimbabwe has historically thrived on creating divisions within the nation, from its inception in 1963 to the present day. It details how Zanu PF has used tribalism, racism, and violence to maintain power, often at the expense of national unity and democratic principles. The text highlights key historical events and figures, including the split from Zapu, the Gukurahundi genocide, and the rise of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) as an opposition force. The article is highly critical of Zanu PF, portraying it as a divisive and power-hungry entity.

Mixed response to carbon credit deal

01 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
The carbon credit deal between Zimbabwe and the UAE's Blue Carbon has received mixed reactions. Critics, including Farai Maguwu from the Centre for Natural Resource Governance, argue it perpetuates extractivism and harms local communities. Conversely, Sydney Chisi from Reyna Trust supports the deal, emphasizing regulatory measures to ensure transparency. The Zimbabwean government, represented by Prosper Matondi, defends the agreement as compliant with national policies. The deal is part of Blue Carbon's broader engagement in Africa, following similar agreements with Liberia, Zambia, and Tanzania.

Concern over farm school 0% pass rate

01 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
Stakeholders express concern over the poor performance of satellite farm schools in Zimbabwe, with some schools registering a zero pass rate in the 2023 Grade Seven examinations. Challenges include infrastructural deficits, political intolerance, and underfunding. The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe calls for the implementation of the Nziramasanga Commission's recommendations for an education equalization fund. The article highlights the need for government intervention to address the disparities in education, particularly in resettlement areas.

Black rhino to bounce back at Matusadona

01 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) plans to reintroduce black rhinos to Matusadona National Park by 2025, aiming to bolster national, regional, and global wildlife restoration efforts. ZimParks director general Fulton Mangwanya emphasized the importance of wildlife conservation, noting Zimbabwe's significant elephant and rhino populations. He highlighted the challenges posed by poaching and the need for well-trained rangers to protect the ecosystem, including Lake Kariba, a Ramsar wetland. The recent approval of the Inshore Fisheries Management Strategy aims to address fish poaching in the area.

PWDs suffer exclusion at workplaces

01 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
Despite Zimbabwe's National Disability Policy and the Disabled Persons Act, people with disabilities (PWDs) continue to face significant barriers to employment, including discrimination, lack of awareness, and inaccessible workplaces. The policy mandates employers to reserve 15% of vacancies for PWDs and adopt inclusive practices, but implementation remains challenging. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) outlines obligations for states to promote PWDs' right to work, yet practical application is limited. Advocates stress the need for community awareness and mainstreaming disability into all programs.

Mbire tackles climate change

01 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
Traditional leaders in Mbire district, Mashonaland Central, are implementing irrigation and water harvesting initiatives to combat climate change effects. Supported by the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and funded by the Swedish International Development Agency and Denmark's Foreign Affairs ministry, the project aims to improve water access and reduce human-wildlife conflict. AWF's efforts include constructing weir dam walls, desilting dams, and installing solar-powered pumps. The project emphasizes community participation and governance for sustainability. Despite progress, local advocate Bindura Kachasu highlights the need for further improvements in water access and other community goals.

Mangombe fumes as Yadah hold DeMbare

01 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
Dynamos coach Genesis Mangombe criticized match officials after a goalless draw against Yadah, expressing frustration over a disallowed goal and insufficient injury time. Despite creating better chances, Dynamos failed to capitalize and were fortunate as Yadah's Khama Billiat hit the woodwork twice. The result leaves Dynamos 13th on the log table with two points. Yadah coach Thomas Ruzive praised his team's performance, noting their improvement. The match, held at the reopened Rufaro Stadium, saw thousands of supporters, overwhelming the organizers and causing chaos at the gates.

How Tuku inspired hip hop artiste

01 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
Desire Chirinda, known as Shaqu, a rising hip hop artist from Harare, Zimbabwe, draws significant inspiration from the late Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi. Tuku's music, which addressed social issues and used indigenous languages, has profoundly influenced Shaqu's artistic vision. Shaqu aspires to take Shona hip hop to international stages, much like Tuku did with his music. Additionally, American rapper Tupac Shakur's themes of social injustice and police brutality also inspire Shaqu. Collaborative projects with various artists have given Shaqu exposure in the industry, and he continues to work on new music.

CBZ clashes with farmers over unserviced loans

20 Sep 2023  |  Southern Eye
CBZ Bank Limited is in conflict with farmers over unpaid loans from the Agro Yield programme, with accusations of overpricing inputs like herbicides and fertilizers. Farmers from Hurungwe, represented by Denis Chabikwa, have failed to pay off loans for the 2022/23 season and are requesting better terms for the next season, including cash loans to purchase inputs directly. The farmers are willing to repay the loans but are seeking a five-year period for repayment. CBZ's response to the situation has been lacking, with senior official Manase Gaka failing to provide a promised official statement.

The long fight against TB in Zimbabwe: Shamiso Mudoka's story

05 Apr 2023  |  NewsDay Zimbabwe
The article tells the story of Shamiso Mudoka, a 42-year-old woman from Karoi, Zimbabwe, who faced severe social stigma and challenges after being diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB). After being evicted by her brother, she found support and treatment at Karoi General Hospital. The article discusses the broader issues of TB stigma, the need for increased awareness, and the importance of political commitment and funding for TB treatment. It references the Global TB Report 2016, which lists Zimbabwe as one of the 30 high TB burden countries. The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health's report on the disease and the high costs of treatment for drug-resistant TB strains are also mentioned. The article highlights the work of The Union and the National TB Control Programme, supported by USAid's Challenge TB funding, in combating the disease in Zimbabwe.

Cold War at Detroop Mine: Workers Allege Exploitation and Law Violations

05 Apr 2023  |  The Standard
In Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe, mine workers at Detroop Mine, operated by Jiangxi Risheng Mining company, are alleging exploitation and violations of labor and environmental laws by their Chinese employers. Workers claim gender-based discrimination, inadequate protective clothing, and bribery of government officials to overlook these abuses. Mine manager Carlos Tembo and a company director, Mr. Lee, deny these allegations. Nathan Nyansiku, a mine agent, acknowledges the lack of protective gear and is advocating for workers' rights. The Environment Management Agency (EMA) has confirmed environmental violations at the mine, leading to an order to cease operations until issues are addressed. Workers fear the continuation of poor labor practices without enforcement of labor laws.

Get tested for TB, MPs urge

25 Mar 2023  |  NewsDay Zimbabwe
The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care in Zimbabwe has emphasized the importance of tuberculosis (TB) testing for early treatment and prevention of further spread. During World TB Day commemorations, MP James Maridadi highlighted the need for legislators to set an example by getting tested. Stakeholders in the health sector are collaborating to combat TB, with a focus on equipping community health workers with testing skills. The need for better nutrition for TB patients was also discussed, as malnutrition can lead to treatment default. The Midlands province, a mining region, has a high TB prevalence, and there is a concern over the lack of drugs for multi-drug resistant TB. Health Minister David Parirenyatwa pointed out that TB is a major cause of death among HIV patients and that health workers are at risk of TB infections.

Trio arrested for poaching

10 Jan 2023  |  www.newsday.co.zw
Three men from Hurungwe, Zimbabwe, were arrested for poaching an elephant using traditional weapons and dogs, as captured in a viral video. Francis Chigomararwa, Simeon Kezias, and Arthur Murimbika appeared before a Kariba magistrate facing charges of hunting without a permit and killing a buffalo. Their accomplice, Kennedy Godera, is still at large. The incident occurred in the Phundundu Concession on December 8, 2023. The Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and the International Anti-Poaching Foundation's Wildlife Crime Unit conducted the investigation leading to the arrests. The elephant was valued at US$50,000.

Trio arrested for poaching

10 Jan 2023  |  theindependent.co.zw
Three men from Hurungwe, Zimbabwe, were arrested and appeared before a Kariba magistrate for poaching an elephant and a buffalo without a permit. The incident, which involved killing an elephant with traditional weapons and dogs, was captured on camera and went viral on social media. The main suspect, Kennedy Godera, is still at large. The State argued that poaching harms tourism, revenue collection, and the ecosystem. The accused are also facing charges of killing a buffalo and contempt of court. The elephant was valued at US$50,000.

How will European Union account for the monies with unfinished projects meant to alleviate poverty?

Almost 55 years after displaced from Zambezi valley rural folk in Kariba are still yet to get electricity. Science and environment

Its an investigative piece of journalism


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